Sex hotel – a place for bold experiments | Informative

Sex hotel – a place for bold experiments.

, Sex hotel – a place for bold experiments | Informative
Erotic experiments are not always able to implement houses. Many fantasies require complex equipment, and sometimes redevelopment in the house. But you should not refuse them, you can realize the plan in sex hotels.

What is sex hotel

In dozens of cities of the country, hotels open, in which you can spend from several hours to several days. They were created specifically for dates. The main difference from all other hotels is the special design of each room and Series Sex devices for experiments.

The rooms do not just accommodate the bed and the bathroom, but can be stylized under a certain era. At the same time, the interior may be present things for the implementation of erotic fantasies: from sex machines to a full-fledged medical chair.

How the numbers are different

The entire number of license plates is divided by service class. Luxury rooms are the largest in area, they are suitable for group meetings. But it will be comfortable and a couple who does not like closed spaces.

Room rooms are smaller in area, but still very convenient. Economy is the smallest area and the minimum number of “devices”. But all additional can be rented, List of possible items Always announced on the hotel website.

Each number is equipped with certain items. For example, there is BDSM rooms. Inside, convenient fixing mounts, gaming for flagellation are provided. But devices can always be brought with you.

There are numbers where a person can be conveniently fixed on the bed. The shackles can be tough or soft. Separate numbers are equipped. These are full-fledged beds of an unusual shape, sex cacheles or just pillows that make any pose more conveniently., Sex hotel – a place for bold experiments | Informative

How to remove a hotel for sex

First you need to understand whether there is a similar hotel in your city. In the cities of millionaires there are such hotels. Finding them is easiest on the Internet, the conditions of reservation are also told there.

Most often via the Internet or by phone you need to clarify The presence of free places On the desired date. Sometimes you need to book the desired room in advance, as it is in the line.

Only faces over 18 years old can be placed in a sex hotel. It is important to have an identity document with you. It will be required to design a number. But at the same time, the data will not be disclosed, no one will know a visit to such an institution.

Rent is possible for a different period. Often installed The minimum time -from 2-3 hours. Payment in the hourly or daily.

Hygiene of hotels for sex

After each guest, the space of the room is thoroughly cleaned. All The surfaces are disinfected. And this is carefully checked. You do not need to be afraid of any pollution.

It is important to understand that such hotels monitor their own reputation. It is important for the guests to return again and again, so the conditions are created the best.

But if it is scary to take sex subjects for rent, they should just bring them with you. Everything from vibrators to high -quality whips is easy to find in And sex toys are available in cost, and Delivery is possible to any corner of Russia.

The most popular sex hotes of Moscow

Today there are hotel chains for erotic experiments in the capital. You can go to the site and choose a hotel in the right part of the capital. Features of equipment can be clarified in the same place.

The largest and Popular network of hotels for sex – “Pyatshkin”. The second place is “Forter.RU”. And there are still many single hotels where it is worth spending time. All of them is easy to find in the search.

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