Shocking facts about virgins after 30: why do men do not have sex, all reasons

Shocking facts about virgins after 30: why do men do not have sex, all reasons.

, Shocking facts about virgins after 30: why do men do not have sex, all reasons

In the modern world, where sex is imposed from all sources, and even cartoon heroes acquire sexual images, to be a virgin for a man after 20 years – this is almost a stigma. It is difficult to imagine that there are guys who have not had sex with a girl under 30 years old! And many among such personalities do not really strive to lose innocence. I would like to ask: what’s wrong with them, or they are deeply injured by psycho? Is it normal to be a virgin at 30-40 years old? How to behave with a great age copy or is better to self -destruct when such a museum exhibit is found on your sinful path?

Let’s figure it out, Why a man is a virgin at the age of 30, which served as the impetus for maintaining chastity. Suddenly he is a prince that all women dream about! It is no coincidence that we touched on this topic, because among those who keep the innocence of guys there are very successful people, with prestigious work, worthy prospects and other set of a “real man”.

, Shocking facts about virgins after 30: why do men do not have sex, all reasons

Why a man is a virgin at 30 years old, all reasons

Imagine that you communicate with a pleasant pretty person in the prime of life, at a great age about 30, and are ready to allow him something more, but he is noticeably freezing and is in no hurry to switch to a new level of interaction. In general, there is no further kisses and, at best, the matter does not go. You are in shock? We understand. This does not fit in the head: an adult man does not use the moment to lay the excited girl on the shoulder blades! Either he is a rare moron, or a encrypting homosexual.

Of course, the 30-year-old virgins are not entirely dudes-sympathetic on the grain of the last model, but there are a lot of noticeable guys among them who can provide themselves, and the girl lunch in the cafe pay. Not toughs with mom under the handle! Why are men remain virgins at that age?

He does not want personal dramas and stress

Who said that all successful guys in the field of work and education should definitely be sex marathoners who fuck 5 girls a day? Where does such an image of modern Casanova come from? That’s right, you saw it by zombie. There are generally a lot of things show, which is not true, but only makes people degrading animals from people.

In life, a smart man who has reached something can be completely unsuccessful with women. The reason is banal – it follows the path of least resistance. Somewhere for himself, at a certain stage of development, he decided that sex and relations with the girl will certainly end badly (perhaps someone from the environment had a similar situation). He does not know how to build a healthy relationship, what needs to be done in bed, what he wants – sheer uncertainty, confusion, and therefore the denial of all aspects of the intimate side of life.

A similar man is drawn to the opposite sex – you cannot argue with nature. He is only afraid to open towards feelings and desires. Many are trying to bravle with their freedom, independence from carnal desires, but in fact, deep down, they suffer.

He is a whiner and infantil

Simply put, a middle-aged girl is often a son, a son who is not used to responsible for himself in life. Mom still decides what panties to wear, what to eat for breakfast, with whom to communicate after work and what time to come home. This symbiosis is impossible to break. Mom and Aparticure Son have grown together forever.

Very often, in such a tandem, a mother from the diapers inspires an indestructive son that women are insidious, and all the troubles come from them. Any girl is marriage at the stage of acquaintance, so it does not reach sexual relationships. The guy remains a virgin. Mom’s installations are strong like steel.

If you start communicating with the virgin-infantile, immediately note that he has everything bad! Everything is just terrible! He is ready to whine about his problems for days, about how this world is unfair and t.D. In most cases, in the middle of a date with a similar slug in a male guise, the girl recalls that the iron did not turn off at home. And he goes to his mother, convinced that she is right – women are not worthy of his love and body.

Crucified illiquid

Virgins remain men who have serious problems with the appearance. Too small and feasible, bald, pimple, thick, long, long and absurd, with obvious defects, non -standard structure of the genital organs – these are such in the ranks of unclaimed males in women. They would not mind saying goodbye to virginity, only no one gives. Girls shy away from them in their youth, they grow in complexes, hide the resentment on the entire weaker sex, and by the age of 30 they build pragmatists and jerk off under a low -grade porn.

Basically, they are too lazy to deal with themselves – this is all problems. By the age of 30, something more or less in demand in women’s society, especially in the conditions of a shortage of the male population! . But they are lazy – it’s easier to blame the second half of all mortal sins.

Surprisingly, non-excess virgins make high demands on the appearance of the partner! A dwarf with a height of 1.55, half a head and a member, which cannot be reached without tweezers, wants the notorious blue-eyed “90-60-90”, with chic hair, preferably a virgin and disinterested woman! Takes from 18 to 25, then already the old woman, so by. It is not surprising that he remains an offended dwarf twitching the respected d. Kulakov and at 60!

, Shocking facts about virgins after 30: why do men do not have sex, all reasons

Too demanding

Why a man remains a virgin at 30 and even 40 years? Because he wants a lot from the opposite sex. Some monsters have been looking for their queen for decades, who will be honored to fuck “His Majesty”. But they do not find, because no woman on our planet meets the kilometer list of requirements.

This guy perceives girls as a consumable, so with him, in principle, the ladies themselves after several meetings do not want to deal and merge into the unknown. When the value of a partner in the eyes of a man is no more than a piece of toilet paper, then who he himself? That’s right, not wiped stinking ass.

If you are embarrassed to have sex with a girl, afraid to do something wrong, practice artificial vaginas! Our sex shop has a huge selection of vaginal masturbators for men. Feel the difference between masturbation and sensations from the female vagina! Want a blowjob? Buy an imitator of oral sex and enjoy! You are attracted to anal? Then the imitator of the female ass with the anus will become your simulator before you do this with the girl.

Rich and greedy

Rich and greedy virgins are funny people. At the time of sadness, go on a date with him. You will hear the theory of paranoid about how all the women around are making plans for the seizure of his innumerable wealth all days! He does not want to share money not only with a woman, he is the idea that they should be spent on someone except for himself loved.

If you ordered a cup of coffee and a tiny cake, you will be accused of mercantiles, greed, abbreviations and other human sins. Believe me, after his tirade, a piece in the throat will not climb you! Most likely, while you are peacefully crushing the ordered cake with jaws, he already scans you with a wary squint and suspects you of a cunning plan to capture his living space on the border with Moscow. It is not surprising that the guy at the age of 30 walks a virgin.

Shy and modest

There are great guys, but too timid. Not even timid, but cowardly to horror. They drapes from the skirt like saigas on a snowy field from a predator. And from the skirt you like! Well, they cannot modestly-girls to overcome psychological shaking before the female individual and prefer to flee. The paint flies a face, the heart beats like a bunny under a bush, in his thoughts he again curses himself with a three -story obscenity, but he cannot have sex with a girl – this is an insurmountable barrier.

Such men are called intimophobes. They have wild fear of sexual intercourse. It is usually formed under the influence of traumatic circumstances in childhood, adolescence, youth. There could be a despotistical mother, a basting guy on a bare ass with rods, from which exposure of the body at a subconscious level causes horror. Maybe inadvertently the word said on an intimate topic hurt a person, hitting the living, and now it is very slow. In such cases, psychologists help.


People with different sexual constitution live on the planet. We meet copies with a high need for sex, about which they say “everything that moves is fucked”, we also meet people with a low need-they need to do very little, and on occasion you can do without stupid movements that only distract from moreimportant things.

A girl-girl in the age of 30 may well turn out to be an asexual type that does not want to spray to all nonsense. In the absence of a high need for sex, it sets accents on other priorities. Very often in such situations, physiological asexuality is reinforced by various ideological concepts about high spirituality and morality. Assexual virgin does not fundamentally have sex to prove to everyone his superiority over people who are likened to an animal. In fact, this is a light schiz.

But Shizikam is more lucky, because they find their companions with a roof a little to the side. They have common interests, good human relations, platonic love and a million more nishtyakov, but there is no sex.

Convinated asxuals can allow a loss of virginity in one case – in the name of the birth of children. As they say, at these moments they have to overcome their disgust. Someone even spoils relations with his wife, because the soul does not tolerate the dirt in which the body was made.

Funny guys, not true?

In addition to the listed types of male announcements, we discovered several more podcasts:

  • Especially believers who want to lose innocence with the only and unique after the wedding;
  • psychos suffering from deviations and are disgusting for the female body;
  • Egoic manipulators or moral sadists who like to break a woman that burning from passion for themselves-they will meet, kiss, caress, but sexual intercourse will not be allowed, because they are caught by how the victim is tormented by their desires;
  • impotent – well, everything is clear here and so.

Yes, it is difficult to understand how the listed types of virgins are held, when there are so many provocations and temptations around, and they are not-no!

, Shocking facts about virgins after 30: why do men do not have sex, all reasons

What is the danger of a late loss of virginity in men

Most virgins-overgrows are all right with the functioning of the genital area. To remove regularly accumulating stress, they simply engage in masturbation, otherwise unrestrained energy finally breaks the slate.

The guy gets used to jerking off

This is the whole danger. Accustomed to satisfying himself with a hand, the late virgin will not be able to rebuild sex with a girl even after losing innocence. He perfectly understands that sex with a partner requires a return, a certain approach, some unknown compromises … But it’s easier with hand! Therefore, sex is reckoned with tedious events and deleted from the list of priority matters. And a series of scandals started by the chosen one begins, because the beloved prefers to relax with herself under the usual and native porn.

A man who has known the female body late is almost completely rebuilt to masturbation, so he ceases to perceive a living partner as a sexual object.

The hormonal background is broken

First, libido is reduced. Secondly, hormonal restructuring takes place, leading to a set of extra kg, and this, as we know, hypertension, diabetes, joints, stagnation of the secret of the prostate, etc.D.

The behavior is changing

Over the years, a male-girl is turning from a quiet and flexible young man into an angry, aggressive and unrestrained uncle. Fears, phobias, obsessive states, psychological deviations, etc. appear.D. Imagine what is happening to a person, even if a non -arranged homemade cat who received a pendal from the door instead of a fluffy Murka rushes at the walls and people!

Most often, adult virgins become hermits, shimmering communication and even simple friendship. They grow in complexes, look suspicious, build new barriers to each other and the world. Someone goes crazy and takes revenge on women differently-remember about maniacs and perverts, who began to kill mainly because of the lack of demand at the opposite sex.

Dear men, everything must be done in due time! Do not build barricades where they are not needed! Have sex, forget the stereotypes imposed on your complexes and imposed by someone. It is better to lose virginity in 15 than to be a virgin-psycho at 35!

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