How to choose vaginal balls correctly?

How to choose vaginal balls correctly?.

Girls and women spend a lot of time visiting beauty salons, buying fashionable things, caring for themselves. But only real geishas – skilled mistresses who have plenty of there really are plenty of.

Vaginal muscles, like everyone else, need constant training. A special simulator is used to conduct them – vaginal balls. About how they are, how are they used, and what to consider when buying, read on.

Types of balls

More than a century ago, Japanese women used metal balls and elephant products for muscle training, the use of stone round products was practiced in India. The ability to control the muscles of the vagina was considered special skill, and the brides who own this skill cost as much as possible.

Today, experimenting with natural materials is not necessary – a wide selection of toys from different materials, any forms are presented on sale. You will find both large rough products for beginners and small heavy balls for experienced craftswomen.

The average diameter of the balls is 3.5 cm, but if desired, you can find less options. The choice of material is a matter of taste, someone likes rubber and latex products, and someone is metal, plastic. The materials differ to the touch, have a certain mass, which should also be considered when buying.

The efficiency of training and experienced sensations largely depend on the type of surface of the products – it can be perfectly flat, studded, with bulges and ribbines. For intimate games, silver -shaped and gilded models are most often used, which make intimacy of a particularly piquant.

Some simulators are equipped with vibration function (control from the remote control), have a displaced severity, increased weight. Start optimal with the simplest options – when you understand what you like and reach a certain skill, you can switch to more advanced models.

What to consider when choosing

To choose the optimally suitable ball, proceed from the following principles:

  1. Muscle condition – if they are weak and flabby, it will not work to cope with the products for advanced. The best option for starting with minimal characteristics is large, light balls, preferably with a rough surface.
  2. Available skills – if you did Kegel’s exercises, then you already have a good own intimate muscles, you can squeeze and unclench them, holding the simulator and/or moving it from one part of the vagina to another. If there are no such skills, again, start with the simplest, and then go to more complex models.
  3. The purpose of classes is if you just want to slightly improve the general condition of the muscles, you can use rubber or plastic balls and engage in 5 minutes daily. There is a desire to reach the heights of skill? Tune in to a long serious work and stock up for these purposes with small heavy balls with a completely smooth surface. It’s not easy to use such, but the results will not disappoint you.

With a displaced center of gravity

Balls for training the vaginal muscles with a displaced center of gravity cause unusual sensations due to the creation of light vibration. Despite such multifunctionality, they are simple in use and are suitable for beginners.

The movements of different muscle groups stimulate the process of blood flow to the walls of the vagina – this causes pleasant sensations and reduces the risks of stagnation. Vaginal balls – easy to use and affordable simulator for working with intimate muscles. You can wear them from a few minutes to several hours.

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