How to excite a woman, excite before sex correctly and quickly, hands, tongue

How to excite a woman, excite before sex correctly and quickly, hands, tongue.

, How to excite a woman, excite before sex correctly and quickly, hands, tongue

Female sexual arousal is a great secret of nature. You never know what you get in response to one or another effect on her. Men are excited easily and relaxed: a slender girl in a minis and heels, a pleasant clleac of spirits, a cute face with painted lips-that’s all. Healthy physically guys in the way will experience sexual attraction literally from a couple of views in her direction. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity cannot boast of such a reaction, which is why men are constantly looking for magical ways how to excite a woman, preferably quickly and according to the instructions.

Dear boys, all girls are different. One to feel sexual excitement, you need several passionate kisses, the other is a couple of compliments and a bouquet of flowers, the third generally prefers a beautiful view from the window of your apartment in the center of the metropolis. And others are starting from exciting massage and a chic accompanying atmosphere. We will not write you an accurate instruction for a tokar machine called “Woman”, no, I’m sorry. We will simply give the main recommendations, how to quickly and correctly excite a girl, which you will have to test in different angles. These are standard and time -tested ways to excite women corresponding to female anatomy and psychology.

, How to excite a woman, excite before sex correctly and quickly, hands, tongue

Excited woman what she is

Let’s immediately decide on what an excited woman looks like, by what parameters you can determine that the girl started and wants sex.

What is she, excited girl? Sumping throughout the body, shine in half -closed eyes, fuzzy gaze, half -open mouth, the back is slightly bending when a man approaches, a hot vagina – typical signs of excitement in a woman. The most obvious signs that a woman wants sex with you: she is wet with excitement, the nipples swelled, breathing intermittently. The world around us ceases to exist. Animal instincts are torn out, the final discharge of such an intensity of passions is required.

Differences of female excitement and male

As a rule, a girl needs time to warm up – just a look even at a very beautiful man is not enough to experience the sensations described above. Be prepared that from 15 to 30 minutes an ordinary woman requires a prelude. There are, of course, hypersexual ladies who are ready to remove panties after three minutes of comfortable communication, but there are few of them and there is not enough! Therefore, educational program is required. How this mysterious process occurs from the point of view of physiology?

During active caresses, especially when stimulating the clitoris and nipples, blood rushes to the genitals. The humidity between the hips appears, the heartbeat quickens, the body temperature jumps a little, breathing becomes intermittent and frequent, as during the run. The muscles in the lower abdomen are noticeably tensed – by the way, a fairly noticeable sign of the excitation of the female body is also a fairly noticeable. In general, the very notorious butterflies finally flew up and waved their wings.

In men, attraction to a girl occurs quickly. A rush of blood to the genitals occurs when looking at a pretty woman. In order for an erection and mucus secretion, it is not necessary to resort to manual or oral stimulation, like the ladies.

But the girls are confusing and difficult. The handsome man in a chic suit will not cause any swaying, while a man with a “beer” tummy and a planning bald eye, little like an athlete, will be popular with girls. Why is this happening? Where is the woman the excitation point? What conditions for the excitation of a woman are needed? What secret can one share with a “beer” abdomen, which almost every second gives? Most likely, this nondescript man knows perfectly well and successfully uses it in practice, so he climbed to the top of the sexual Olympus.

Truth 1. How to excite a girl? Make the impression of a strong man, conqueror and dominant

By their nature, girls want to be weak and find a defender in the person of a man, for this reason they will be made by strong dominant males, sort of brutal-brothels. He will be able to protect at the time of danger, bring a piece of mammoth to the house, because he knows how to hunt (even in the office, not the jungle), he can become the master! Modern chicks-feminists traveling on steep cars along with men still follow their natural instincts, like their foremother thousands of years ago.

We are not talking about a dude on a bike with unwashed dreadlocks and a bottle of beer, which has smelly socks at home in all corners. Real alpha male is somewhat different. It’s just a cool uncle – in all areas. He goes forward, achieves goals, knows how to resolve the conflict and defend his right. He perfectly maneuver in life, respects himself and others, tries to acquire some material values, not complaining about a difficult life in the country. He will come and put everything in his place, and he will lower the presumptuous insolent to where he got out. For him the honor of parents, family, beloved is not empty words. I came, saw, won. These are immediately visible from the crowd. They give them, and a lot. The queue is also built. Bald with an abdomen is not a hindrance at all.

Truth 2. Physiology of a woman

Even an experienced seducer can be rejected if it does not take into account the bodily factors of the sexual excitement of a woman, namely, the physiology of the beautiful half of humanity. Girls are completely dependent on their menstrual cycle. The schedule “Red days” dictates a different degree of sexual attraction.

The easiest way to excite a woman during the period of ovulation, which occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle. In these 3-4 days, nature itself made sure that the girl wanted sex and was easier to contact her partner. She experiences crazy sexual desire and tension. At this point, they easily become pregnant, so special efforts from the side of a more or less attractive man will need a minimum.

The most difficult thing is to arouse a woman before sex during the PMS period – the premenstrual syndrome, that is, just before the onset of menstruation. The reason for the low level of sexual response is irritability, swelling of the chest, pain in the lower abdomen and other unpleasant symptoms. Hormonal restructuring constantly occur in the body of a woman throughout the month, from one cycle to another. And you will not go anywhere, dear men.

Husbands and regular partners, you noticed behind your companions how different their reactions to the same affection on different days? A week ago, she was a pointed from caressing breasts and nipples, and today it is displeased with your tenderness. Unfortunately, this is normal.

Of course, only a close man who knows such features about his woman can track bodily factors. If sexual seduction is only in plans, this item will not help you.

Truth 3. A break in sex

Another feature of physiology, which reinforces the girl’s oddities in the emotional sphere, is the past sexual experience, as well as the frequency of intimate contacts. With a large break in sex, the girl is more excited. Nature requires its own, the body is bored with caresses and male embrace. Sometimes it’s enough just to create a pleasant environment, to take a little step after the lady, choose an interesting topic, and the woman is already wet from excitement. Do not exclude the created memories of her past intimate experience. If the contact causes her painful associations, stagnation is connected with this, then quickly exciting the girl will not work.

What will help in this case: unobtrusive male attention, touching affection, bordering in crazy tenderness and admiration. You can flatter her pride, pay attention to what a cool makeup she applied and what beautiful clothes she chose for your meeting. After all, it is on this that women are focusing in order to like men. Carefully touch on the topic of her past sexual experience – perhaps there are not too pleasant moments that greatly injure her.

, How to excite a woman, excite before sex correctly and quickly, hands, tongue

Truth 4. Excite in words

No woman will remain indifferent to the correctly said compliments! If you have the gift of eloquence, consider that you have in your arsenal a powerful remedy for excitation of a woman of any kind and stripes. One trifling phrase helps to establish a acquaintance, in time the said classic compliment can continue it, and the cleverly screwed tirade about its magnificent combination of beauty, intelligence and charm will laid the beginning of the path to the contents of the panties.

What compliments do girls like? About beautiful eyes, cute smiles, delightful hair – this is just a classic. But this is a compliment “on the dump”))) come up with something original. The classic is suitable at the first minutes of dating, and thinly seasoned with an unusual epithet or turnover, it becomes an arrow in the heart of the girl! If you want an example? Please!

  • You have such deep eyes that you can drown them, but most likely you hear this banal region every day, and I do not plan to sink at all for the simple reason that I want to know you better and say the coolest compliment in your life.
  • Wow, this is the hair color … Many girls are trying to achieve this, and you walk around the city with this? Where did you find your master? This is not a paint? I’m shocked. Come on, tell me about yourself, I want to know everything about such an unusual girl!

Men’s voice – here it is, a tool of power over the female ear! If you correctly excite ladies’ auditory receptors, consider that your sex is about to happen. And in this a huge role is played by languid, maximally low timbres of the thoracic resonator. It is not for nothing that the bass voices advertising and programs for a large audience – they catch, captivate, envelop and insanely excite. Have you ever seen a snake and a numb mouse? This is how a woman looks in front of a pleasant man with such a voice. When you say, follow its height. Make your speech quietly and clearly, not missing the opportunity to touch a partner, even by chance.

How to excite a woman? Start asking personal questions!

A woman will never be excited if she is uncomfortable in the presence of a partner. The less unpleasant sensations the process of communication brings, the more chances the man see the excitement of the girl. At the initial stage, be sure to be interested in her personal addictions and hobbies: what she loves for breakfast, what she spends free time, what is the name of pets, what style in clothes prefers, what she appreciates in people, etc.D.

If you have passed the test of the candy-bouquet period, then talking about intimate will be a strong exciting factor. We will give you a hint how to excite the girl with the words: whisper in her ear a short piquant story of sexual connotation. You like to see sexual scenes with eyes, and women love to talk about them!

If your lady is not from the non-woven, but some kind of sharp-bdsmonger, season the story with sharp phrases with a share of vulgarity and rudeness. She will accurately appreciate.

, How to excite a woman, excite before sex correctly and quickly, hands, tongue

Truth 5. How to excite a woman? Invite a date in a fabulous atmosphere

A romantic date, where a stunning atmosphere reigns, is arranged for seduction, the final of which is supposed to be a cupcake))) delicious and memorable!

Quiet music, original flowers, candles, light alcoholic drinks and snacks – an excellent atmosphere for the evening is ready! Given that your Gerla is a classic female individual. It is better to probe the soil in advance. Suddenly, she wants a huge tracrum with handcuffs, chains, whips and other attributes of hardcore? But we assume that we are still dealing with a vanilla baby. Continue.

Correct touches: how to excite a girl with her hands, tongue

Tactile sensations obtained in the right place and at the right time turn, excite, and sometimes make the woman take the initiative in her hands and move the topic forward – rather to horizontal positions))) usually the excitement increases step by step, especially with a new partner. Unobtrusive touches, second touches that only hint at the desires of a man, excite the brain and inflam the atmosphere. What touches are excited by a girl?

  • Touching the waist or hips, but not the vulgar feeling of sights, namely the gesture of politeness in some situations (when leaving the car, the supply of outerwear, etc.D.)
  • Easy courtship in the form of a corrected curl, removed from the eyelash’s cheek, brushing snowflakes from the shoulder or leg, etc.D.
  • Touching the tummy, the inside of the hips, chest, buttocks, back of the knee, earlobe, neck – this excites even more, but suitable when courtship advanced further than conventional compliments and firing with the eyes.

By the way, many women are excited from a siring passionate outskirts in the eyes – not for a couple of seconds, but a long! A man who looks in the eyes of the desired lady experiences her interest, admiration, traction that should be reinforced with a warm and barely noticeable smile.

The main weapon of excitement is kisses in the neck and the neckline

All women are excited from delicate and passionate kisses in the neck. And it is better to start from the right or left ear, gradually moving to the center. After you can work with the tongue. Lick a piece of skin around the neck, blow and lick again. You can bite slightly, clamp your lips and kiss gently again. The skin in these places is thin and very sensitive, and a delicate touch with lips is very excited.

You can massage the edges of the ear by slightly tilting her head back. Here exciting is not the massage itself (the earlobe, contrary to the myths, is completely insensitive to such caresses), and the breath of the partner.

Breast and nipples

The girl’s chest and nipples are a well -known erogenous zone, Therefore, men pay maximum attention to her with sexual excitement. We begin to caress the chest from the top of the neckline near the collarbone. Gradually falling into tender kisses to the nipples.

Nipples – super sensitive zone. We treat them carefully and especially tender. Circle the tongue around, press your lips slightly, kiss, caress your fingers, pull a little – several such movements can excite the girl to madness. Such an exciting erotic massage of the chest will melt any ice. Alternate tingling, stroking, rubbing, twisting, kisses. In general, the caresses of the nipple can lead the Virgin to a bright orgasm, and the longer you process this zone, the more pleasure your female experiences.

Dear seducers, the breasts do not need to be pulled, crush, aggressively massage – this does not excite, but does it hurt! Turn on the program “Tenderness” when approach this part of the female body. Only at the request of the woman you can apply rudeness.

And remember that kisses are a business card of a good lover! Not only in the area of special recoil, but a simple kiss on the lips. A woman loves to feel strong male hands on her body. This gives her a feeling of safety and comfort. A bright response will be received by a man who knows how to combine tenderness with a tide of passion! This applies to kisses, and other preludes, and even sexual intercourse.

Excite the girl: stroking the hips and buttocks

Slow stroking the buttocks, the hips, the inside of the hips bring their owner a minute of paradise pleasure. But intimate caresses must be performed wisely, given the features of a particular female. One will end from touching the clitoris, the second will abruptly push his hand in disgust.

It came to the exposure of bodies and mutual caresses? Go to us at a sex shop and see how many types of vibrators you can buy for mutual caresses: elegant massagers, masserers for the clitoris, emissars with horns, nozzles, vibrators, massagers for nipples and much more! With such little things you can massage almost all parts of the body and excite the girl even more!

If you decide to switch to such intimate areas, pay attention to some moments, the non -compliance of which will ruin your expectations about hot sex.

  • For caressing the clitoris, the man’s hands should be soft and warm. Touch the region with subtle movements with maximum tenderness. The girl’s clitoris touches and caress the fingertips. First, just put your hand between female hips for a few seconds.
  • Go to light rhythmic pressure and alternate with stroking. Imagine that you are playing a piano … You are a man not a creative profession? You work as an auto electrician? Imagine that your girlfriend’s clitoris is wires, and the slightest inaccurate movement is the whole scheme)))
  • Want to make your lady as nice as possible? Give her high -quality cunnilingus with licking, sucking, etc.D. She won’t forget you!

, How to excite a woman, excite before sex correctly and quickly, hands, tongue

Truth 6. Spontaneity, male arousal and dedication

Not only men, but also women like diversity in sex, especially those who have been living with a partner for several years. The usual sex scenario is already exciting not so, if not to say that it does not start at all. Children, life, sleep all, porridge for breakfast, dirty dishes, then washed, a couple of timid on -duty kisses and immediately intimacy, also not the brightest. This is fresh, boring, and over time causes rejection and is perceived by a woman, as a certain duty, equivalent to the preparation of cutlets and washing dirty panties. You have no idea how the girls in relations in the sensations that she experienced when seduced by her beloved are yearning for. Where is that passion, that languid look, delicate and insinuating touch? Where all this goes in life together?

Boys, all in your hands! A man who wants to arouse a woman must be able to fantasize. Spontaneous sex after work directly in boots intrigues! In the hallway, exposing only causal places, you catch your girl and bend against the wall! A few passionate kisses on the lips, and it is already languishing from desire. Leave long preludes with cunnilingus and caresses the next time, and today is an unplanned intimacy!

The woman likes to see male sexual excitement attraction aimed at her. She likes to be the subject of his desires and fantasies. To become the main object of lust for a man – the dream of all representatives of the fair sex.

, How to excite a woman, excite before sex correctly and quickly, hands, tongue

Truth 7. Tell me about your sexual excitement

Sometimes do not tighten too much with courtship and walking around the bush. Just tell the desired girl that you want sex with her. Nature laid down that the female sex loves to feel the imperious male, a strong male shoulder. Women do not like to dominate sex – they like it when they are “taken”, sometimes breaking a little will. Therefore, the initiative to help you! Gain courage and tell me about your intentions.

We will summarize. To excite a girl, you need

  • Behave like a strong, confident man-dominant man.
  • Create a suitable atmosphere for sex – romance or hardcore (according to the preferences of the lady).
  • Make appropriate compliments, conduct an interesting dialogue, to be courteous.
  • Keep tactile contact – accidentally touch, gently stroke.
  • Show fantasy, sometimes spontaneity.
  • Be able to caress a girl in different places.

What is not necessary to do

  • Be aggressive.
  • Talk loudly, argue, prove your rightness.
  • Too much to be silent or talk only about yourself.
  • Be cold and greedy to bodily caresses.
  • Think only about her pleasure, consider a woman as another sexual object (even if so, show with all your appearance that she is the only one and unique).

Don Don Juan, Casanovs and exemplary husbands, we wish you success in the excitation of women, bright mutual orgasms and hellish passions! Write your recommendations on how to excite a girl by any means. We are waiting for your comments!

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