Female striptease: execution rules | Informative

Female striptease: execution rules.

, Female striptease: execution rules | Informative
Men love to look at the female body. And if a beloved woman dances striptease – this event becomes one of the most memorable in life. And any representative of the fair sex can embody this in reality. There are some tips, the implementation of which guarantees a good result.


Erotic dance is beautiful movements to music with undressing elements. So that everything looks very aesthetically pleasing, it is important to create a special atmosphere in the dance room. It is recommended to choose muffled lighting, it will help to hide the small disadvantages of the body and inaccurate movements. It is better to light candles or leave only a table lamp. It is important that the light is enough for what is happening, but it should not be directed.


For striptease, you can choose any music, it can be smooth or fast. But she should like her, she should want to move under her. You can think about the dance style in advance, for example, you can perform striptease with abdomen dance elements. Eastern dance will require special music. Sounds can be associated with an inventively.

The image of the dancer

For a beautiful striptease, you need to choose Erotic linen. Be sure to buy Lace panties, Transparent stockings with a wide elastic band and high -heeled shoes. All other details can be chosen to taste. If the experience of such dances is small, it is recommended to use Thematic costume. For example, you can play a nurse, a stewardess or secretary. The costume of a little girl, a depraved coquet or an angel looks perfect. All things should be quickly removed. For striptease, a lacing corset, a tight -fitting dress with many fasteners or ordinary trousers is not suitable. It is important to try to remove all the elements of the costume in advance, think over the sequence of expression.

Than to take your hands

The start of the dance is always the most difficult. Modesty or excitement may appear. The question immediately arises – what to do with hands. It is better to choose in advance some subject, which can be held in the palms. It must correspond to the image. It can be a hat, a whip, handcuffs or even a soft toy. Then this item will need to be removed and fingers to take clothes, but at the initial stage the thing will be necessary. , Female striptease: execution rules | Informative

How to move

Before the dance, it is recommended to rehearse movements in front of the mirror. No need to completely invent the dance, but individual elements must be worked out. Ideal striptease is a combination of improvisation and learned actions. In the process, it is recommended to demonstrate yourself in a variety of angles: you can dance not only with your face, but also turn your back or sideways. Separate poses can demonstrate the most delicious parts of the body: chest and buttocks.


The correct look contributes to excitement. During the dance, he should not be directed to the ceiling or to the floor. It is important to look a man in the eye. Sometimes it is allowed to lower the eyelids languidly, but it is regularly necessary to catch his gaze. It is by the eyes that he must understand that this dance was created specifically for him, that all these movements are devoted to him.


, Female striptease: execution rules | Informative
The beginning of striptease always occurs in the removal. It is important to provide a man with a good overview, but do not let him touch. Then you can get closer to close. When there are very few things on the body, you can start touching it. Passing your palms on the hips, face, shoulders. You can even arrange a dance on his knees. But do not forget the main rule – he is forbidden to touch. And the longer it will be possible to tease him, the better.


Dance for beginners rarely does without errors. Constraint may appear, it may not turn out some kind of movement. It is important not to be scared and not stop. In general context, these little things will not be noticeable. Under any circumstances, it is necessary to continue to move. If it became very difficult, it is worth it to come closer faster and let the viewer intervene, his touch will quickly direct the action in the right direction. Striptease is a fascinating adventure for a couple. It is not at all difficult to arrange it at home, and the advice presented will certainly help in this.

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