Sex toys for two, how to use it correctly, which one to choose for a couple

Sex toys for two, how to use it correctly, which one to choose for a couple.

, Sex toys for two, how to use it correctly, which one to choose for a couple

Shake off dust from a relationship – you want? Sex toys for two: With them, the air temperature in your bedroom will be heated to maximum marks! The endless possibilities of sex, role -playing games, BDSM, double penetration, anal and oral caresses – all this becomes available after the purchase of modern erotic devices for adults. Unknown orgasms instead of a dull imitation, the former passion as in the first days of meetings, porn rollers in your performance … What would you like more?

Today we will discuss the best sex toys for two and how to use them, so that both partners experience something new and unusual. You can just press a button and relax together. Discover all your erogenous zones on the other side and stop being shy! If you previously walked the sex shops by the side and even dismissively threw your view towards such institutions, then review your opinion. It is here on attractive stands that you can find sex toys for two that will satisfy your needs. In extreme cases, you will have a chance to try something new, and such an experience may be invaluable!

, Sex toys for two, how to use it correctly, which one to choose for a couple

Sex toys for steam, what exist

Any sex shop today can offer a huge assortment of paired stimulation toys, with which you organize a flight leisure. Beautiful, gentle, passionate and beautiful sex gives a feeling of fullness to women and unusual tactile experiences to men. What sex toys for two can you buy?

Vibrators for two

Vibrators, vibration massagers, two-headed phalluses, anal-vaginal massagers, flexible vibroostimulators with a curved end-types of paired toys with different vibration modes, a lot. They can be used both together and in proud loneliness. Many models are equipped with a remote control, which makes it possible to control each other’s orgasms!

There are not only members -like vibrators, but also quite unusual toys in their form, which is difficult to recognize at first glance as an intimate device. They are also called intelligent vibrators for steam. The whole smack is not so much in autonomous vibration as in management through a special application, where any stimulation graphs that you will draw on the screen are created! You can even shake the phone, and your “friend” will vibrate under the rhythm of your movements.

, Sex toys for two, how to use it correctly, which one to choose for a couple

Sex toys for two have become much more popular thanks to distance management. It doesn’t matter what you acquire: clitoral stimulator, vibroyeis, vibrator or vibro -ring. The main thing is that “dressing toy” you pass the brothers of the reign of your soul mate. First of all, the one who uses the toy will be very, very pleased. What will the one who will control all this process get? Everything is quite simple! Watch how your partner (partner) trembles with excitement or approaches the top of sensations, feel the desire and most importantly feel like the master of position is the peak of bliss. In addition, such a process starts very much.

If you want double penetration, then the phalluses with two processes are always at your service. You can embody the most vulgar fantasies with double dildo, in which both ends are decorated in the form of a penis head with protruding wreaths and folds of the skin. Of course, the practice of vaginal-anal penetration, when the girl is sent to the vagina, and the second-to the man to the anus, will reveal new horizons of pleasure.

And with the help of the same ring with an anal Christmas tree, you easily imitate threesome! The delicate effect on the penis and the anus will bring voluptuous pleasure that the partner can manage.

Both will receive unforgettable sensations in the vagina, who applied multifunctional vibration massagers or pulsators imitating the movements of the man. You just immerse the toy in the vagina and turn on the motor, after which the partner freely enters and feels with your beloved pleasant waves. Just stunning intensity of pleasure captures your bodies at the same time!

Shapes, colors, length, width, gadget materials can be any! It all depends on your preferences.

Strapons for steam

When you are all eternity together, sometimes you want something completely out of! Why not change roles? Strapons are not only for single penetration, but also for the pleasure of both in pairs. We are talking about strapons with a clitoral stimulant, and there are also models with vibration and even two phalluses, which is relevant for same -sex couples among women. I am flexible unconscious models of anatomical shape, from both ends decorated in the form of a penis. They are suitable for both heterosexual and homosexual pairs.

Very active partners can try in addition to the usual strapon on the hip, attached to the leg. You freely penetrate into two at the same time in this situation!

Sex sets

A great choice is a set for sex, which includes several diverse toys, for example, a female vibrator + male masturbator that simulates anal, oral or vaginal sex. As a rule, such interactive sets include from 2 to 10 devices. Their main purpose is sex at a distance. Unique sensors accurately read all movements, virtual sexual intercourse becomes possible! In addition to a partner, with similar toys you can feel webcam models, porn actors and other participants in any sexual game.

Penis nozzles and erection rings

This device is dressed on the base of the penis and helps not only a man to restrain his ardor, but also gives pleasure to a woman. The thing is that often erective rings contain a built -in vibration light. This allows stimulating the most sensitive female point.

Preliminary caresses are very important in relationships, therefore, in order to enhance the effect, special nozzles were created on the fingers. There are static with different relief, but there are vibrating. Such sex toys for two will achieve the most sensual petting.

Anal traffic jams and stimulants

What is good anal traffic jam? What makes the vagina already. From this sensation of the partner to the root change, plus the toe of the toy is perfectly felt by the penis, and the woman has every chance to feel the stimulation of erogenous points at different angles. The introduction of anal traffic jam does not bring the discomfort that is given by more voluminous toys for adults. The volcano of passions will cause you anal stimulants caressing the treasured point G through the thin wall of the intestines. They are produced in the form of balls, Christmas trees and beads. The greatest pleasure brings slow pulling out during bright climax. Anal vibrators with a narrower base and a limiter to control the immersion can act as stimulants.

, Sex toys for two, how to use it correctly, which one to choose for a couple

Vaginal beads

This device can also be used in paired entertainment. It is enough to enter the beads into the vagina and have sex. The relief is tangible for both participants. In principle, in this performance, anal sexual intercourse will be piquant. Slow pulling out by analogy with anal beads will become a final maneuver for explosive orgasms.

Sex machines

Not cheap pleasure, but it is worth! There are models with manual and automatic control. Some work up to 8-10 hours without a break. Good devices have interchangeable nozzles (vagina, member) and perfectly fucked and suck. Everything looks realistic, and it feels sometimes even cooler than with a partner. As a rule, the second of the couple likes to observe the process and at the same time masturbate.


Do not forget that visual surroundings also bear fruit. Handcuffs, latches, stretch marks, gags and collars, blindfolds, beautiful costumes for role -playing games and punishments can work no worse than a vibrator stuffed with new -fangled functions. In pair, any innovation helps to make an act of love more soulful and sensual.

, Sex toys for two, how to use it correctly, which one to choose for a couple

Where to buy paired sex toys inexpensively

We have already written in other articles that we recommend a trusted online store with several offline points and a warehouse in Moscow. All listed sex toys for two are sold here in a huge variety. Simple and luxury, sales, liquidation, discounts, novelties, fast delivery, full anonymity even at the place of issuing an order, as well as an ambitious management company with experienced professional consultants, ready to answer the most intimate question!

Anatomical anal corks and stimulants, vibrators for steam, sets for two, vaginal balls, masturbators, nozzles and many, many things you will find in the “Sex toys” section! Feel free to love each other not a shame, and you can give pleasure in any pleasant way!

How to use sex toys for two

Paired toys also require care and compliance with the rules of use. The most popular are vibrators and vibrors, especially on the control panel. Everything is clear about the first: it is introduced into the vagina or anus, having previously lubricated with a lubricant. But the vibro -ring must be put on the base of the penis and thereby stimulate the clitoris or anal zone in the process (it all depends on the chosen pose).

Do not forget that such gadgets require care depending on what material they are made of and what functions are equipped. Carefully read the instructions attached to each product.

Anal stimulants are inserted into the ass gradually so as not to hurt the partner. When you use a double phallus, make sure that the frictions go in the same rhythm, otherwise someone will suffer. When buying strapons on belts, make sure that they do not rub the skin, otherwise sexual intercourse will end with erased rolls and hips!

Of course, it is worth recalling psychological comfort! You can’t just take and insert a rubber member to my husband in the ass only at your request. First find out if he is ready for such experiments.

Always start small. Do not chase a super novelty that you don’t understand. Do not buy vibrator of huge sizes if you just start to enter the topic of masturbation. And correlate your needs with the proposed functions of the device. Perhaps you do not need some bells and whistles, because the overpayment for them will be superfluous. Budget sex toys are quite acceptable quality!

Be sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • Material and hypoallergenicity. Better give preference to a medical silicone. It does not cause irritation and is combined with water -based lubricants, which are also safe for most users.
  • The presence of instructions, guarantees, packaging containers. Branded things are always supplemented with a similar minimum. Dear brand sex gadgets are supplied with cosmetics, beautiful handbags, protective nets and other accessories.
  • Smell. Never buy an unpleasantly smelling device. You are not an enemy to your genitals and health!
  • Check about water resistance specific gadget. Many people like to relax in the soul, but not all toys are suitable for this. Although manufacturers know how citizens are starting streams of water flowing through the body, therefore they try to make modern devices obviously compatible with water.

And always use intimate gadgets for its intended purpose! If the vibrator is vaginal, do not stubbornly stuff it in the ass. Each penetration has its own devices.

When leaving, take pharmacy antiseptics or special means from a sex shop. Just do not trim your vibrators and anal traffic jams with alcohol, vodka and like caustic liquids. Many materials react negatively to them. In extreme cases, just wash the device with warm water and soap. Do not forget about condoms if you practice sex with different partners!

Sex devices with a porous structure must always be used with a condom, as they absorb your natural liquids and do not wash until the end even with careful care.

Do not forget to remove sex toys in a package or dense fabric after use. Be sure to take out the batteries. They are corrosed and sometimes proceed to the device. The substances that have come out are very toxic and dangerous!

, Sex toys for two, how to use it correctly, which one to choose for a couple

TOP-5 the best sex toys for two

Today we will introduce you the best pair toys for adults, which everyone will like it without exception!

Double phallimitator Wild Instinct, 47.5 cm

The phallus with two heads at the ends is made in the style of “realistic” and imitates all the contours and relief of a real member. The material of the cybercumor is unpretentious in care and completely harmless (without phthalates). The penis can be used for games with a partner or in solo-execution. Take to the bedroom, shower, to nature – it is suitable for any conditions. Unique stimulation of the vagina and anus is provided to you!

Anatomical twisted vibrator Gvibe Gjack 2 – 22 cm

Another vibrator from a series of realistic. Stylish, laconic, waterproof, has 6 vibration modes, made of unique material (biokozh) with a delicate and pleasant texture, has a twisted barrel. It instantly acquires body temperature, in management is simple and intuitive. Can be powerfully, gently, medium. Convenient in any position thanks to a ring -shaped handle. And as many as 4 hours of continuous vibration! Double penetration or stimulation of a prostate with its help will become an unforgettable experiment!

, Sex toys for two, how to use it correctly, which one to choose for a couple

Vibration massager for pairs Lelo Tara

It vibrates, rotates, pulsates in several modes, stimulates the entrance to the vagina and point G, and the clitoris with clitoral processes. Suitable for water procedures. Rotation “finger” imitates masturbation with a hand. Can work without a break up to 2 hours. We are sure that during this time you will end countless times!

, Sex toys for two, how to use it correctly, which one to choose for a couple

Love set of We-Vibe Tango Vibrator Pleasure Mate Collection

We could not ignore a set of three different toys: vibroyaite + vibrators. You can explore your pleasure points with this device for an endlessly long time, because it has 8 vibration modes, 2 nozzles for anal games and stimulation of ji-spot. Do vaginal sex and caress the nipples, scrotum, clitoris, anus and any other part of the body! All at once – this is possible!

, Sex toys for two, how to use it correctly, which one to choose for a couple

Sex for sex at a distance (masturbator ONYX 2 +Pearl vibrator) from KIIROO

And finally, we approached a gorgeous set for two: masturbator + vibrator for sex at a distance! Cybersex with its purchase will sound realistic. This set of luxury cybercoli will feel touching thousands of kilometers! The devices will converge through a special program, and sensitive sensors help to convey the sensations exactly: the partner’s member moves in the masturbator, and you accept this through your vibrator. TV science fiction is nothing in comparison with this invention!

Sex toys for two – this is a new round in a relationship! Therefore, you can combine the use of pleasant gadgets and role -playing games. Experiment, but only in the moderation of the consent of your sexual partner.

, Sex toys for two, how to use it correctly, which one to choose for a couple

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