How to have sex on top

How to have sex on top?.

, How to have sex on top

The pose is a rider – This is one of the few poses when a girl plays a dominant role. I will start and excites many ladies as much as men. It is understandable, the whole process is in your hands, you control not only the speed of frictions, but also your partner.

However, not only women excites to be from above. According to statistics, most men prefer to make a beloved a rider.

Why do men like this pose so much

He has the opportunity to admire your body, caress the nipples and neck. Being on top, you can wriggle on a member, showing with all your appearance how you are excited. And the view of an excited girl will appreciate any guy.

Constantly be a dominant –Turned out. Men also sometimes want to relax without performing any active actions.

If a man feels that the finish line is already close, the position of the liability will help to slow down a little ejaculation.

What is the advantage «riders» for woman

  • You can control the duration, pace, angle and depth of the entry of the penis. This will provide an opportunity to get the type of stimulation that you want.
  • In this position, you can get two orgasms at once. One – From stimulation of the ji point. Another – Thanks to the friction of the clitoris about the pubs of a man.
  • You will receive not only physical, but also psychological satisfaction. The realization that your beloved under your full control – very exciting.

The pose from above can be different. Classical position – Savage a male penis and stretch his knees near his hips. This interesting position will help control the depth of the entry and frequency of frictions.

If you want to somehow diversify «rider», We can offer several more options.

  • Sitting. Sit on him from above, resting your hands on the bed. First, a little tears, run through his neck, chest with your hand. Gently kiss his ear, stoop the stomach. Don’t let him enter you right away. Excited herself and bring to the exhaustion of his man. And only then, slowly sink to his hard, erect member. Pose «squatting» does not allow to get tired, even with quick progressive movements.
  • Sitting pose backwards. The technology is the same as well as «squatting», With one difference – you sit on a member either face to face, but rather backwards. Believe me, any man will like this pose. View «behind», which they love so much, in this position it will look very sexy.
  • Lying on it. You go to your chest and slowly insert his penis inside. In this position, it is very easy to achieve orgasm, because the penis will rest directly on the erogenous point of Ji. Another plus pose lying – This is low energy consumption. At any moment, you can stop and give your loved one to continue, raising and lowering your buttocks.
  • Being on top, you can not only «jump» And «fidget» On a member, It becomes possible to parallel clitoris stimulation. You can masturbate yourself, but you can take a man’s hand and put it in the right place, subtly hinting at the continuation.

How to have sex on top to get a maximum of pleasure

, How to have sex on topDrive the pleasure, with the help of kisses and masturbation. During sex from above, there is a good opportunity to stimulate not only the clitoris, but also the anal area. To do this, take a pose «lying on it». Usually, a man himself shows a desire to massage the anus with a finger. But otherwise, you can ask him about it yourself.

Use condoms and lubricants. The condom will protect you from undesirable consequences in the form of diseases and pregnancy. And a special gel lubricant will relieve dryness and increase excitement. If you do not know which lubricant to choose, look at the lubricant catalog on our website. A large selection of extending, warming and exciting gels will make sex even more pleasant.

Follow safety precautions. When you are in the pose of a rider, there is a probability that with too fast frictions, a member can jump out of you. In a fit of excitement and passion, you can inadvertently damage it. Therefore, be neat. If the penis turned out to be outside, just insert it back and continue.

Also, to obtain new emotions and the variety of classical postures from above, we advise you to use anal stimulants or erection rings that are worn on a member and stimulate the clitoris.

In our store, a huge selection of sex toys that will make your sex bright and rich. And the variety of lubricants and lubricants with additional erotic functions will help slow down the ejaculation process, increase excitement and add sharpness to the process.

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