Why make a man to make sounds in bed? | Informative

Why make a man to make sounds in bed?.

, Why make a man to make sounds in bed? | Informative
It is believed that a woman should moan during sex. But the sound should make sounds. This is a necessary condition for full contact that helps her relax. What exactly needs to be said, how to breathe – we decided to find out all this from subscribers.

We asked women in our social networks – should a man make sounds. Some answers are given below. Names changed, intimshop.ru always retains the anonymity of its customers.

Complete silence

When a man is silent, a woman may have doubts – whether everything is in order? The absence of some kind of reaction is strange and sometimes even unpleasant.Psychologist comment: Each pair has its own preferences, and there are no single rules – to make noise or not. If one of the partners is inconvenient, it is worthwhile to tell a loved one about it. Everything can be discussed, find the perfect solution. Of course, not every man will moan, but you can also express his sensations differently.

Talking in bed

There are men who speak during sex. Someone makes compliments, someone whispers rudeness., Why make a man to make sounds in bed? | Informative

Groans and sighs

A man during intimacy can make a variety of sounds. Moans, sighs, wheezing – that is normal. Sometimes these are the sounds of approval, they help the woman understand that everything is going correctly.Psychologist Comment: Sounds in the bedroom is normal, all partners can make them out. And these can be completely different options: from heavy breathing to strong screams. And any manifestation is permissible if this does not interfere with the partner and neighbors.

Why make a man to make sounds?

Every man decides for himself whether to make noise in sex or not. But the presence of sounds can help a woman understand that what is happening is that everything is fine. Sometimes you need to serve “signs of life”, and not be a silent partisan.

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