The most unusual places for sex | Informative

The most unusual places for sex.

, The most unusual places for sex | Informative
At the initial stages of relations for high -quality and passionate sex, it’s enough just to look at each other, and the fire of desire is fired by itself. And what to do if sex over time has become commonplace and not so bright? The most affordable and interesting way is to change the location for making love. Below we selected the top alternative spaces for those couples that decided to try sex in unusual places.

1. Amusement park.

These are not just an American slides, a matter of review, sugar wool and other entertainment. This is also a great option to make severity to sexual life. If you do not allow your own physiology for passionate joys on high -speed attractions, then the Ferris wheel is ideal. There will definitely not be left for the contemplation of beautiful types of time, but there will be about 10 minutes (full circle) to enjoy each other :).

2. Beach.

If you have sex right on the sand – pleasure is only for the most sophisticated (grains of sands clog into intimate places and cause irritation, and pebbles painfully digging into the body), then try sex in the reservoir itself. Unfortunately, the minuses and the implementation of such fantasy are enough: the difficulty of controlling movements in water during sex, the chance of damage to the mucous membrane of the genital organs (in salt water), problems with an erection due to low water temperature, leaching of natural lubrication (we recommend additional use of silicone greasewhich is not washed off with water).

3. Elevator.

This imagination in their paintings is regularly embodied by filmmakers (from recent: Christian Gray passionately “clamps” in the elevator cabin from the sensational “50 shades of gray”). P.S. Small recommendation: It is better to think through sex in the elevator in advance (at least check how its cleanliness and sterility will allow you to carry out the plan).

4. Restaurant.

Of course, if we are talking about good sex, then in this case it is only toilet cabins (but this is not so interesting, though?). Take care in advance about booking a table in a secluded corner of the restaurant. Sitting after him, ask your companion by chance to drop, for example, a fork. If the tablecloth is quite long and the moment is chosen correctly, then you can enjoy an excellent blowjob and thank your second half with cunnilingus, doing the same technique (dropping a napkin or spoon).

5. Abandoned places.

Elevator, beach and toilet cabins no longer seem to be extreme? Try what is called “abandonments”: abandoned hospitals, kindergartens, old houses, cottages on the outskirts, construction and.T.D. The plus of this venture is that with a small degree of probability you will meet at least one living soul, and sex will definitely be confidential in nature. There are also disadvantages: unsafe and lack of sterility;

6. At home.

Yes, yes, you did not rush: adrenaline sex can be arranged at home in the presence of one interesting condition – in addition to you there are strangers (parents, relatives, friends and.T.D.). Have sex when there are people outside the wall and there is a chance to be “caught” – this is the extreme that will give unforgettable orgasms.

7. Job.

Perhaps you and your colleague partner? Then sex in the office is what you definitely need to try! Nozzle, warehouse, toilet and other nooks – mass options. You can test both classic types of sex and role -playing games (atmosphere, good, allows).

8. Cinema.

Still keep the memories of how they timidly kept their first love by the hand in the back rows, but did not dare to kiss? Do not worry: years are going on, and the rates are increasing! Now much more interesting types of pleasures are available: mutual affection, oral sex, the most risky can go further, regardless of the opinion of the rest of the cinema visitors. And by the way, sex in public places, increases the release of testosterone!

9. Taxi.

No matter how strange it sounds, but taxi drivers are people who are accustomed to completely. They can hardly hit a couple who decided to have sex right in the back seat. A few life hacks from us: ask to make music louder and remember that dry cleaning is a fairly expensive service and barely the most beloved by taxi drivers. Make sure that the naked parts of the body do not contact with the seats of the car.

10. Forest.

A joint walk in thick more often forests or hikeing mushrooms can turn into a spicy experiment with a pleasant aftertaste. What could be better than enjoying each other on a picturesque background of nature? Moreover, you will not have to worry about violations of personal boundaries and confidentiality: only forest residents will be the only witnesses. However, remember that security and hygiene will have to take care in advance. It is unlikely that one of the partners will appreciate as "The bed of love" – Fresh anthill or clearing with raw moss. The safest of the options will be the choice of sexual poses that can be performed standing, in extreme cases – sitting. And when you take care of vivid impressions for yourself, take care of nature: everything that you brought with you need to take.

eleven. Theater.

It is useful to visit theatrical productions not only to increase the cultural level, but also to improve sexual life. We are not talking about the act with penetration now. But no one prevents each other throughout the theatrical production? And if you have your own box, you can go further – after all, no one canceled oral sex 🙂
Undoubtedly, this is an incomplete list of places for sex in interesting places where you can experiment, increase the dose of adrenaline and strengthen your relationship. Each city has its own unique locations that help to rally pairs. Have sex and, of course, do not forget about security: good sex – secure sex!

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