Breast enlargement at home | Informative

Breast enlargement at home.

, Breast enlargement at home | Informative
Every woman will certainly find shortcomings: either the lips are small, then the hips are wide, but still more than those who do not like the size of the chest. But what to do in this case, is it really necessary to collect money for a cosmetic operation to enlarge the breast? There are methods of increase without surgical intervention, and they really give results.

There are a large number of recipes that include folk recipes, massage, cosmetic creams and much more. But we will tell about the most effective and affordable ways for every woman to change the size of a bust.

Breast enlargement with pump

, Breast enlargement at home | Informative
Vacuum pag for the chest – This is a multifunctional thing. It helps not only stimulate the erogenous zone, but also increases the size, removes asymmetry and returns the lost shape. Elasticity is important for women who have fed children with breast milk. At this time, the chest loses its shape, and it can only be returned with the help of massage and a special set of exercises. The vacuum pump also helps to get excited, making the nipples more sensitive to touch. That is why during the prelude before sex, the pump will help to bring the woman to the peak of pleasure and will prepare for sex perfectly.

A product of one or two bowls consists of, which make it possible to immediately affect both breasts. There is also a pear that helps to pump out air in the kit. Any woman can use it., Breast enlargement at home | Informative
But how does it increase the breast? The essence of its work is that during stimulation in the ovaries, an estrogen hormone is produced, which helps to increase the size of the chest. There is a stretching process that makes the cells stretch, but the liquid is evenly distributed throughout the volume of glandular tissue. If the procedures are carried out regularly, then there is a constant intensive cell growth. Manufacturers guarantee that after 10-15 procedures, two times a day for 15 minutes each, the chest will increase to 30%.

The pump gives several positive effects at once:

  • during stimulation helps to quickly become excited and increase the sensitivity of the nipples;
  • After a couple of months, with regular training, the breast allows the breast to increase;
  • the skin becomes elastic;the former form is easily returned;Corrects asymmetry of the chest.

, Breast enlargement at home | Informative

Cosmetic cream for breast augmentation

Today, cosmetology companies offer a wide selection of creams that help increase breast size. But only women before they opt for them, they want to know if they really help? As experts say, there are several reasons why the breast augmentation cream is so popular:

  • completely safe for health;
  • Easy and simple use.

In fact, everything is just like that, no dangerous operations, and it is easy to use – apply to the skin of the chest twice a day and that’s it. All creams designed to enlarge breast are divided into two groups:

  • Some visually make breasts more. They contain collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and extracts of medicinal herbs. All this in the complex helps restore skin elasticity, the chest becomes denser and pulls up up.
  • Others, which contains special plant components, affect the fat cells of the mammary gland and help their division.

Use bust It is not difficult, it is applied to dry skin of the chest, while avoiding the nipple area. Use the cream for several months every day. Only by observing regularity, it will be possible to achieve the desired effect.

What else helps to enlarge the chest?, Breast enlargement at home | Informative
To adjust the shape of a bust help physical exercise. Regular training does not make it anymore, they strengthen the muscles. As a result, the breast is pulled up, it becomes more attractive. This is especially useful for young mothers to return their former forms.

Breast massage – This is also a way to increase. Correct movements improve tissue blood supply. This positively affects the skin, it becomes more elastic and fit. At the same time, cells inside the body begin to share, which gives a small increase.

Cold and hot shower gives the same effect as massage for the bust. It is worth making it at least 1 time per day to see the results in a month. The chest will become more beautiful, it will tighten a little.

Reception of hormones. There are special drugs that contribute to breast growth. They are prescribed by a doctor, and they give a visible effect quite quickly. But it is important to choose the right dosage so as not to harm health. You can turn to them for an endocrinologist.

You can change the shape of the chest at home. No one guarantees an increase of 2 sizes, but it is quite possible to adjust the shape to tighten the fabric. It is better to use several methods at once, for example, massage, vacuum pump and contrast shower. This will increase the chances of a positive result.

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