Reasons to have sex in the dark

Reasons to have sex in the dark.

, Reasons to have sex in the dark

Many of our fellow citizens often repeat one phrase: «darkness – Friend of the youth». To some extent, this is the right saying. It is perfect for long-life pairs and can become a real salvation for them. For a long period of relations, they turned the magic of sex into everyday life. Therefore, the darkness can partially return the sexual fuse, allow you to experiment and relax. For new steam, lack of light – The ideal way to start intimate communication without shame and constraint.

Switch to touch

In the light you see a partner and can predict movements until they are committed. To a greater extent, this applies to those people who already know each other well. In the dark, you will have to release your vision and rely on other senses: touch, hearing, smell. This will give a new level of sensuality, up to this point unknown, and add elements of sexual game.

This idea resembles another intimate entertainment in which the partner simply blindfolded. The second participant commanded the process. In complete darkness, both of you will be placed in the same conditions. To predict the intentions of the partner, you must learn to understand his remaining feelings.

, Reasons to have sex in the dark

Remove irritants

Most men – Visuals. They are excited by the appearance of a naked body. But if you turn off the light, then the irritant will disappear. The guy will not feel excessive excitement. He will slow down and both stretch the pleasure.

More often a sexual act ends earlier due to preludes. The guy looks in the light of the girl’s reaction and can guess at what moments she approaches orgasm. In complete darkness, such a trick will not work. You will have to try to deliver your favorite pleasure. Start feeling, reflect. Agree in advance not to give each other tips. So your sexual relations will switch to a qualitatively new level. Just try. Do not be afraid to experiment.

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