The husband wants to try with a man. Causes. The tips of the psychologist

The husband wants to try with a man. Causes. The tips of the psychologist.

The time when one-sex sex was considered something shocking is long ago. Moreover, doctors and psychologists unanimously repeat that there are people who may be attracted to partners of both sexes, that is, bisexuals. Nevertheless, reading about it is one thing, and to encounter in real life is completely different. What should do if the husband wants to try with a man?

How such a situation will develop after receiving shocking information depends on the woman and some external factors. Psychologists advise in every situation to act differently.

Options for the development of events

For example, if the family has such a trusting relationship that the husband himself spoke about his desires, such trust should be respected and appreciated.

This is not the recognition that is made to the first person, probably it was not easy for a man.

That is why, even despite the fact that the news is unlikely to call the expected, you should not immediately rush to the accusations and call your loved one unpleasant words.

It can be closed, and further events will be completely unpredictable. Although experts call the main scenario to leave the family.

So, if the husband told everything himself, you need to listen to him and show that his desires and thoughts do not make him disgusting (as he himself may think), he still needs and love. It is very important!

The second step is to find out whether he is gay or his sexual nature is still bisexual. This can be done with the help of a specialist, where you should definitely go together: a man who feels support will feel much more confident.

If a man realizes that he is gay and that he wants to try to find his happiness with a friend of a man, a couple will have to part.

At the same time, it is desirable to maintain good relations, especially if the family has children. But most often, husbands do not want to part with their women, they ask to give them time. As a rule, the situation still ends with a divorce, but sometimes couples find another solution.

With bisexuality, everything is much more complicated. A man can want his wife at the same time and a potential partner of his gender.

This situation is discouraged, and the decision again depends on the degree of trust in relations.

Psychologists say that in their practice there were couples when the wife periodically agreed to let her husband “take a walk” or even arranged threesome sex.

But if the views of the woman are quite conservative, and the man is not ready to abandon the second part of his personality, they again usually part.

In a situation where the wife discovers her spouse’s addiction in some random way (he finds gay porn in the history of the browser, notes that he is considering the appropriate dating announcements and the like), she will have to show even more tact and carefully call her husband to talk.

Perhaps he already knows some details about the owners of sexual orientation or not. In any case, after such a conversation, the couple passes all of the above stages and comes to some general important solution.

Women, as emotional creatures, often react to shocking Izvestia hysteria and accusations. This is not to say that this is unnatural, but if she loves a man, it is worth collecting this love and support him.

In the end, to recognize such a desire – shocking for the representative of the stronger sex.

It doesn’t matter how the situation will develop after that – if he trusted his wife, this suggests that he sees in her a loved one. And experts recommend not repel it, but to provide all possible support.

Husband wants sex with a man in a passive role

The solution to the problem may be in the nearest adult store. Many couples use strapon and this helps to enjoy both partners without extreme measures.

Modern phalluses are so realistic that the sensations will be as close as possible to real.

Therefore, it is not necessary to radically solve the problem with a man at all, first you can try to find a compromise that will suit everyone.

The wife can take on the role of an active partner and maybe after that the husband does not want to look for someone else.

Husband wants sex with a man in an active role

It’s quite another matter if the husband does not give consent to a strap and not going to change his positioning.

First of all, you should think about giving an anal sex to a man if you are ready for it. With the help of special anal lubrication, this is not difficult to do, but much depends on the beliefs of the spouse.

If you are not ready to sacrifice your ass, then you can always find an analogue in an adult store. For example, a masturbator-ass can be used either without a partner at all and during classic sex.

Special material from cybercoli will allow you to feel pleasure from penetration into the anus to the fullest.

A few useful tips in case the husband wants to try with a man

Invite your husband to hand over thyroid hormones. It is scientifically proven that the dysfunction of this organ often leads to violations in human sexual behavior.

The desire can disappear completely, with an increase in the hormone T4, the attraction increases significantly, often a person wants to try the proximity with representatives of his gender or other practices that are not related to light sex.

Try to persuade your spouse to contact a sexologist. Most often, the desire to be in a passive role and feel humiliated lead to such desires.

The doctor will help to identify the reasons and give recommendations based on the data provided. Very often the appearance of bisexual inclinations is associated with mental disorders. Not always. But often.

If the husband is shy to try anal games with his wife, suggest using a sex mask. She will help to relax.

Use the options closing your eyes completely so that during the act the spouse does not have the opportunity to see. Then he can imagine that he includes a man and thus realize his needs.

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