What is vibropulus and how to use it correctly

What is vibropulus and how to use it correctly.

Vibropuli – These are small sex toys, which you probably already know or have heard at least once. They look attractive, are compact and they are easy to hide if there is a need. If you have never tried to masturbate with a vibrational sex toy, Vibroopul can be a great start to gain such experience. Vibropuli are easy to use, in care and inexpensive enough.

How to use vibropuli

Of course, vibropuli are quite miniature compared to conventional vibrators and vibrators-crolks, but do not underestimate them. Due to their form, they are great for point stimulation and focusing vibrations where you need it. While many people use vibropuli directly on the clitoris or clitoral hood, depending on individual sensitivity, you can use them in other places. Try to spend the toys along the whole vulva to find new sensitive zones, spend time to experiment and find out which areas stimulation is pleasant to you.

Use vibro -pulp for other parts of the body

Try to press the sex toy to other erogenous zones – for example, to the nipples, the inner surface of the hips or perineum. However, it is worth remembering that due to its form, the use of the majority vibropul is unsafe to penetrate, because there is no restrictive basis.

How to masturbate

Most people masturbate, pressing the tip of the vibro -foil to sensitive points, but there are other ways. Try holding a bullet horizontally, then you can enjoy a more extensive stimulation zone. This is especially pleasant if your genitals are quite sensitive or if you prefer less intense stimulation.

Use lubricants

A lot of things can affect the amount of your natural lubrication – from hormones to the degree of excitement. Therefore, it is not worth considering that using lubricants is pointless, as the natural lubrication should be enough. Moreover, lubricants prevent the possible appearance of painful sensations. Good lubricant will improve any sexual experience, whether masturbation or sex with a partner. You can also enhance the sensation with “liquid vibrator”, which will increase blood flow to the application zone and make it more sensitive. If you are looking for a universal product suitable for any case, use water -based lubricant – it is easily washed off and does not leave stickiness. If you prefer organic, vegan and hypoallergenic products, you should pay attention to the Slique brand.

Vary speeds and templates

Cheaper vibropuli most often have one speed limit, but there are many other available options that offer a greater choice for greater pleasure. Many vibropuli have different speeds and functions, so you can adapt them for yourself. Some people like delicate vibration, while others prefer more power and various vibrations. If you put quality and convenience in the first place, it is better to choose a rechargeable sex toy (and this applies not only to vibropuls).

Use water resistance

There are many waterproof vibropulus, which are ideal for use in a bath or soul. Make sure that the chosen bullet is submersible, and not just sprayed. And remember that water washes natural lubricant, so use lubricants (but remember that silicone lubricants are not compatible with all toys).

Attract your partner

If you have not tried to use sex toys with a partner before, it can be quite exciting and even frightening. Vibroopul will serve as an excellent start due to compactness and easy use. Let the partner slightly press the toy to your clitoris, and then experiment with the place of influence and affordable modes. You can safely use vibro -pulp for additional stimulation during penetrating sex. You can also stimulate the erogenous zones of the partner, applying vibro -pulp to the scrotum or crotch during oral caresses.

You can also buy panties with a vibropuli pocket, where you can put a sex toy and wear them anywhere.

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