7 real reasons why the girl does not want sex with you

7 real reasons why the girl does not want sex with you.

, 7 real reasons why the girl does not want sex with you

Your girlfriend doesn’t want sex with you? Sympathize, brother – I don’t even want to share such a problem with a friend. However, your friend is also insured from her: girls can begin to be capricious both before the first time and before the hundred first. Therefore, today we will analyze the 7 most common reasons why your girl may not want to have sex.

She has menstruation

Or it is not the most beautiful panties. Or her head hurts. And other 100,500 million reasons for one -day nature. They are united by one – They do not have some kind of deep causal connection, they will end soon, and you will get your desired Happy End. Yes, we know, such strokes sound like banal excuses and it seems that she is simply capricious, but it is quite possible that she really has a headache. Watch it with aspirin and attach. Gentlemen are you or not?

, 7 real reasons why the girl does not want sex with you

She doesn’t trust you

If she seems to like you, she allows you to touch herself, but you still have no sex, here is our advice: do not rush, do not be persistent and do not force her to anything, because no matter how nice you smile to each other, she-My may not trust you and with your tank pressure you will only scare her. But even if it breaks, just to fill in the price, sometimes it is better to take a step backward. Seriously, pull away from her, you can begin to behave colder and tirelessly. You yourself will not notice how her female pride will be at a loss – And so, she is already trying to achieve you.

You behave like a sweet guy

You are too kind, good, responsive. You try to satisfy all her whims, you are constantly looking for approval from her, you are exhausted to help and serve. You ask her with gifts and ask for forgiveness to the first. In other words, you are completely unbearable. Neither desire nor masculinity makes you. We don’t know if you behave so from the very beginning or since you realized that you like it, but do not think that kindness is enough to put it in bed.

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