Friginity: where to look for reasons

Friginity: where to look for reasons.

Men always boast of their victories, including sexual. You have ever heard what they are talking about? Many discussions and forums – vivid confirmation of this. On these conversations, women are mostly frigid and these are their and only their female wine. Is it so that frigidity is and what is its reasons?

A terrifying label – frigid by nature.

It is laid out in full force, and it does not make a sound. He is ready again, and she is already sleeping, buried in the pillow. The neighbors do not knock on the battery and do not go out to breathe on the landing after your somersaults. And at this time, the sites of sexologists are filled with tearful requests from young girls who accidentally discovered their man with a friend to cure her from a terrible disease “logs”.

In the good old Soviet literature, they wrote that only 20% of women are endowed with birth with specific sexual sensations. The rest is 80% frigid and you can’t argue with the mother of nature. Having accidentally read this once in an dusty edition, hidden by parents from children, girls are afraid to get into the category of martyrs cold to sex, who are not given to know the joy of orgasm. And having not experienced anything with the first sexual experience – they are alarming!

In order to avoid hasty conclusions, we will deal with the concept of “frigidity” and what is actually happening. Sexual coldness, or as we are used to calling it, frigidity is a medical term, indicating the absence of sexual attraction, orgasm and specific sexual sensations in the female body, often accompanied by aversion to sexual intercourse and partner.

However, in contrast to Soviet doctors, modern experts warn – early to sound the alarm. Perhaps your partner is simply not the person who is destined to arouse your sexuality. Scientific studies show that only 7% of women occurs real frigidity. Moreover, there are cases of a sudden cure, which allows us to say that sexual coldness can be temporary.


1. retardation frigidity (delayed)

At the age of 16, Katya knew that she was the last of her friends keeping her virginity. Gathering together, the girls discussed how and who it was, but she did not know what word to insert and only listened. To stop feeling like a white crow, Katya decided to gain experience at all costs.

She liked Anton’s classmate for a long time, and she did everything to get to his house under the pretext of joint homework. After solving the tasks and a pair of bottles of Anton alcohol, it was not to stop, he threw her onto the sofa. The cunning plan was fulfilled, but did not bring the joy and pleasure that girlfriends chatted about. The next day, Anton passed by without saying hello. It seemed that this is the end of everything.

A year and a half later, Katya fell in love with her ears, a romantic relationship began, then another one, more. But with a single guy she did not receive real pleasure. I had to simulate an orgasm and take a difficult fact that it would only be a game. And she is frigid.

At 25, she met Yegor – sensual, responsive and affectionate. And when she experienced the first orgasm, it was a real shock for her. Further, with each sex, the sensitivity increased, and after the birth of the child, I even had to restrain the screams so as not to wake the baby sleeping in another room.

This type of frigidity is called retardation and is temporary. It is characterized by the fact that different women have a different rate of development of sexual sensitivity. The main features: shyness, passivity, excessive experience after unsuccessful experience, self -hypnosis and desire to give pleasure only to the partner, the instability of the menstrual cycle.

The problem is solved by affection and ingenuity of a partner or passes after childbirth itself.

2. Symptomatic frigidity (temporary)

The second type – temporary or symptomatic frigidity, is manifested due to physical disorder or disease. It can be manifested with improper development of female genital organs, consequences of childbirth, infectious diseases, hormonal disorders, diseases of the brain or spinal cord and even overwork and depression.

Having calculated and eliminate this reason, you will return to ordinary sexual life in all its colors.

Get rid of the past.

3. Psychogenic frigidity 

The third type – psychogenic frigidity manifests itself quite often. Strict education, negative memories, rape, marriage by calculation. May appear in relation to a specific partner. It is necessary to consult with a specialist. Methods of curing the change of partner or long -term relationships with the current partner are not excluded when indestructible attachment and confidence arise.

Genes are to blame for everything.

4. Genetic-constitutional frigidity.

The fourth type is genetically-monotational, characterized by an innate lack of sexual function. This does not mean at all that a woman is barren. Pregnancy proceeds normally, but there is no satisfaction from sex. It is manifested by frequent interruptions in the menstrual cycle, the absence of the reaction of the genital organs to irritation, vaginal lubrication is not released.

Do not be upset if your sexual life is not built in the same way in love novels and stories of happy girlfriends. Contact a specialist, it’s not shameful. And do not be afraid to talk about it with your man, perhaps you will find the coveted key in the world of orgasm or an alternative way to get pleasure.

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