How to make Cooney to yourself: tips and warnings

How to make Cooney to yourself and not harm.

The most pleasant type of sexual stimulation is oral affection. Ideally, cunnilingus makes a man, and a woman’s blowjob. There are those who are ready for bold experiments when there are no partner nearby, for example, autocunilingus and autofelle. We are talking about oral caresses of their genitals. Many women wonder how to make Cooney to herself. Today we will talk about this in more detail, what are the techniques of autocunilingus, poses, security measures and alternative methods of self -satisfaction.

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, How to make Cooney to yourself: tips and warnings

Is it realistic to make cunnilingus without a partner

Autofellation/Autocunnilingus is real terms denoting the form of oral sex, during which a man/woman independently satisfies himself, acting on her own genitals with lips, language. And if autofelley was recorded repeatedly in history, porn films, then autocunnilingus is known only in theory.

On the one hand, it is very pleasant when genitals stimulate lips and tongue. On the other, it is difficult to do due to anatomical reasons. So that a woman is convinced by her own experience how much this kind of caresses will give her pleasure, she needs to have superpowial flexibility.

Autokunnilingus technique

Even in the presence of an ideal body, most likely any desire of a woman will not have sufficient flexibility for cunnilingus herself. To achieve such a goal, there are many ways to develop yourself physically. After it is possible to achieve the desired level of flexibility, you should familiarize yourself with the existing methods of oral aircraft, suitable postures.

, How to make Cooney to yourself: tips and warnings

The development of flexibility

Certain people – gymnasts, yoga, acrobats have an excellent predisposition to autocunilingus. If the body does not have the ability to bend in unthinkable poses, for self -satisfaction you will have to practice. In order for the results of classes to lick your own vagina, you will have to perform the following exercises for the development of flexibility:

  1. Exercises for the back, spine. A woman stands with her feet diluted in shoulder width apart. Then makes the tilt of the body forward, trying to get his fingers with his hands. In a state of maximum muscle tension, it is advisable to fix the position for a few seconds.
  2. Exercises for the neck. In the standing position, the head tilts are performed forward so that the chin is taken to the neckline. A woman alternates this exercise with a circular move of her neck.
  3. Exercises for tendons. The woman lies on her back, after which she throws her legs in the birch pose, then leads them behind her head, touching the floor with his thumbs. In this position, you must linger as long as possible.

It will be more flexible only if you train regularly, monitor nutrition, fight overweight. From one or two classes, it is unlikely that anyone will become more flexible. It is good for those who were engaged in gymnastics in childhood, the muscles will quickly remember their abilities. The development of flexibility is facilitated by dancing, aerobics. Previously undergoes an examination for the presence of diseases of the back, musculoskeletal system.
, How to make Cooney to yourself: tips and warningsWe will have to develop flexibility

Methods of oral airplane

There are several ways to make it pleasant to yourself without involving a partner with oral affection:

  1. Yield language. Soft, wet tongue I perform slow losing movements. It does not need to be put in a tube, use one tip. On the contrary, spreading wider, you need to touch the clitoris and labia.
  2. Butterfly. The tongue moves like a wing of a moth – in a relaxed state, it gains a quick pace, tickling labia and clitoris.
  3. Bumblebee. This technique is similar to the previous option, but it is necessary to stimulate erogenous points with a tongue folded into a tube. Caresses will be more intense, so they can be used shortly before the onset of orgasm.
  4. Pendulum. Language movements are made from side to side, gradually increase the rate of stimulation. As soon as the sensation of an approaching orgasm appears, it is important not to discard intensity, not to change the rhythm.
  5. Dance. Free technique in which you can make different movements with a language-up and down, from side to side, diagonally, etc. P.


The choice of poses for this method of self -satisfaction is significantly less than if you consider other types of caresses and oral sex.

  1. The simplest way of autocunilingus is performed on your back. To do this, a woman needs to raise her legs in front of her, tilt to her head, propping the buttocks with her hands. Pushing yourself with your hands, you should pull the pelvis in the direction of the head, at this time raise your head to the clitoris.
  2. Another way to make yourself nice is to try in a sitting position. For this, a woman sits on the edge of a chair, bed or armchairs. Spreads his legs to the side, leaning his head to the crotch. One leg can be raised by bending your back, direct your tongue to your labia.
  3. A way of oral aircraft for a woman with good flexibility. She lies on her back, throwing her legs back, spreading to the sides. Tilt your head forward, you need to try to bring it closer as much as possible towards the crotch.
  4. The last way of independent cunnilingus, in which a woman stands, leaning her back against the wall. In this position, you need to lean forward, helping with your hands tighten the pelvis.

Safety precautions during an independent kuni

So that the process of independent oral caresses gives only pleasure, observe some tips:

  • Before the lesson, muscles are heated with stretching, warm -up, water procedures in the form of a warm bath or bath;
  • It is regularly consumed as much water as possible so that it accelerates the adaptation of muscles to loads, warn the cramps and stretching of the ligaments;
  • Autofellation/autocunnilingus should be 2-3 hours after eating, and preferably on an empty stomach to protect the gastrointestinal organs from problems;
  • In case of pain in the joints and muscles, cunnilingus immediately end;
  • poses change as often as possible, so as not to overstrain the muscles of one group.

The risks of such a lesson are obvious-trauma of muscles, ligaments, musculoskeletal system. In the presence of food in the stomach, such radical gymnastic tricks can disrupt digestion. Problems can be avoided by following advice, techniques and poses, and most importantly, the sensations and reactions of your own body.

How to replace kuni, if you can’t do it yourself

In addition to independent cunnilingus, there are a lot of ways to make it pleasant for yourself without attracting a partner. All of them can be called one common term – masturbation. But how exactly and what to do, there are many options.

, How to make Cooney to yourself: tips and warnings


For example:

  1. Masturbation with water. The girl used a removable shower with a spray, directing water to the genital area. Stimulation provides different pressure, water temperature, additional caresses with fingers.
  2. Hygienic masturbation. For this method, a pear is used for douching and water. The device can be directed towards the clitoris, squeezing out water with different speeds and intensity, as well as enter the tip into the vagina.
  3. Masturbation with sex toys. For the caresses of the genitals, a woman uses phalloimitators, vibrators, and other intimate massagers. Luburbicants for moisturizing are sure to complement them. There are models for caresses of clitoris, vagina, anus, combined options.
  4. Organic masturbation. As a phalloimitator, you can use different foods, for example, zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers, carrots. Also pleasant sensations will give contact with juicy soft fruits.
  5. Perfumery masturbation. For games with a clitoris and a vagina, you can use bottles of streamlined oblong shape, ball deodorants. With such items, the girl caresses the clitoris outside, introduces into the vagina.
  6. Manual masturbation. Classic version of how to quickly bring yourself to orgasm. With her fingers, the girl caresses the clitoris, the vagina in the location of the point g.
  7. Masturbation hips. Some girls are excited from the reduction of the hips, if you rub them against each other, squeeze.
  8. Friction. Another popular and non -standard way how to make herself pleasant when a girl during sexual excitement rubs with genitals about different objects – a pillow, a washing machine during the spin, the edge of the upholstered furniture, etc.

If earlier the attitude to masturbation was extremely negative, now it is one of the safest and simplest ways to obtain sexual discharge. For women to whom autocunilingus has become impossible, this is the best alternative.

Autocunnilingus is an almost unrealistic process for an average woman. Those who are ready to work for a long time to work on the flexibility of their body or have such a predisposition for a long time. But for starters, you should get acquainted with suitable postures and techniques. As an alternative, you can practice different methods of masturbation.

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