Tiling up: what is ticking? Tips and recommendations

Tiling up: what is ticking? Tips and recommendations.

Tickling (from English. “Tickle” – “tickling”) – a type of sexual pleasure or even receiving orgasm by tickling. In the United States, ticking as a type of sexual pleasure originated in the 90s. This movement reached Russia only by 2001, when a person under the nickname Tickler opened his website dedicated to tickling. Tikling, like any sexy fetish, can be a harmless hobby and a serious passion that makes you master new tickling techniques.

As it turned out, tickling can seriously start and excite, and also be an excellent prelude before sex. You can tickle almost everything you like: starting from the fingers, ending with special devices – ticler. Basically, these are feathers of various sizes, shapes and composition.

For lovers to combine different types of pleasures, there are combined ticlers – for example, a stack -checker, which you can first tickle a partner, and then, the other end of the product, slap it in the same place.

Tiklers need special care, as well as other intimate toys. In addition to sweat that can get on them, other discharge may remain on ticlers – for example, when in contact with the genitals. It should be borne in mind that ticklers require care in the same way as any other intimate accessory. After using it, it must be washed under water and treated with an antiseptic. If the ticler cannot be wetted, then it should be disabled by a clinker-spray.

Before you try intimate tickling with your soul mate, you need to discuss the rules among yourself, especially, you use tilingual as sexual torture. Decide on borders and stop.

A few tips:

When tickling your feet, remember that there are other zones except fingers. The lift of the foot and ankles can have special sensitivity. Do not forget about the place under and above the knees, the inside of the hips. All sensitive places are individual, so do not be too lazy to study the maximum number of zones of your partner. Ribs, chest, buttocks – Explore everything! Do not linger in the same place for too long.

Sensitivity, for example, the neck, quickly decreases during tickling and, in order to maintain the proper level of excitement, you should take a break or switch to another area.

Tie your eyes to your tickle victim! Blindfolds enhance sensations, and also give even greater piquancy to the situation.

To bind or not?

Depends on how seriously you are configured. The problem of Tyco (the one who is tickled) is that as soon as the process itself begins, the tickling session is very easy to stop, getting wound up, and not to finish the matter to the end.

Therefore, if you are a beginner in tikling, it is recommended to chop movements in some places. If the effect goes to the bottom of the body, then you need to fix the legs. If on the top – tie hands with a scarf. Do not tighten the nodes too tight, t.To. During the tickling, transmission is not excluded. Wide shackles and handcuffs should be used as fixers.

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