Blood causes after sex

Blood causes after sex.

, Blood causes after sex

Everyone knows that the girls have blood after the loss of virginity. But what to do if she suddenly appeared in an adult woman after sexual intercourse? What could be the cause of such a situation as everything is fixed?

Although there may be a lot of reasons, we have chosen the most common. There are only 5 of them. And almost always a visit to a specialist is required to make sure that the reason is determined correctly.

1. Injury

Everyone knows that when performing any physical exertion, you can get an injury. Especially the percentage of this outcome is large in women, since their muscles and bones are much weaker than in men.

Sex – This is the same physical process during which you can get an injury. Often this happens with gross sexual intercourse or when using sex toys. That is why you need to trust a reliable partner who, even with orgasm, will remember that you need to be neat.

What injuries are possible? Tissue ruptures or cracks on delicate mucosa. The treatment requires consulting a gynecologist and the selection of proper drugs.

, Blood causes after sex

2. Pills

Contraceptive tablets can cause mild bleeding. It is observed when changing the drug in the first two months. If the discharge lasts longer, it is worth talking to the attending physician.

Statements of this kind are not dangerous. But if they take place for several months in a row, it is better to talk with a gynecologist, choose new drugs with which everything will be much more convenient.

3. Inflammation

Very often doctors observe different inflammatory processes in the genitals. And they cause blood on the genitals. Most often it is vaginitis or cervicitis, but other forms of inflammation can be observed.

The causes of inflammation are different: from pollution to the cold room. Only a doctor can eliminate the disease. If the inflammation is ignored, it will not pass, it will cause many negative consequences.

, Blood causes after sex

4. Erosion and polyps

With age, women can appear in the vagina of various erosive processes and polyps. This is not as scary as it seems at first glance, if you go to the doctor in time. After all, the former will be simply squeezed, while others will – easily removed due to surgery.

During sex, they are injured, so there is blood. Such bleeding is not life -threatening. But an examination of the doctor is needed, and only he will give recommendations for treatment.

5. Oncology

The worst thing, the symptom of which is post -core discharge – This is the cervical cancer. Therefore, if the discharge simply appeared and suddenly disappeared – you need to urgently go to the doctor, because such behavior of the body – This is a simple reaction to the hit of the infected cell. That is, this is the very first stage of cancer, which, as you know, is not so long.

When observing blood discharge after sex, you must immediately consult a doctor, because the only case when it is a normal phenomenon – This is a loss of virginity. And it’s better not to wait, but to go as quickly as possible to avoid negative consequences.

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