First sex with a new girl. How to make beautiful sex and not spoil the first time?

First sex with a new girl: we do it beautifully.

, First sex with a new girl. How to make beautiful sex and not spoil the first time?

It doesn’t matter if you have a date first or you have been meeting for some time, but you have reached the bed only now, the first sex – I mean with a new girl for you, with whom you haven’t slept yet – This is always a little intrigue and some element of unpredictability. Someone likes this unpredictability, someone strains someone, but the fact remains: the first impression – the most important. Therefore, here are a couple of tips for you not to screw up.

«No» Means «Yes»?

So, you are with you or her, she willingly succumbs to your kisses and petting, but as soon as you go to an active offensive, she immediately changed his tone and began to say that «No, no, stop», «I am not like that», «I have to get up early tomorrow» and so on. In such cases, the pickupers of this world usually teach either to ignore it and go ahead, because the female «No» Usually it means «Yes», or just wait for three non -toes. But actually distinguish «no = yes» from «no = no» It is much simpler: if, despite all her monologues, she continues to kiss you and climbs you into the fly, then everything is ok, and if she turns away, pulls away, shies, tries to hit you in the groin, get up and run away, then this is the most direct and real «No», and there is nothing to prove the opposite.

, First sex with a new girl. How to make beautiful sex and not spoil the first time?

Prepare the battlefield

Each girl loves romance, beds covered with rose petals, baths with candles and other gentlemanly outbuildings of the candy-bouquet period. But even if your pragmatic mind has already multiplied the cost of the petals for the time that will have to scatter them, added the time that will have to be removed and divided into a minute of potential delight, you must prepare the battlefield. One way or another, the program at least should include a romantic twilight and a pleasant music, so as not to hear squelching, smacks, squeaks of the bed, quarrels of neighbors and other natural, but completely unexpected things.

Our reliable rubber friend

There is such an unspoken rule of sex with a new girl: you should have a condom, and he should be worn. Even if you saw with your own eyes that she was drinking pills. Even if she, being drunk, proved something to you about her experience with spirals. Even if it seems to you that this is a beautiful creature purely, like the tears of a unicorn. Even if you have any prejudices and condomsophobia. Friend, if something goes wrong, then at best you will be left without sex, and at worst – After some time you will get such a breathtaking surprise that you want to directly twist the time.

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