Latex clothing manual | Informative

Latex clothing guide.

, Latex clothing manual | Informative
Before you start: make sure that you do not have an allergy to latex. Cut cheap latex gloves on the strips and place in various places of your skin (under the bra -strap, inside the toe, under the belt) and, after an hour or two, check if there are signs of irritation.

You might think: "But I used condoms, I know that I have no allergies." All the same, it makes sense to draw a test with stripes for various parts of the body before packing in the material, just for confidence.

How to buy latex clothes

Latex clothing is mostly two types: glued and molded.

The most common molded latex is when liquid rubber is poured into forms to make one seamless clothing item. Formed latex, as a rule, is much cheaper, a little thicker, and it is more difficult to pierce or tear it.

Glued latex is made of latex sheets, which are cut in size and fastened manually with glue. Glued clothing usually sits a little better, there is a more interesting shape and species, and gives a brighter shine when polishing.

If you are a beginner in the Litex topic, it makes sense to start with molded clothes. She, as a rule, wears out thicker and slower. Its disadvantage is that it rarely has lightning or fasteners, which means that wearing and shooting it is somewhat more difficult than usual.

The rubber stretches perfectly, smoothing irregularities and giving smoothness to the silhouette. In this sense, rubber or latex behave like a lime, stretching out in the shape of your body.

Stretching is taken into account in the size of rubber clothing, therefore, if your size is 12-14, you need to buy items of size 12-14. At the same time, be prepared that the item will be slightly smaller than you, just as, for example, cowards with like.

As a rule, for a good dense planting, the size of your latex clothing should be 5-7 cm less than your own. Women can squeeze a little more in their chests, especially if there is lightning in front, so objects up to 10 cm in size are less than your full chest girth, they should come up without making a flat breast.

How to wear latex

Due to the fact that latex rubber is very stretched, clothes from it can be quite difficult to put on and take off. In addition, with careless handling, it is easy to damage.

Before dressing in rubber, some precautions should be taken. First, do not try to dress in rubber for the first time yourself. Ask a friend or partner to help you. Since the fabric tends to harvest, it may form in a thick strip that can limit breathing or make it difficult to remove. Secondly, due to the fact that rubber does not pass air, you need to extremely carefully put it over the head. Getting stuck in a semi -reidal dress without the ability to breathe is rather unpleasant and dangerous.

Before you get dressed, look at the outfit and think logically how it is better to wear it. T -shirt or top will have to be worn over the head, but most other things are better to put on the legs. If you have a voluminous ass, you can prefer to dress over your head, and with a large chest it can be more convenient to dress through the legs. A little time allotted to think through how to get into the outfit will make dressing faster, easier and safer.

Next, in order to easily slip into the outfit, it must be prepared. You can use updating powder or corn starch to help you get dressed, or a special composition for lace -free lance or silicone grease so that everything is smooth.

The powder is better suited for tops for or things worn over your head, because you are unlikely to like the lubricant on your hairstyle or makeup. The reverse side of the coin is that the lubricant makes the rubber more faded and complicates the polishing. Because of this, among latex enthusiasts, compounds for putting on and silicone lubricants are much more popular.

After you choose a lubricant, turn your outfit inside out and lubricate it. You need only a very thin layer of grease from the inside to help you dress, so moderately apply it over the entire surface of the object, and then turn it back the right side. If you use updating powder or corn starch, you must also apply a small amount of it to the body. Perhaps you will want to do the same with the composition for putting on or silicone grease, but it is usually enough to apply them to clothes.

After you, your clothes, or both are well -lubricated, you are ready to dress.

It is best to be completely naked, because they do not wear underwear with latex. The rubber sits so tightly that even the smallest thongs will give a visible line of panties. Dress slowly and carefully, making sure that Latex does not gather. One of the ways is to stretch latex on the slightly, slightly, making sure that it does not gather. Another way is to put your hands inside the outfit, pull the rubber with the back of your palms, raise and put on yourself.

If it is difficult for you to put on clothes, leave it to lie down for a while so that latex is heated. What should not be done is to clamp and pull out latex, as it can lead to gaps. The main causes of damage to rubber outfits are too fast and severe stretching, as well as random punctures with nails.

After you put on your outfit, it can be adjusted by sticking your hands under it and pulling it up as necessary. At the end, slightly pull the edge of the outfit to finally fit it., Latex clothing manual | Informative

How to polish latex

To give the gloss of the surface, Latex needs polishing. To get a bright shine, it is necessary to rub the special composition for polishing latex or silicone grease into the surface.

For most latex polishing compositions, it is proposed to use a polish rag, but this can be done with your hands. This not only means that you will spend less composition, but also much more pleasant in sensations. The act of polishing latex can be incredibly erotic – especially if you are lucky enough for someone to do it for you! It should be warned that Latex polishing can be cold enough, so you may want to put your tool for polishing in a bowl of hot water for a while to heat it before the procedure.

Before starting, you should make sure that there is no powder on the outer surface of the latex. If there is a powder, then before polishing it needs to be removed by wiping the surface with a damp cloth.

If you use a polishing tool in a squeezed bottle, squeeze a sufficient amount on your palm, rub your hands, and then put it in rubber. If you use the product in the spray flacon, it can be applied directly to latex, and then with massaging movements to be rubbed into the surface.

If you are going to go somewhere in your latex, take a bottle of polishing tools with you to be able to add shine during the evening if the outfit fades. Remember: a polishing tool is not absorbed into latex or skin, but will be absorbed into other fabrics and transferred to other people. So follow the one you touch and where you are sitting so as not to leave the stains on the furniture.

And what latex do you like?

We are very interested in what models of clothing and latele underwear you would like to see in our store. Please write your wishes in the comments to this article.

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