Asexuality – definition, causes and types

What is asexuality and how to live with it?.

People with the full functioning of the genitals and the complete or partial absence of libido are called asexuals. At the moment of proximity, they are even able to experience an orgasm, but do not receive emotional satisfaction from it. The asexuality can provoke internal and external factors. Such people will have a characteristic symptoms.

, Asexuality – definition, causes and types

What is asexuality?

Scientists from around the world are engaged in this topic, considering the pathological state as a hypoactive disorder of sexual attraction. Some sexologists belong to this category of people with low libido. Neither experts nor asxuals do not agree with this opinion. An ordinary person with a reduced attraction can undergo a course of therapy and return to a full sexual life. But this problem is not interested in this problem. She does not bother them to live, does not reflect in appearance, behavior.

This is interesting! Trying to determine what the term asxual means, scientists have come to the following conclusion. This is a person who has a neutral attitude towards sex itself: neither negative nor positive. His reproductive system functions without failures. Thanks to this, he is able to receive an orgasm, continue his kind.

The absence of libido is not a disease, for this reason it was not included in the international classifier. Despite this, people with a low libido organized a community that fights for their rights and requires excluding such a violation of sexual behavior from the list of deviations.

The main arguments for recognizing asxuality by the normal behavior of a person:

  1. With normal sexual orientation, the absence of libido is observed at the very beginning of life. In the future, the situation does not change. A person deliberately continues to abandon intimacy.
  2. People with this problem did not receive negative sexual experience. They were subjected to violence, always felt like that.
  3. If there is asexuality, a person can have sex. Moreover, he will not experience emotional pleasure from the intimate process.

How many people who do not experience drives in?

, Asexuality – definition, causes and types

Such orientation of a person as asexual today is a common phenomenon. Scientists involved in the study of this issue voiced the following statistics: in the world there are approximately 3.3% of asexuals among the total mass of the population. During the surveys, it was possible to find out interesting nuances:

  1. About 1.5% among the male population are asexuals.
  2. Lack of attraction was detected in 3.3% of Finland women, 1.0% of UK residents, 2.0% of high school students from New Zealand.
  3. Among the female half of the population is 7.0% asexual.

Labid lack is not a pathology if it does not cause physical or mental harm to people. When conducting studies in 2013, scientists managed to prove that among the asexuals there are many those who, in response to a certain stimulation, begins to release vaginal lubrication, an erection appears.

Causes of asexuality

There are a number of reasons that can be associated with the absence of libido:

  • hormonal disbalance;
  • violation of the functionality of the glands;
  • psychological trauma from the picture of intimacy seen in childhood;
  • rape;
  • sexual harassment;
  • strict education;
  • unsuccessful first experience;
  • random sexual intercourse;
  • frequent viewing of porn;
  • active propaganda of sex;
  • Divorce of parents;
  • fear of surviving violence, experience pain;
  • a person goes through life alone;
  • Religious and moral principles.

Important! Scientists managed to classify asxuality at the time of the occurrence. Congenital – appears during puberty. When a young man or a girl reaches maturity, they still do not show interest in sex. Acquired – a person led a normal sex life. At one point, interest in sex, he does not have a desire.

Types of asexuals

, Asexuality – definition, causes and types

To understand who the asexuals are, you need to know by what signs their classification is carried out. To do this, just give answers to the questions:

  1. Hair fall out?
  2. Slide problems?
  3. There is constant fatigue, weakness, depression, mood swings?
  4. There are problems with concentration, memory?
  5. Weight set occurs?
  6. There are problems with an erection?
  7. Disruptions in the menstrual cycle occur?
  8. Interest in sex disappeared, for no apparent reason?

If a person positively answers these questions, then he is not asxual. Most likely, a hormonal failure occurred in his body, due to which libido decreased or disappeared. To confirm the assumption, he needs to consult a doctor and donate blood to hormones. When confirming the diagnosis, drug therapy is prescribed. After undergoing treatment, the functionality of the body, the sexual system is restored.

Important! A person can completely or partly lack sexual attraction. In this case, he has a natural desire to have children. To continue the genus in such a situation, people can have sex for conception, consider adoption or artificial fertilization.

, Asexuality – definition, causes and types

When conducting scientific research, scientists managed to classify asxuals:

  • Romantics – ready for kisses, hugs, experience a romantic attraction for partners;
  • Demiromanias – after developing with a person of emotional connection, become romantic;
  • aromantics – there is no traction;
  • Gracexuals – too low libido, sexual attraction rarely occurs and quickly disappears.

There are representatives among asexuals who completely lack experiences, intimate feelings. For them they are not acceptable touching in any form. Some of them can masturbate to obtain sexual discharge. Fantasizing about specific people, they do not have a desire to enter into physical contacts with them. Another part is considering the possibility of an intimate life with trusted partners with whom they are in long -term relationships.

What asxuals think of kisses and hugs?

Among people with asexuality there are those who want to have fun without having sex. But, most of it still never experienced attraction, so they do not believe that the lack of excitement should be considered as a problem. As for flirting, romantic relations with partners providing kisses and hugs? Asxuals also have a special opinion about them:

  • pleasant or unpleasant emotions;
  • possible only with some friends tested by time;
  • From touch there is a tension, a feeling of shame, discomfort appears;
  • pleasant emotions only from hugs;
  • From the touch of strangers there is discomfort;
  • Disgrass from kisses.

Relations with asexual people

The presence of asexuality does not prevent people from building normal relations, create couples, families. They will be able to achieve harmony if there are two people who do not experience sexual attraction in the Union. Otherwise, problems will arise, frequent scandals that will cause a rupture of relations.

, Asexuality – definition, causes and types

Many people do not represent life without sex, so they do not consider the possibility of relations in which there is no intimate life. As for asexuals, they protest against sex. At the same time, they can experience strong feelings. If a person does not have a libido, then he often hides from a partner for sex
your emotional state. By building the familiar to all relations with him, he will feel that he is used. This, in turn, leads to serious psychological problems.

Scientists managed to establish that a psychological shake for some asexuals helped to return to standard sexual life. That is why people who do not experience libido should undergo a comprehensive examination. In the absence of any pathologies, they should seek help from psychiatrists. These experts will help to identify the causes of sexual behavior disorder. If work with a psychologist does not help, then they will have to live with asexuality. But at the same time, such people will be able to build relationships with partners as they want.

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