Sex in the bath: harm or benefits | Informative

Sex in the bath: harm or benefit.

, Sex in the bath: harm or benefits | Informative
Sex in the bath – the dream of almost every man. The bathhouse helps to relax, the heat and massage with a broom increase the blood flow throughout the body, which enhances sensations in the genitals, slippery steamed bodies become especially sexually attractive.

Going to a bathhouse with a wife for intimate solitude has been accepted since ancient times in Rus’, earlier it was almost the only place where my husband and wife could have sex. But doctors warn against excessive sexual activity in the bathhouse, since the heart is excessive load, when the heels from passion are also joining the heat from the steam room.

How to have sex in a bathhouse and not harm your health

, Sex in the bath: harm or benefits | Informative
It is difficult to find a more private atmosphere for a couple, which is looking for a place for intimate solitude for an hour than a sauna or bathhouse. For a healthy person, sex in the bath won’t harm at all, but, on the contrary, will help to completely relax and relax. Do not get involved in steam room even without an erotic component of people with vascular diseases and heart.

Compliance with simple rules will help to spend time with the benefit of the body and get excellent sex in the bathhouse, safe for health:

1. The bath does not tolerate fuss, frantic pace, passionate sex. This The place is intended for meditation. First you should take a steam, whip each other with a broom. Do not arrange too hot steam room, if an erotic continuation is further planned, 80 0C will be enough.

2. In order for the partner to relax, she should properly fall with a broom. Do not immediately start to whip it away immediately, at first you just need to walk with a broom with stroking movements, slightly patting the buttocks and back, then you can gently fasten your stomach, legs and chest.

3. In the steam room you can Spray aromatic machine, Increasing sexual attraction: sandals, juniper, ginger, myrrh, jasmine or use special oil with pheromones.

4. No matter how much I would like to have sex immediately in the steam room, when a naked, heated, sparkled with a broom of the partner lies nearby, you should still go out into the dressing room and cool down a little.

5. Understanding the desire of men to enjoy all the pleasures at once, but Alcohol will be superfluous The company is a bathhouse and sex, here the body can definitely fail. It is better to leave it for gatherings with friends., Sex in the bath: harm or benefits | Informative
6. You can have no more than half an hour in the steam room, Therefore, if a long sexual marathon is planned, it is better to continue it in the dressing room. If one of the partners feels a little overheated, the blood rushes too much to the face, you should not heroize, but be sure to go out to cool.

7. It should be borne in mind that from hot air and water in women can be much land in vagina than usual. In this case, it will suit Silicone or oil lubricant.

8. The bath does not protect from pregnancy, As some women mistakenly believe, and does not save from the transmission of STD, so do not neglect condoms.

9. With sex with a condom, you cannot use body oils and oil lubricants, they destroy latex. In addition, in a wet room, it can slip during sex.

10. It is necessary to think over the pose, in which it will be convenient for both partners. The missionary position will not be the best choice due to stiffness of shops. It will be most convenient if a woman leaves a man on her knees, or turns his hands on a bench, and a man will enter from behind.

Do not forget about such things as bath towels, a thermos with aromatic tea, creating a romantic atmosphere. After good sex in the bath, you can overturn the ice champagne glass. It should be remembered that sex in a bathhouse, like a holiday, happens infrequently, do not turn it into everyday routine. And waterproof sex toys will complement it perfectly.

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