Morning erection: why do men have in the morning? Causes

Morning erection: why do men have in the morning? Causes.

Legends and myths go about the morning riser in men, and comedians do not miss the opportunity to compose a couple of jokes on this topic. But few people know the real reasons why in the morning there is a member of men and what is a morning erection. Is it normal, how often should happen, what to do if the riser is absent and how to deal with it? Let’s figure it out.

Why does men have in the morning? Causes

The main myth of the morning erection in men is due to the fact that it is the result of conscious excitement.

That is, it is assumed that in a dream a man saw a pleasant image, it caused excitement and as a result a member stood up.

Often, quarrels occur on this basis, since the girls who are not burdened with intelligence accuse the guys of representing the proximity to other people’s ladies in a dream.

In fact, the morning erection occurs completely unconsciously and the man cannot manage it in any way.

This is caused by several reasons that we will talk about just below, but it is very important to learn that there is absolutely no connection between sex drive and a riser in this situation.

Morning erection and testosterone

Special hormone testosterone is responsible for sexual desire and opportunities on the intimate front. With his lack, a man may either not feel the desires of intimacy at all, or is not physically able to commit sexual intercourse.

There will simply be no erection. With an excess of the hormone, the situation is directly opposite. It’s really bad both of both, there is nothing better than the golden middle.

The hormone is produced in the testicles. But naturally during the day it is not constantly projected, but has some bursts of activity or as they are also called peak. Here is the peak of testosterone production overtakes a representative of a strong half of humanity by about 9 in the morning.

But much depends on the lifestyle and on the rhythm of sleep. Usually from 5 to 9 in the morning the content of testosterone in the blood maximum.

It is for this reason, despite the man’s conscious desire to have sex, even in the absence of an object of lust, that involuntary excitement, activation of the entire reproductive system occurs and as a result of an erection in the morning.

Morning erection and increased brain activity

The penis does not stand on its own, even at the time of maximum proximity to the girl, the signal comes from the brain.

And this signal, of course, can make erroneously, that is, without an object of excitement and without the need for this excitement. This happens in two cases.

As you know, all human sleep is divided into cycles, and those in turn into phases. . In short, I’ll retell – slow sleep is divided into 4 phases, each of which leads to a decrease in brain, nervous and muscle activity, launching the restoration and nutrition of cells and tissues.

Due to this, rest occurs. Then slow sleep is replaced by fast, which is characterized by a surge of brain activity, pupils begin to run, pulling the limbs is possible. The cycle ends on this and slow sleep comes again. So in a circle up to 7 times per night.

Here is the stage of quick sleep, which during the night occurs 5-6 times, the activity of the brain leads to increased blood circulation and the message of pulses leading to the occurrence of an erection.

And this usually happens in every quick dream, we just notice it only in the morning. So the morning riser appears.

The second reason explaining why the member is in the morning, is the erroneous signals of the brain and is associated with the filling of the bladder.

The fact is that during the night a person usually does not go to the toilet at all or a maximum of 1 time. As a result, by the time of awakening, the bubble is filled and the urge to urinate are significant.

In the brain, areas responsible for the desire to go to the toilet and sex drive are located very close and sometimes roughly redesign each other.

And the result, a person who wants to be a little one gets in his toilet to the toilet. As a rule, after urination, the erection disappears.

That’s actually the whole secret. There are no other reasons. Therefore, the morning erection must be rejoiced if you are a man, and use it if you are a girl. Now you know why men have a member in the morning.

Morning erection disappeared: why in the morning there is no member?

And so, we found out that the morning erection is an absolute norm. But should a member stand in the morning or is it not an obligatory part of male health? This question is very simple to answer – it should stand, but not necessarily every day.

Another curious information – a lot depends on the man’s sleep regime, sometimes they simply do not notice the morning riser, because he fell at a time when the representative of the stronger sex was still sleeping tightly. This happens when a wakefulness and rest mode is lost.

The most objective causes of the lack of a riser can be called fatigue. Both physical and emotional. While in a stressful environment, many representatives of the stronger sex noted that the libido was generally reduced, the sexual function is weakened and therefore in the morning an erection may not occur.

Usually no one pays attention to such an “incident”, because there is nothing wrong with this. But if the member has not risen for a long time and this was the reason for concern, then it will not be superfluous to undergo a medical examination. It is the most standard.

A blood test will show the presence or absence of infections in the body. Also pay attention to the hemoglobin indicator. Rent a separate test to testosterone level. Ultrasound and ECG of the heart is necessary to determine the operation of the cardiovascular system, on which an erection depends on 70 percent!

For some reason, many doctors forget about the thyroid gland. And this is a huge mistake, because the hormone T4 directly affects the sexual system of the body. With hyperthyroidism, an erection does not give rest at all, can occur up to 15 times a day! And with a lack of T4, lethargy, partial impotence and the disappearance of the morning erection are observed.

That’s all you need to know. It is pointless to put specific tests, but all of the above tests must be taken without fail. Only after that, based on the results, go to the right specialist. Thyroid hormones I recommend to take in the first place.

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