What is an erection ring: the rules of choice and security

All about the rings on the penis.

, What is an erection ring: the rules of choice and security

In porn films, you can often see how a man pulls a subject on the base of the penis. Toys are able to strengthen sensual experiences during sex. Some of them help keep the member for a long time in full combat readiness. This fully compensates for the physical disabilities. Partners eventually receive a mutual orgasm. Without much effort.

What it is

The erective ring is an elastic or hard “tourniquet”, slowing the outflow of blood from the penis, which enhances and prolongs the erection. Put on the base of the penis. There are options with simultaneous capture of the scrotum. In English, the device is called Cock Ring.

In shape – circle. As materials, manufacturers use silicone, plastic, and even metal. With the last option, you must be careful. There is a risk that the device will get stuck on the spot. The member will not decrease and begin to swell.

Good or bad?

People living in the territory of the post -Soviet space are used to communicating on intimate topics on the Internet. Therefore, we decided to find out how visitors to the Woman portal.ru relate to erective rings. The topic was found quickly. True, the author did not attach a survey. Counted manually. Here’s what happened:

, What is an erection ring: the rules of choice and security

As can be seen from the survey results, 73 % respondents have positively reacted to the idea of using rings. Order 27 % Forum users considered that devices are absolute evil. Negative opinion has developed against the backdrop of rumors and cases from life. Familiar respondents, after the penis of the penis, began to hurt thrombophlebitis, noted the appearance of pain syndrome. We will find out where there are fair fears, and where the speculations.


The rings solve three problems:

  1. Strengthen the riser.
  2. Prolonged sexual intercourse.
  3. Visually increase the penis.

In the first case, the “tourniquet” must be put on the base of the penis. This will block the outflow of venous blood from the caves – fabrics similar to the structure to the lips. The second option involves compressing and delaying the testicles. The ring is put on the scrotum. The third function is purely decorative. Adds volume.

The device is used to adjust sexual dysfunction. Its main sign is a weak riser, which also ends quickly. Mr. is sluggish in all its glory.

If the ring was made with protrusions or silicone spikes, the device improves the stimulation of the vagina and clitoris. To obtain additional pleasure, a vibration pan is inserted into the device. Men note that the final pleasure is much brighter with a “burn”. This is due to an improvement in the stimulation of nerve endings. When filling with blood, the erectile tissue of the head “unfolds”.

Someday they saw how the space station after entering orbit reveals the solar panels? Energy immediately began to enter the batteries. The same situation with the penis. Easier to “collect pleasure” from a large area.

Therefore, an erective ring will help to get a bright orgasm during a handjoba and blowjob. The device will facilitate the work of a partner.


, What is an erection ring: the rules of choice and security

Sex industry does not stand still. Intimate-shop shelves are literally bursting with abundance of toys. We will talk about the materials from which erotic devices are made. We pay attention to the forms. Here is their list:

  • Round, elastic: from silicone or other stretching polymer. Great for beginners.
  • Round, hard: stone, glass, metal and other solid materials do not stretch, so you need to choose carefully.
  • Belts: wrap around the base and fix it with the help of latches.
  • Lasso: You can make more tight or free with a sliding regulator.
  • In the form of an eight: there are departments for the penis and testicles. Life hack: insert the vibrator into one of the rings for additional stimulation.
  • Triple: usually hard. The widest ring is at the base of the penis and scrotum, the eggs pass through the lower ring, and the upper is designed to fix the penis barrel.
  • Sling: wide device with hinges for penis and testicles.

You can find out in detail about species while watching a video:

The video was taken from the YouTube channel chain of adult stores “Point of Love”.  Link to video.

Subural manufacturers add clitoris stimulants, anal traffic jams or small “probes” to the device.


, What is an erection ring: the rules of choice and security

There are not only ordinary rings in the arsenal of sex shops. For attractive buyers, products are designed that can stimulate the genitals of both partners during intercourse using vibration.

Trembling a member with a small tremor makes a miniature vibropul. It can be turned to the desired position. Up when the girl saddled the guy and moves on him in the pose. Down if the lady chooses Doggi-Stayl.

Small disposable batteries are inserted into the vibropulum – pills. There are few options with rechargeable batteries in the market.

With modes, too, not everything is smooth. The only option for the amplitude, intensity of vibrations is usually available. But this is better than just rubbing each other. Only rare devices are ready to boast of two or three modes.

Now in intimate stores it is quite realistic to find models of vibrookolets with two “motorcies”. One is needed to irritate the clit of the lady of the heart, the second tickles the crotch of a man, thereby indirectly massaging the prostate.

It is important to establish prolonged contact between the vibrator and the clitoris. If there are no special processes on the ring, the woman will feel pleasant tickling for only a second, while the base of the penis is pressed. As soon as the member rushes back, the pleasant addition will disappear from the sensory spectrum.

Now the vibrors can be bought in some pharmacies along with condoms. A similar one -time set will help to understand whether it is necessary to spend money on a reusable device. Suddenly the sensations will not like?


Manufacturers make erection rings made of hard and elastic materials. The type of base is able to influence sensations. Consider the options.


Perei polymers, such as rubber, silicone, elastomer and PVC – polyvinyl chloride, are more suitable for beginners. Even if the size did not coincide slightly, the device is quite realistic to pull on the barrel. The main thing is not to. If there are unpleasant squeezing sensations, it is better to remove the “tourniquet”.

The safest material is silicone. There is no pore in it. Therefore, the basis is easy to disinfect. Harmful microbes will not be able to hide in the voids. PVC devices like a sponge absorb colonies of dangerous bacteria. It is completely impossible to get rid of infection.

Polyvinyl chloride in production soften and made elastic with phthalates. These substances are harmful to health. And they are not durable.


Profi will appreciate the device made of metal, stone, glass and even wood. It is impossible to stretch them, which means you will have to pick up a construction roulette or at worst (sarcasm) a tailor. Measurement accuracy is very important.

You should not take too narrow rings. They disrupt blood circulation. This leads to fatal consequences. From thrombophlebitis to necrosis.

Tactile sensations sometimes become a serious argument for choosing. Especially in the realities of the post -Soviet space. That if you have to pull the metal ring in the fall in a cold apartment, when the heating has not yet been turned on? The wood and solid polymers are low thermal conductivity. Therefore, they are comfortable to use. Metal and glass cannot boast of such an advantage. But they can be pre -heat. Warm water is suitable for this.

Rules for the choice

The most important parameter is the size. Comfort and safety depends on it. But there are other factors.


The first thing to do is measure the member on which the ring will be located. This step can be skipped if the type of “lasso” is chosen. A fabric or flexible tailor meter is suitable as a line. If there is nothing at hand, you can use the usual thread thicker. They usually do this:

  1. Achieve a complete erection.
  2. Measure the circumference of the base of the penis.

The length of the thread or meter is the circle. Sometimes it is necessary to measure the base of the penis along with the scrotum. For triple rings.

We received the right number. But this is not enough. In sex shops, instead of a circumference, the diameter is indicated. It is easy to calculate it. Suppose a girth is equal 14 cm. This value must be divided into number π, which is equal 3.14. Let’s start:

14/3.14 = 4.45 cm.

So we need a device with a diameter 4.45 cm. Accuracy is important.


For beginners, a silicone ring will be an ideal option. The device is easy to clean, it stretches well. Therefore, if the buyer was slightly mistaken with the measurement, nothing terrible will happen. Elastic device can be tried 5-10 times, and then you should proceed to heavy artillery.

Experienced men choose rings made of metal, glass, stone and solid polymers. Products cope well with their function. Powerfully slow down the outflow of blood from a penis. Therefore, they guarantee a long erection.


The type of device depends on his purpose:

  • Strengthening erection: round single models.
  • Extension of sex: triple, in the form of an eight.

To strengthen the riser, you need to prevent a quick outflow of blood from the cavernous bodies of the penis. A single ring will cope with this task.

To extend love affection when approaching orgasm, they pull the scrotum. The same function is performed by toys with egg fixation.


Whatever advisers to say from sex forums, you can wear an erective ring no longer than 30 minutes.

This means that the device must be put on before sexual intercourse and immediately remove after its completion. Otherwise, a feeling of numbness and discomfort will appear.

Unpleasant sensations are just an initial sign of harmful effects. A protrusion may form on the walls of the squeezed veins due to a large pressure. This begins varicose expansion. There are cases worse. With slow blood flow, blood clots are able to appear. Miniature plaques seal the vessel. Fabric necrosis begins.

Cases from life

Devices are not suitable for men who have detected cardiovascular diseases. Take at least atherosclerosis. This is when cholesterol plaques cover the vessels. In the 80s of the XX century, pathology was found only in patients from 50 years old. Now the situation has changed. The disease continuously “getting younger”. Vienna problems are found in guys no older than 25 years old.

Before using the erection ring, you need to check the state of the veins in the hospital.

If the doctor reveals a pathology, it is better to refuse a “burn” from a sex shop.

Sometimes men themselves arrange unpleasant situations for themselves. Instead of rings, improvised materials are used, forget about the maximum use time. We will talk about such cases that occurred in the United States and African countries.

From finger to dick

The Western Urological Journal describes an interesting case. In September 2015, the man turned to the trauma point. He complained of swollen male dignity and pain. The doctor decided to ask the patient about the causes of a difficult situation.

It turned out that a man who turned 26 years old, during a prelude, removed a thick metal ring from his finger and put it on the head of a member. The size of the device was small, but the guy managed to push it to the ground.

13 hours after the incident, the young man realized that he could not cope on his own, he turned to the hospital. The sight was sad:

, What is an erection ring: the rules of choice and security

Doctors decided to make a man general anesthesia. While he was sleeping, the genitals were treated with grease. The ring was removed manually. Only a scapula -shaped tool helped surgeons in work. The efforts were successful. The device managed to remove in 21 minutes.

The patient woke up. There were no serious problems with the penis. Swelling slept, blood flow was restored without outside help.

Firing the bearing

An unpleasant incident occurred in the United States. A man of 47 years old wanted to improve sensory sensations. There was no normal ring at hand. Therefore, a bearing from the hub of the car wheel went into the course. At first everything was fine. But soon the patient realized that it was not possible to remove the blank.

Only two days later did people go to the hospital. This is what the doctors saw:

, What is an erection ring: the rules of choice and security

Medical workers were not confused. The surgeon took the tip from the Marathon-3 milling cutter, put a cutting diamond disk on him. The assistant watered the venue for the operation with a saline to prevent overheating.

As a result of synchronous work, the team managed to cut the bearing into two parts. A week later, the patient was examined. It turned out that health and erection are normal.

Wrap the nut to the bolt

There was also a curiosity in African Ghana. A student of a higher educational institution decided to prevent an erection. For what? History is silent about this. Maybe I wanted to get rid of sinful passions. It is likely that the partner asked him to put on a male belt of fidelity.

A man who was 37 years old at that time, instead of going to sexshop, decided to use what turned up by the arm. And it was a nut. Its length was 2 cm, and the width was 0.8 cm. As it turned out, the impromptu device was pulled out of the car gearbox. This is how it looked:

, What is an erection ring: the rules of choice and security

Due to the large dimensions of the metal product, the doctors had no choice but to use the angular grinding machine. In everyday life, the tool is more often called a grinder.

Valiant doctors worked for an hour until they sawed the ill -fated nut into two parts. Despite the use of a large amount of water, the man received a serious burn of the base of the member. He even had to transplant his skin. Health was seriously undermined.

How to remove a stuck ring

There is nothing better than prevention. Therefore, it is better to use silicone or plastic devices. In extreme cases they are easy to cut or cut. If the ring is stuck on the penis, you need to try to do this:

  1. Lubricate the skin and space under the “tourniquet” with a lubricant.
  2. Gently scroll the ring and try to move to the head.

If nothing comes out, and more than half an hour has passed, it is better to contact a local emergency room or call an ambulance. Better let the reputation suffer than health.

Doctors saw in their lifetime and not that. Therefore, there should be no ridicule. The road is every minute. The sooner a person removes the device, the more likely it is to remain healthy.

In no case should you contact friends. Even if it is a fit of the sixth category. After all, if they accidentally cut off, you won’t sew it back.

We told everything about erective rings. Touched the rules of choice. Told readers about safety precautions. The main thing is to calculate the exact size. You can not use improvised items. Especially metal. Otherwise you have to go to the hospital.

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