How to choose and put on an erective ring?

How to choose and put on an erective ring?.

The penis ring (it is also an erective ring) is most often used to make an erect penis more solid and large so that it remains so for a longer time, as well as to delay and strengthen orgasm. Erectational rings limit blood flow, holding blood in the penis trunk. When a man finally ejaculates, he experiences a more intense sensation, since the achievement of orgasm took more time, and because the penis is filled with additional blood.

Men use erection rings with or without partners. Some rings resemble real ones, they are made of metal, plastic. Since such rings do not stretch, you need to choose the correct size for proper landing. For example, the ring that sits too tightly is difficult to relieve, and it can completely block blood circulation in the penis. Metal rings can cause a rash or other skin reactions in some men, so this should be taken into account when buying goods. Erection rings made of elastic materials are easier to use to beginners, since their landing can be changed, and they are easier to remove.

The elastic ring is put on an erected dry penis. After that, if necessary, you can apply a water -based lubricant from above. Strong non -stretched rings (metal, glass, plastic) are worn before the erection.

Erective rings are put on the base of the penis trunk, and sometimes on the barrel and on the scrotum. If the ring is double, you should first wear it from the scrotum – sticking the testicles into it one after another. The ideal ring for the penis remains in place when the penis is soft, but it can quite easily slip when the penis is in an erect state. You can add a lubricant to facilitate putting on and removing the erective ring – the same thing works with the rings on the fingers.

You or your partner can measure the diameter of the penis or approximately determine how many your fingers folded together corresponds to the thickness of the penis. The elasticity of the erection rings provides a great likelihood that the ring is suitable, but even in this case the rings are not universal.

For safety and pleasure, the erective ring should only slightly increase the size of the erection. If you notice a more pronounced edema, then the landing is too tight. In this case, immediately remove the ring. It is also important for men to remove the ring from the penis at the first signs of pain or when the cold appears in the genitals. In addition, it is dangerous for too long to leave the ring to be worn, including during sleep, when a spontaneous erection at the peak. The maximum wearing time is 30 minutes. With an increase in this time, blood coagulation in the penis may occur, which will make it difficult to lose an erection. This is called an amapism, a long erection. Since new blood will not be able to enter the penis, this can be very painful experience and lead to irreversible damage to erectile tissue. If this happened to you, seek medical help as soon as possible.

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