How to deprive a girl of virginity correctly and easy

How to deprive a girl of virginity.

Despite all the seemingly banality of this issue, not all young men (and even experienced ones) understand how to actually deprive a girl of virginity. And those who think that they know are quite often mistaken, because they draw knowledge from the stories of their senior “experienced” friends, who are often as illiterate in these matters like many others. The fact that you have deprived many girls of virginity still does not give you the right to say that you have done it well and right. Many do not even imagine what a responsible task is the guy who was the honor of becoming the first man in the life of a girl. How many problems and difficulties often arise simply due to the elementary lack of knowledge on this issue. If you have sex with a virgin and you intend to do it with dignity and at a high level, then this article is for you. From it you will learn how to deprive her of virginity and how to avoid all the mistakes that most young people make.

What is your role in her further sexual life

The first sex for a girl is the same significant and memorable event in her life as a wedding or the birth of a child. For her, this is the first step to something new, they got an unknown and inexpensively.  No matter how good or bad this first step will be remembered by her for the rest of his life and you are at the same time. To deprive her of virginity, it means not just to tear her virgin, not just becoming her first sexual partner, it means becoming a person who will open her door to sexy life, in the world of pleasure and bliss. And on how you open this door and what you will allow to see the girl behind her depends on her further attitude to sex.

3 The main conditions for successful deprivation of virginity

In order to easily and painlessly deprive your girlfriend, you must fulfill 3 mandatory conditions:

Her physical and psychological relaxation

You must understand one very important feature of the body. If she is afraid of something her muscles involuntarily compressed tenses. And its genitals consist of small muscles, the tension of which compresses everything inside and makes it difficult to penetrate the penis into the vagina. Most often, the girl experiences pain during the first sex, not because the penis breaks through the virgin pleasant, but due to the fact that she is too tense. Therefore, it is very important to achieve a state from her when she is as relaxed psychologically and physically as possible. Of course, you are unlikely to be able to completely relax it, but try to do it as much as possible. The following can contribute to its psychological relaxation:

  • Complete solitude. Very often, a girl cannot relax due to the fact that she constantly fears that someone can now suddenly come to you or to her home. Therefore, in order to avoid this, it is best, if possible, rent an apartment for a day and retire there together. In this case, both you and she will be 100% sure that no one will hurt you. Light calm music, candles, oils – all this will create a romantic atmosphere and additionally contribute to its relaxation.
  • Confidence. It is very important that the girl trusts you. If she does not trust, she cannot overcome her fear, which means it will relax. Do not be lazy to regularly remind her that she is beautiful, that everything will be fine, that you are near and she can fully trust you.
  • Glass of wine. I am not a supporter of alcoholic beverages and in every possible way I recommend not to use them, but in this case a glass of good wine will help her relax both psychologically and physically. As for you, then from alcohol it will be better to abstain, because if you are going to do everything in mind, then you will need an exceptionally clear head.

Its maximum excitement

The preludes before deprivation of virginity should be especially a lot. If the girl is thoroughly excited, her vagina will be quite moisturized, which will allow the member to be much easier and painless to slip into the inside. Remember that women are excited on many slower men, so take preludes at least 30-40 minutes. Use everything that is possible: delicate words, kisses, hugs, cunnilingus, erotic massage to a girl, vaginal massage, clitoris masturbation, etc.D. In more detail about the ways of excitement, you can read in the article how to excite a girl.

Understanding how its genitals are arranged

No matter how trite and funny it sounds, but often the guy does not go out to deprive the girl of virginity due to the fact that he simply puts a member in the wrong place. Elementary illiteracy and not an understanding of how female genitals are arranged, where the clitoris is located and where the virgin playing is located leads to the fact that it carefully sticks a member anywhere, but not in the vagina itself. Then above, then below the entrance to the vagina. In order to minimize her torment, it is very important to initially correctly send a member before introducing it. You must clearly understand that the head of the penis rested on the pleasant, only then introduce confidently a member in the vagina and not how otherwise. If this important point is missed, you risk adding a lot of troubles for yourself, and turn the first sex for a girl into a long and painful process.

Elementary hygiene rules

I immediately thought not to talk about such elementary things, but then I decided to recall that it is strongly recommended to put my genitals in order – the girl carefully washed the vagina, and the guy is a member. By the way, you can combine useful with pleasant, turning a joint shower into an excellent prelude. Kisses and hugs in the soul, gentle touches and mutual affection and masturbation will all contribute to its relaxation and excitement. You can even wash each other!)

Use a lubricant or oil

No matter how she loves you and did not trust you quite often, she can’t overcome this feeling of fear of the unknown. Especially if her friends, whose defloration was not too successful to put it too well, will rinse her brains well, telling her how painful and painful. Because of this, how do not excite the girl to achieve a good and sufficient moisture of her vagina. All those “cockroaches” who sit in her head do not allow her to relax. Therefore, it is better to deprive the girl using a girl using a lubricant (buy in a sex shop or pharmacy) or grape seed oil. This oil is very useful for the skin and female genitals, as it contains a lot of vitamin E, which not only has well and moisturizes well, also contributes to the active tissue regeneration, which will be very useful for the rapid recovery of the girl after her first sex. Before penetration, smear it abundantly its genitals (especially the vagina) and your dick with a lubricant or grape seed oil. The use of these lubricants does not mean at all that you can not particularly delay the prelude and its excitement. Lubrication is just an auxiliary tool.

Take care of contraception means

If you certainly do not plan to become a young dad, then you should take care of the means of contraception. You probably heard the opinion that they say during the first sex, when the guy deprives the girl of virginity, she cannot get pregnant. Remember this complete nonsense! Can get pregnant in two accounts! Therefore, I advise you to resolve either a condom or spermicidal cream. By the way, spermicidal cream, in addition to contraceptive properties, has a good lubricant effect.

Pose for deprivation of virginity

You have already relaxed and aroused your beloved quite well. And here the question arises: “In what position to deprive the girl to deviate?»Of course, for each individual girl, it can be its own pose, but usually the most convenient (recommended by sexologists) pose for deprivation of virginity is a missionary pose, namely, such a option in which she lies on her back with a pillow under the buttocks, and her legsA little placed to the sides, and the knees are pulled to the chest.

, How to deprive a girl of virginity correctly and easy

Such a pose and a pillow under the buttocks helps to raise the pelvis, which provides a more convenient angle for easy penetration of the penis. In addition, in this position, the virgin pole is pulled and it becomes easier to break through.You are located behind, kneeling, holding your hands by her waist. This position is first allows you to see and control everything, and secondly, hold the girl.

By the way, in women’s forums, the theme “Pose for deprivation of virginity” is quite actively discussed. What do girls themselves say about this? The majority of, of course, was inclined to the missionary position, although there were a lot of girls who did not work out in this pose and they achieved a positive result only in other poses, some cancer, some on their side, some in the pose of the rider. But everyone unanimously repeated about the importance of excitement. Those of them who the guy did not excite as a rule sorted out a lot of poses, and those who were very excited and madly wanted their young man lost their virginity the first time, in one movement. But it is also worth noting that a well-chosen pose does not yet guarantee quick success, very often a guy cannot deprive a girl of virginity for a long time due to the fact that he simply sends a member incorrectly when trying to enter it.

How to introduce a member of a virgin – how to break a virgin

On many sites, you can find information about that to enter a member of a virgin, you need to slowly and gradually. But let’s take an analogy for an example with an injection. How we would like the doctor to enter the needle, quickly with one light movement or slowly introduced? How painful in your opinion? Moreover, given that in most cases there are one or more holes in the virgin plea, gently introducing a member, you will most likely just stretch this hole and eventually penetrate the vagina without tearing the Pleve. Plus, in this way, most likely, only stretch the pain of your girlfriend.

We deprive virginity. How everything happens. You retired in a rented apartment, created a romantic situation, took a joint shower, when you made an erotic massage smoothly embracing the vaginal massage and cunnilingus.  The girl is already excited and is looking forward to when you enter her. During erotic massage, you already use oil, but now you apply oil directly to its vagina and your cock. The oil should be warm.  With soft delicate movements, you rub it throughout the genitals, especially lubricating its small and large labia and entrance to the vagina. At the same time, she lies in a missionary position with a pillow under the buttocks (under booty) widely spreading his knees to the sides and pulling them up to the chest. You once again shower her whole body with kisses, expressing your admiration for her beauty. Now you can play a member with her vagina and clitoris. To do this, put the member on the clitoris and put it in front-back or from the side to the side. Do not limit yourself to one clitoris, explore all its genitals with the head of your member: small and large labia, areas between them, areas around them, but do not climb into the vagina itself. Keep in mind that all women are different in sensitivity, therefore, in order to determine the most suitable pace and pressure, it is best to ask the girl herself, let her tell you how pleasant it is. Now, barely touching, you can gently describe the head of the penis around the entrance to the vagina, letting her feel these places.

And now the most important and crucial moment is coming!!! Now you slowly and carefully immerse the head of a member 1-2 cm deep and rest against a virgin pleasant. It is worth noting that you put a member as close to the perineum as possible, since the spit there has the least nerve endings, and the rupture of the rings towards the perineum is better tolerated and heals fasterly. At this moment, she can feel slight discomfort or even a little pain and strain. Do not retreat and at the same time do not press on the Pleve, just take a little into it and let the girl get used to these sensations. If it is possible to add and caress the girl in this position, then this will allow her to deform her feelings from that area and relax. Now when you felt that she had relaxed back, enter her with one confident movement.

In order to reduce the girl’s pain, it is important to know how to enter a member in the vagina. Correctly selected angle will easily deprive your girlfriend with virginity.

It is worth noting that you do not need to immediately drive a member right away to the entire length, and it is unlikely that you will succeed, since the vagina is still quite narrow and the girl is most likely to be stressful from fear. The main thing is to go through the first line, namely, to break the virgin pleasant, and then you can gradually and neatly move further forward and carefully.

Well, congratulations! You are already in her and now it is very important to hug the girl stronger, kiss and smiling at saying that everything has already happened and she was just smart.

Whether to continue sex after deprivation of virginity or not?

This question may seem strange to you, but I’ll explain everything now. The fact is that if the rupture of the virgin rod was quite painful and your first frictions after penetration cause her severe pain, then do not force the girl he writhes from pain and endure. This is fraught with the fact that in the future she may have difficulties with the achievement of orgasm, since the pain experienced during the first sex can sit deep in her head and will not allow to relax in the future. Her psyche will associate sex with pain and will not allow enough to be excited. But if the spit was torn easily and the girl is still excited and wants to continue, then you can try to continue. But it is best to finish and not continue at this stage, give her 7-10 days to restore, and then try to have sex.

Do not expect orgasm from a girl during the first sex

If you still decide to continue sex after deprivation of virginity, do not count too much that she will receive an orgasm for the first time. It happens of course that girls experience an orgasm already during the first sex, but it happens not so often. The vast majority of them do not begin to receive orgasms immediately, but after some time of sexual activity, as they learn to do it. Yes, girls are not as simple like men. This is the peculiarity of female sexuality. This feature is due to the fact that the sensuality (the ability of erogenous zones to respond with excitement with their stimulation) a woman develops as sexual life develops. At the beginning of sexual activity, the majority of the erogenous zones of the vagina “sleep” and they wake up over time. You can read about this in more detail here. In some, they wake up faster than others slower. It is worth noting that a lot depends on her partner, namely on his sexual literacy of a man, his understanding of female sexuality and, in the end of knowledge, how to bring a girl to orgasm. With an illiterate partner, a woman can live all her life and not find out what a real orgasm is, and the other can open up for a couple of meetings and learn to experience the whole gamut of the orgasmic sensations that her body is capable of.

The most common questions

Came in completely, but there was no blood. Did I deprive the girl of virginity?

Could deprive, but they could not deprive. In this situation, there may be 4 options:

You are not the first. Someone has already done this before you. Yes, girls can hang noodles on the ears!)) Especially often this happens when she finds out that you would like to start a serious relationship only with a virgin, to be the first of her. Well, what tricks a woman is not ready for the sake of a man who she really likes?!))

Congenital absence or injury of virgin rods. Though rarely, but girls are inborn in the absence of a film. She can also unconsciously break it during physical exertion, improper introduction of tampons, injuries, masturbation and washing.

Thin feather. All virgins have the spit is as unique as any other part of their body. In some, it is more elastic in others less, in some more pierced with vessels and nerve endings in others less. Therefore, in some girls, her gap is accompanied by abundant bleeding, while others have practically nothing.

The virgin playing was stretched. In form it also happens different. There is usually a hole in the Pleve (there is more than one) and this hole for all virgins is different in size. If the spit has a large hole and is still quite elastic, then the guy, if he slowly introduces the member, can stretch this hole and enter the vagina through it. At the same time, the spit itself will remain intact. Accordingly you will come in completely, the pain will be, but there is no blood. Of course this option is not desirable, although it is often.  A stretched virgin playing at first can cause a number of inconvenience for the further sexual life of a girl.

How soon the girl will begin to enjoy sex and orgasm?

I already wrote why girls at the beginning of sexual activity do not get an orgasm. But all this happens in different ways. Some begin to enjoy already in the first month after deprivation of virginity, while others need more time. Of course not all, but much still depends on the partner and his skills. The main thing for you is to understand that your girlfriend is unique in every way. You will never find on the Internet or some more clear instructions how to bring your girl to orgasm. This is recognized only in practice by trial and experiments. I can give you one valuable advice: “Just learn to communicate with your girlfriend about it”. Interested in her feelings, her preferences, ask what she likes more and how she excites her more. Of course, do not load her with questions during sex, but sometimes you can ask: “You are so good?”. And discuss everything more substantial after sex when you lie in the hug. The fact is that often even groans do not always testify to her pleasure. Sometimes girls moan in pain, but men guess about it? Unfortunately quite rarely. Therefore, you are not shy about talking about it with each other. Communication is the shortest road to its first orgasm.

You also have to make it clear to her that her tips will not be regarded as a criticism of your actions, on the contrary, you will be very happy if she will tell you, because this will help you to achieve the result – her orgasm.

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