Sex triangle. 7 tips for sex three. We enjoy WMW. How to have sex with DV

Sex triangle. 7 tips for sex three.

, Sex triangle. 7 tips for sex three. We enjoy WMW. How to have sex with DV

A happy participant in sex with two girls is easy. It is much more difficult to maintain relationships and health after such experiments, and, of course, not to lose his dignity. Do not forget that sex gifting is not a perversion at all, this is just a damn pleasant act in support of a person’s polygamy and a breakdown of the usual patterns of society.

Casting «third»

It is very important that not only the guy, but also the girl likes the partner, because we are all in the soul of bi-secrets. The only taboo – friends and good friends. These should be familiar, but not close to you people who are rarely met with, but at the same time they are quite confident in their decency. If your first experience is successful, then do not dwell on one partner, you should not get used to it and create a psychological connection so that at some point the permanent partner is not the third extra. Finding a suitable third is very difficult if you are looking for a person on the side, know that 30% of strangers turn out to be thieves.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Serving two girls at once is not as easy as it seems at first glance. An angry joke with alcohol, sleepless night, stress, self -doubt or just a banal inconvenience of the change of condom can play with a man. Take care of a good rest on the eve in advance, exclude stress and get distracted from problems at work, refrain for several days from sex. Sex diet will not be superfluous: parsley, walnuts, dried apricots, celery and other male joys.

The glow of the atmosphere

Create for sex a traditional-adulthood atmosphere: light music, alcohol, candles or muffled lights, you can start with viewing light erotica or a story of a spicy story.

, Sex triangle. 7 tips for sex three. We enjoy WMW. How to have sex with DV

Pure sex extract

It is necessary to understand for yourself and explain to your partners that the upcoming event – This is only entertainment, physiological pleasure, which has nothing to do with feelings, therefore, your beloved should not be worried, and «third» You should not count on anything. Before the experiment, discuss with the second half, how far it will be possible to go to WMW, you can even come up with a secret word that can be pronounced if something goes wrong.


Do not forget that everyone has gathered here for mutual satisfaction, this means that you should not get involved in caresses and pleasures together, forgetting about the third participant. It will be unpleasant, both for a guy and a girl, and can cause resentment and jealousy. All three should be active, for this all partners should be attractive and sexy for each other.

Do not mix the girls – harsh rules of contraception

For men, threesome is absolutely safe, but it is not safe to mix their liquids at all. The fact that sex of WMW should be done in a condom, this is understandable, but do not forget that every girl needs her own condom. Since condoms – The thing, unfortunately, is disposable, you will have to stock up on enough and change «friend» With each change of partner.

This is only in porn beautiful and young have sex for a long time, with anyone and without consequences. In reality, WMW – A serious reason for the weaker sex to pose a sexually transmitted disease.

We send the third home

As a rule, threesome are starting up couples, sometimes even family. In order to avoid the omissions, resentment and showdowns from your beloved, try to send in all possible ways «Third» home. It was only sex, and now you are a couple again and everything returns to your circles.

For this experiment, a complete conscious consent of all three participants is necessary, however, there is always a risk of destroying relationships, and maybe find true love.

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