Male and female erotophobia, causes and consequences

Erotophobia – why sex causes fear.

, Male and female erotophobia, causes and consequences

There is probably no such person in the world who would never be afraid of anything. However, sometimes fear develops into a phobia, which interferes with a full life. Someone is terrifying before the flights on the plane, others panic, falling into a closed space, others are afraid of insects and so on.

There is such a phobia as fear of sex, that is, a person panic, even just thinking that he will go to bed with a person of the opposite sex. This phenomenon is called erotophobia. Despite the beautiful name, this phobia is able to turn the life of a man or woman into Hell, interfering with building full -fledged love relationships and contributing to the development of all kinds of complexes associated with intimate life.

The main causes that provoke the occurrence of erotophobia:

  • small luggage of knowledge about sex and everything that is connected with it (this is most often found in young guys and girls);
  • a strict ban on discussing sexual issues in the family;
  • distorted perception of sex, formed in childhood under the influence of adults or their own ideas;
  • insufficient amount of knowledge about methods of contraception and protection against sexual infections;
  • low self -esteem, critical attitude to their appearance and behavior;
  • a misunderstanding of male and female roles in family and intimate life, incorrectly laid attitudes in childhood;
  • the rudeness of former partners, their negative attitude, ridicule and aggression.

Male erotophobia

As a rule, the fear of sex in men most often leads to erectile dysfunction, as a result of which the opportunity to have sex disappears in principle.

There can be a lot of causes of male erotophobia, but the most common is the fear of making a woman hurt during intercourse. This fear usually appears in the teenage period, when young guys begin to get carried away with watching pornographic content movies.

Rarely when in a porn movie you can see beautiful and sensual sex. Most often, actors depict very frank scenes using all types of sexual intercourse, as well as with violence, humiliation and other similar games.

Boys, having seen such a movie, begin to perceive sex as something aggressive, associated with painful sensations (mainly for a partner). And since most of them people are peaceful creatures, some young guys begin to panic before possible sex, since they do not want to do their woman at all.

Also, a man can be afraid of sex due to the fact that his former partner caused him a moral injury associated with his sexual viability. If the new partner turns out to be a sensitive and understanding woman, then the problem can be very easy to resolve. If this does not happen, then the help of a specialist will need.

Women’s erotophobia

Fear of sex in women can manifest itself in different ways. Each case should be considered separately, preferably in the office of a sexologist.

Sometimes fear of sexual intercourse can lead to involuntary reduction of the vaginal muscles. In this case, it becomes impossible to make frictions, since the penis simply cannot penetrate the vagina. Even worse if the internal muscles are already reduced in the process of active sex. When this happens, both partners experience painful sensations. The cause of vaginism can also be unpleasant memories of severe childbirth or prolonged and painful treatment of sexual infections.

Erotophobia can also lead to the fact that a woman ceases to experience an orgasm during sex. If the fear of intimacy stretches from childhood, then a woman never gets pleasure in bed at all. If fear appeared against the backdrop of stress, then orgasms just at some point cease to happen, despite the intensified efforts of the partner.

Whatever the cause of erotophobia in order to cope with it, you need to visit a good doctor. An experienced specialist will help to determine where the roots of the problem stretch and will help to find happiness in personal and intimate life. Do not wait for the problem to be solved by itself. As a rule, this happens very, very rarely.

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