How to have sex in a shower? Rules and recommendations!

How to have sex in a shower? Rules and recommendations!.

, How to have sex in a shower? Rules and recommendations!

In many forums that are dedicated to the attitude of men and women, you can often find omnipotent personalities. Most of them believe that sex in a shower is a dangerous activity that generally needs to be perceived only as irony. “Sex in the shower? Yes, this is the most overvalued way to satisfy!” – approximately such statements are full of each such resource. Their main excuse: sex in the shower is unsafe and if you love it, then you just have seen enough films! If at least one sane person appears among this flock of “vultures”, who has a distinctive point of view, then he is not to do.

We wish our readers to pay attention to sex in the shower and try to dispel all doubts! And if you at least once dreamed of doing something like that, and you did not succeed, then you should not throw this business. Suddenly, you just made mistakes, picked up the wrong poses, and indeed considered that all this will pass spontaneously and smoothly. We change stereotypes and declare that sex in the shower is bliss!

, How to have sex in a shower? Rules and recommendations!

Refuting the statements of hateers of sex in the shower

We started the analysis of flights with the fact that we collected information on the forums. Recorded the most common opinions that we will refute. Perhaps after this sex in the shower will become something unearthly and very attractive for you.

“I am constantly falling or afraid to fall”.
Such fear is quite justified, because still here the remains of shampoo, soap, and even in combination with a tiled floor in the bathroom – this is generally extreme! Because of this, sex in the shower has bad fame.

But wait, have you really heard about anti -slip coatings, special holders and other devices that have long been sold in construction and household stores? If not, then it is clear why you don’t like sex in the shower.

What did you say? Soap? If you planned sex in a shower in advance with your partner, then you do not need to wash at all! Rinse water and start with hot kisses.

“Water ished out a lubricant, and I’m afraid to get infected”
Of course, you will be wet, and this will add only passions, but the water will remove the natural female lubricant for one or two! In addition, you may be infected with this “technical fluid”. This is an irrefutable fact, but you can easily fight with it.

Firstly, you do not need to stand under a straight stream of water! Shit slightly to the side, and this will be enough. Be sure to purchase a lubricant on a silicone basis and preferably with an antibacterial effect. So you will definitely provide excellent sliding and protect yourself from the “consequences”.

“I can’t give him pleasure!”
Many girls say that it is very inconvenient to stand on the tile with knees and caress your partner. And if you start sex in a shower with oral caresses, then you risk swallowing water! She will be everywhere: nose, mouth, ears, eyes. This fact is simply terrible!

Dear ladies, because you can first help your partner relax in the bedroom, and then lure him in the shower. Or lay a soft rug in the bathroom. All these are excuses, not significant problems. Moreover, who at all told you that oral affection is required. Sex in the shower can be started with a pleasant and passionate petting. In the end, you have delicate pens!

“I or he is always cold”
It is believed that only one of the partners will be under a stream of water, while the other will be just cold. You will have to change places to warm up, and this seriously distracts from the case.

Seriously? During such physical activity it cannot be cold! If you are still afraid of this factor, then why don’t you just take and heat the shower or bathroom in advance? It is enough for a few minutes only turn on a hot shower!

“We have a different approach to water procedures”
Sex in the shower entails subsequent water procedures. It is necessary to wash your head and wash well! However, a man needs only 5 minutes, but a woman may need all 20.

Dear – this is not an argument at all. After all, you can wash each other and together, then get out of the shower. In extreme cases, if your partner finishes earlier, then you can release it, and continue to enjoy the water. Maybe you consider an insult if one of you after passionate love will go into the room early? Then there is simply a matter of principle. Find a rational approach to this “problem”.

“It is inconvenient and very difficult!”
Sex in a shower is possible only in a standing position! Staying on your feet during intercourse is a test. In addition, most pairs have a problem – inconsistency in growth. So it will be very inconvenient and difficult to choose a position.

There can only be a problem with your capabilities and not so much with physical preparation, but rather with the dimensions of the shower or bathroom. We will not stop at what has been achieved! Still, we will tell you that sex in the shower can be the brightest if you know the right position.

Sex in the shower: perfect poses

Be very careful, because making love in the bathroom can develop into your sexy fetish! After all, sex in the shower will no longer be a problem, since you are armed with our advice and ideal positions.

Eternal fusion

, How to have sex in a shower? Rules and recommendations!
This is one of the most sensual positions that will allow the most to stimulate erogenous zones. You need to stand face to face. The girl should raise her leg at an angle of 90 degrees. The real morning merger hasn’t hindered anyone yet.

A passionate impulse

, How to have sex in a shower? Rules and recommendations!

If you have a shower with protrusions or high edges, then this is just an ideal position. The girl of one naga stands on the “floor”, and the second leg should stand on the hill. The man becomes behind. Now no one will stop you from enjoying, because sex in a shower in this position is a pleasure.


, How to have sex in a shower? Rules and recommendations!
Where without this time -tested position? Only you do not need to kneel down, it is enough for a girl to focus on the hips and lay down the pelvis back. A man must definitely hold a girl by the waist. Now everything is ready to merge! The main thing in this position is balance. If you are not sure, then let the girl take her hands against the wall.

Sensual waterfall

, How to have sex in a shower? Rules and recommendations!
This position is suitable only for large baths. If you have it, then you are lucky. If not, then leave this position for relaxation. Suddenly you stay in a jacuzzi room. A man must sit down and stretch his legs forward. The girl sits with her back to the man and directs a stream of water (shower) to her lower abdomen. This effect will be simply unforgettable.

You still have doubts? You think that sex in a shower is just terrible? Then you have not tried anything yet and have not been imbued with the atmosphere. Once again, we recall that in this case we need thorough preparation, which in the future will certainly lead to a spontaneous desire.

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