How to have virtual sex in correspondence, by phone, in Watsap, Skype

How to have virtual sex in correspondence, by phone, in Watsap, Skype.

, How to have virtual sex in correspondence, by phone, in Watsap, Skype

Who would have thought about 40 years ago that you can have sex and flirting virtually! Text love is present in our lives daily, even in SMS through messengers. Yes, we generally wean from real relationships, shopping, work – people start novels on the Internet, buy virtual goods, pay virtual money, work without leaving home. The world is developing and everything changes in it – you can’t get anywhere from this!

For some reason, many still believe that virtual sex is the destiny of drochers and impotents that real girls do not give. But sex in virtual reality does not become less popular from this. Yes, and what is wrong with the fact that we can thus quench the thirst for diversity in boring relationships, without physical treason? What’s wrong with sex correspondence with her husband when he is far away? Previously masturbated on screen heroes and magazine beauties, and now on living women. Changes in the psyche, perversion? No! Just a broadcast of fantasies and gaining speed of passion right online!

Let’s talk about that, how to have virtual sex in correspondence With a woman, a man. And let’s agree that vulgar sex correspondence is not a perversion. Let it be something between masturbation and sex!

, How to have virtual sex in correspondence, by phone, in Watsap, Skype

What is virtual sex and to whom it is suitable

Virtual sex with a girl or man is no longer exotic and has many options:

  • The exchange of photos and a video of an intimate nature – the so -called sector;
  • Enforcement and text messages exchange – sex by phone;
  • Virtual sex catering – in the same skype or vatsap.

There are paid and free dating for virtual sex. They can do with your own girl or wife – not the essence. Communication in the virtual space can take place in different formats, and it is not necessary that you from the first minutes switch to vulgarity, although it is better to always keep lubrication and vibrator at hand (ha ha).

For whom the relationship is at a distance or why the virtual is popular

Remote intercourse and petting are suitable for everyone who is incredibly related to experiments and new technologies initially. Write sexual messages or send erotic pictures to excite the interlocutor at the other end of “reality”, you can also young, and not very, and family couples, and just acquainted.

If you are a lonely man who wants to relax tonight without unnecessary troubles – why not arrange sex according to SMS transcriptions or in a video chat? You can organize ordinary flirting or even a virtual blowjob, but just see how a girl caresses herself. The main thing is to find a creative approach and be in the right place with the right person.

The popularity of virtual sex is quite justified. The power of the word is lost in the everyday bustle, its significance is dull.

  • In correspondence, you have the opportunity to express your sexuality by any set of phrases, giving them any color to the best of their creativity and licentiousness.
  • These are unusual practices, informal relationships, a safe test drive, orientation experiments, an expression of hidden fantasies!
  • In the end, the virtual gives full anonymity if desired.
  • It helps people prone to polygamy, satisfy the need for the novelty of sensations and incentives, thus close the gaps in bed with a permanent partner.
  • You can finish as much as you like, and no one will become pregnant, STD will not become infected, even with completely erratic ties.
  • In an interactive world, it is easy to look at a permanent partner on the other hand. Without prohibitions, frames, rotten socks and prickly legs of two -day unshaven. Down with the genre of hyperrealism!

Sex in virtual reality you either like it or not. But it’s definitely worth trying! Therefore, we move on to the practical part.

How to have virtual sex

In general, the virtual does not start with banal region such as “and let’s touch each other pussy, and you will make me blowjob”. Remote flirting and sexual intercourse also require the beginning, preludes, games. How to do this correctly, so that if you wish, sex after correspondence repeats or happens in reality?

General rules for virtual sex correspondence

About the bad better right away. If a person is not at the moment for sex correspondence and communication, just apologize and disconnect from the “broadcast”. There is nothing terrible and terrible in this. Completed communication and forgot. Another time or with another person will be all for 5+!

Be sure to probe the soil

Perhaps a person does not like such communication. Tune in to play a little, unobtrusively, but with a hint. Such phrases “something is boring, it would be pleasant to do something”, “it’s cold outside, and no one warms up at home”, “I saw today a girl similar to you-she was so appetizing”, etc.D.

We play and flirt

If the partner reciprocates and includes in the game, continue communication on the same note. Light it further with more obscene phrases (about linen, features of the figure, your desires, etc.D.) When such a game is started with you, try not to keep a long pause, otherwise the intensity of passions may decrease.

Verbal prelude

Just like for real sexual intercourse, for the “online sex” the prelude is of great importance. Preliminary affection, of course, will not be based on the touch and stimulation of erogenous zones, but on verbal details of the sexual image of the partner, compliments, the study of the nuances. As a rule, the leading role and the initiative to take up sex correspondence usually belongs to a man, but who said that the girls themselves never offer a virtual?

Sex correspondence with a girl

To bring a partner located on the other side of the screen to orgasm, You will have to start from afar. The guy should find out everything to the smallest detail: what is the girl dressed, how she looks, what figure she has. In addition, all representatives of the fair sex like to talk to someone about their appearance, especially if this someone is showing an unprecedented interest in their person and admiration. And if a woman knows that the meeting in real life will never happen, then nothing can prevent her from opening as much as possible in front of a virtual partner, shallowing reality with an erotic linen or luxurious figure.

Correspondence should be creative. Before having virtual sex, a man needs to be sure that the girl is quite excited. Since it is impossible to check this in reality, everything should be done to start a female imagination. The sexual imagination of the ladies is much more developed. Men, as a rule, make the most common mistake, concentrating only on the description of their erect dignity. They proudly tell during the correspondence about the penis, its color, shape and size (up to centimeters). It is in the readiness of the “sexual tool” of the guys that their whole confidence and sufficient self -esteem are concentrated.

Girls, on the contrary, do not like excessive naturalism. They do not delight with the detailed description of the male penis and the changes taking place with it during sex. Women like a brief acquaintance with the male organ during virtual correspondence, so guys should not rant on this topic. One phrase conveying the degree of readiness and the strength of the penis is enough.

It is better for men to stop on the sensual side. Women love to like, this is what it is said. But it is also important to the ladies to feel the details, each word should come from the inside. As soon as a woman can imagine this or that situation, she will want sex at a subconscious level with you. But since girls need to make sure of the reciprocity of passionate desires, it is extremely important for her to make a man think only about her. She should be sure that the partner is concentrated as much as possible on the desire for sex with her and does not think about anyone else. As soon as a woman feels this, there is no doubt: she will agree to do the Virt.

To do everything right, a man should remember the capital truth. During virtual communication No need to focus only on the process, Describing the laws of mechanical friction and primitive progressive movements. Do not forget to describe what is happening, given the details of the interior. It is important to give a woman to understand that a man sees all her beauty, in comparison with which all other charms from the surrounding him fade in consciousness. If a man manages to achieve this, he will certainly take possession of her consciousness, desire and body, even being on the other end of the wire.

, How to have virtual sex in correspondence, by phone, in Watsap, Skype

We masturbate in sex correspondence

Feel free to masturbate! Imagine a person with whom you correspond, or look at his image in the screen (with a virtual through a video call). Relax. Set up your eyes, ears and make hands. When it is already too “hot”, reading the text or watching the liberated partner, give yourself enjoyment. There is nothing shameful or perverted in this! Act of satisfaction is the natural outcome of your virtual sex. You can inform your partner about the results in colorful epithets.

Sex correspondence with a man or how to virtually excite a guy

Men are not so complicated in understanding. They love diversity. They are made by the image of a shy virgin and a depraved pervert exactly the same. Frank vulgarities or shy hints – does not matter much. Just relax and write or speak the way you want at the moment. “Delicious” messages and semi -heated pictures They will do their job. No cliches!

Virtual sex with a man implies a clear and vivid description of his appearance. Men love their eyes. If you have a virtual on video chat, then be extremely named after. Erotic messages in prose will not be compared with the seductive and exciting image of the beauty. Intimate and intriguing phrases will complement your appearance (“I want you to help to unfasten my dress”, “I would like to look at my new lace panties”, etc.D.). Sometimes you can resort to humor (“I throw you on a sofa, a droit from you clothes … and we watch a new series of“ Games of Thrones ”).

Feel free to show the guy your intimate arsenal from a sex shop. Men are starting from such things from half a turn! Let him look at how skillfully you use the vibrator and from the heart will masturbate with you! Feel free to use your favorite anal barrel with a tail – this is madly exciting guys! Suddenly he has an anal masturbator, and you will have a virtual anal?

Do not forget about male instincts: men – hunters! They catch prey, and when the production itself goes to them, this is not interesting. Therefore, the “session” of intimate proximity, he must achieve. Do not offer him everything at once. “Brow” a little, play in an inaccessible young lady. You can slightly sofrinzoni the boy. But do not abuse this method. Be beckoning!

You can make a virtual massage for a man or organize sex correspondence with a blowjob, the main thing is to remember that Wrth is a harmonious communication of two people, and not by satisfying their whims exclusively.

Virtual sex by phone, SMS correspondence

Text love is most often found in virtual sex. If you are familiar during life, use the same tackles as in reality. Partner is new – be careful.

How to have virtual sex in correspondence

Allegorical phrases with obvious sexual connotation are most excited. We all know the ambiguous words “pussy”, “wet”, “stallion”, “sausage”, and t.D. Do not tighten the flirting, but you should not immediately “feed the pussy of the sausage” before belching!

Try to avoid official terms and medical concepts such as “penis”, “vagina”, “anus”, “nipples”. Dilute the virtual vocabulary with more romantic synonyms.

Be sure to lay the route and follow the navigation. It is advisable to do this from above-down, that is, stroked their hair, inhaled the aroma of spirits behind the ear, kissed the lips, shoulder, went down below, even lower, and there we noticed what a beautiful tummy of your girlfriend, and only then we go down to the treasured “sights”.

When you carry out erogenous effects during verbal prelude, do not forget to ask a partner about the sensations. You can suck, lick, pinch, bite, twist, inflate, bend into three deaths, but the second participant should like what you do! And be sure to share your feelings.

Excited by phone: ah, what vocals

Exciting voices make men gain the treasured number for several years … and have virtual sex by phone, not even seeing the image of the interlocutor. It doesn’t matter who she is: super sexy brunette with a third size and long legs in lace stockings or a fat yellow -haired blonde with sagging boobs. Her weapon is a sexy voice caressing not only her ear, but also a member! Therefore, virtual on the phone in the same Watsap by means of voice messages is very popular.

Listen to your voice from the side before the “ether” and correct its parameters if you don’t like something. Do not play other people’s roles, be yourself. Do not promise in telephone sexual correspondence incredible WMW or BDSM if you do not practice. Just relax and tune in to the natural biorhythms of a sexual game.

If you are terribly shy, drink a glass of wine or take a fighting stopar. This will help creating and rejoice not only a partner. Feel free to fantasize, but do not forget to communicate in dialogue mode, listening to the fantasies of the interlocutor. Erotic pauses, slightly stretched languid phrases with aspiration, intriguing intonation and further development of the partner’s started thoughts – your success in sex by phone.

No one forbids the use of a vibrator or other adult toys. Complete the excitement from pleasant vocals with the final orgasm with their help. Want mutual masturbation, offer the interlocutor frankly.

Be sure to describe your feelings and sensations to your partner. More details about the brightest moments and sensual places. Call all a spade with your names. “I end from your member in me …”, “My fingers slide through the pussy, and what is your hand doing?”,” I can imagine how you put me with cancer and come in deep, and I moan loudly and finish several times “and everything is like that. Good luck!

, How to have virtual sex in correspondence, by phone, in Watsap, Skype

Virtual sex on webcam

Having decided to take a virtual in the video, first make sure that the partner is ready for this. It is usually difficult for women to cope with their embarrassment. In addition, in virtual transcriptions, all men can be Apollo, and girls-aphrodites, but as soon as it comes to visual contact, disappointment often occurs. In general, only people can frankly sex and flirt on camera.

But the main thing is to create the right picture. Beautiful makeup, hairstyle and sexy linen will help girls in this. Let it be a lace robe and transparent panties. You can move erotic in them, lean, boast of beautiful new newly. Ask if a man wants to undress you. Most likely, saliva is already dripping on the monitor, and consciousness focused on a violent jerk.

Pay attention to the fact that muffled light helps to hide many disadvantages of the skin and body in general. Play with lighting at your leisure, look where it is better to direct a bright stream of rays.

Apply elements of role -playing game. Let the interlocutor juggle your actions, and you will be an interactive girl who fulfills his desire. Change angles, poses, background stimuli, etc.D. If porn starts you, look at him together. Want threesome, invite another participant. Bdsm lures, play the owner and submissive.

Modern technologies give us the opportunity to have sex using remotely controlled toys! Just trust your partner to manage your sensations through a mobile application and buy a special vibrator (in our sex shop there is such!)! Let thousands of kilometers between you are not a hindrance to joint orgasms!

Can there be dependence on virtual sex

Depraved sex, the effect of complete immersion and privacy always attracts and beckons into its networks. It all starts with small. If you are drawn daily on a virtual, and the need to have sex in real life disappears, then Cybersex will kill you! Joke.

In fact, everything is in your hands. Do not lose control of your desires, do not get carried away by a virtual – let it become a variety in a series of classic intercourse with care, communication, prelude and erotism. Let him vibrate the special energies between you and the partner as a provocateur, when you can imagine your companion by anyone, and dispel household boredom, break the coupling of negative extinguishing emotions from washing dirty panties and making cutlets!

Virtual sex will greatly help shy people to gain a little self -confidence, hone the skill of communication and seduction. Just don’t get carried away!

And you have virtual sex in correspondence? Who is your partner: always a new person or a proven life partner? How does Wrth and Watsap help you in life? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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