9 reasons why an erective ring is an ideal toy?

9 reasons why an erective ring is an ideal toy?.

What is an erective ring? The erective ring is a ring that is worn on the base of the penis and sometimes on the scrotum to make an erection more firm, more and longer. It can be made of various materials, from flexible silicone and rubber to the skin and metal.

Although maintaining a solid erection is the main function of the erective ring, additional elements, such as vibration function or anal stimulator, offer other options for using.

Read more to find out how to choose an erective ring, and also how to use erection rings for masturbation and sex in a couple.

1. Treatment Ed

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is difficulties with the achievement or maintenance of an erection sufficient for intercourse.

ED can occur at any age. This may be a one-time case after excessive drinking or fatigue, but it can also occur regularly due to health problems, problems in relationships or mental disorders.

The erective ring works by slowing down the reverse blood flow from an erect penis, which allows it to remain solid longer. It works best if you are able to achieve partial or complete erection. If not, the use of a penny pump can help you achieve a sufficient erection to effectively use the penis ring.

2. A stronger erection

Even if you have no problems with an erection, the erective can make your erection more strong and long. Some do this for the sake of appearance, others – for the sake of sensations.

Although the ring can make the penis a little more, do not wait for miracles. A temporary small increase in size is all that you are likely to achieve. Too tight wearing a ring can cause swelling, but not the one you want.

3. Strengthening sensations

Using an erective ring can enhance the feeling that will make masturbation, oral sex and sexual intercourse more pleasant.

The rings slow down the blood flow and prolong the sensations, which can also lead to a more powerful orgasm. Since we talked about sensations, more sensations are great, but the ring should not hurt. Remove it immediately if you experience any discomfort or if it seems to you that something is wrong.

4. Clital stimulation

Yes, that’s how – the penis ring can provide clitoral stimulation. You can thank for this invention of a vibrating erection ring.

Put a vibrating erection ring on your fingers or phalloimitator for masturbation or ask your partner to put it on a strapon. You can also use a vibrating ring over another vibrating toy.

5. Exciting masturbation

Vibrating rings for a member is so convenient! Put one of them on your fingers or palm. A man can put on a ring with vibration and on the penis, while stimulating it with his hands.

Putting on your hand, be careful, as this is not quite what the rings are intended for.

6. Dungeons

Of course, an erective ring can be worn during a blowjob, but this is not the only way to enjoy it during oral sex.

A flexible ring can be conveniently put on the tongue, and put the tongue up and down the penis barrel. Of course, do not forget about the necessary water resistance and small details (for example, batteries), which can cause suffocation.

7. The study of erogenous zones

Our bodies are full of erogenous zones, the stimulation of which brings pleasure. With a vibrating ring on your fingers or on your palm you can find such zones.

8. Anal game

Erective rings can bring anal games to a completely different level. The vibrating ring can be put on a penis during ordinary anal penetration.

It can also be put on to make a more pleasant double (anal -vaginal) penetration – just put one ring on a penis or strapon, and another on an anal stimulant.

9. Double pleasure

This is not specific use, but you can find erection rings in various performance, which offer a little additional pleasure for both sides.

– Erective ring with anal traffic. This is exactly what you might have thought about – a penis ring attached to anal traffic jam. As a rule, it is intended to stimulate prostate. There are designs with vibration and without.

– Double penetration. Continuing the theme of anal games, there are rings for a penis with an anal stimulant intended for a partner.

– Dive vibration. Two -way rings for the penis have two vibropuli for the double pleasure of both sides. This means twice as much vibration for the penis, testicle, clitoris and anus/crotch.

– A ring with a cage form. This is not a torture device, although it may be like a male belt of fidelity. The cell of such a nozzle is soft and elastic, so that during penetration you can enjoy additional sensations, at the same time content with a strong and long erection.

Security tips

Erective are safe when used as intended, but you must remember some things.

– If you use an erection ring for ED, first consult a doctor to exclude any basic medical diseases.

– Do not put on an erective ring if you have a blood circulation or blood disease.

– Do not wear a ring for more than 20 minutes at a time.

– Use a little lubricant to make it easier to put on and remove.

– If you do not use a flexible ring for the penis, you need to choose the correct size so that it performs your work without blocking blood circulation.

– Avoid the rings from the materials that you may have an allergy.

– Wash erection rings and other sex toys after each use to get rid of bacteria and reduce the risk of IPPP transmission.

– Remove the ring if you feel discomfort or pain, or noticed the appearance of a blue shade on the penis.


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