10 special erogenous zones in women | Practices

10 special erogenous zones in women.

, 10 special erogenous zones in women | Practices
There are many sensitive areas on the female body that are responsible for sexual arousal. But there are places that are always given little attention, but the impact on them is very interesting. Knowing the erogenous zones and different ways of influencing them, you can give women incredible pleasure. We found 10 sites that should be caressed during the prelude. Touching them give very pleasant experiences. And they can be caressed in different ways.

1. The back of the head

It is worth starting your hands in your hair, slightly stroke this part of the body. You can even pull a little, but not too much. Ideal practice is to wash her head, massaging the entire hair. Combing, scratching, stroking – excellent effects of influence on this area.

2. Podden cup

The back of the knee is a very delicate place. It can be stroked, licking, tickled. Stroking will give a good response. But it is important to be more accurate if the girl is afraid of tickling, then the touch should not be light, but tangible. You can even direct the vibrator to this point, the experiences will be unforgettable.

3. The bend of the elbow

Soft and delicate area on the inside of the hand can be massaged. And he reacts well to heat and cold, you can use warm metal or ice cube to stimulate. Something tasty, such as honey or whipped cream can be licking from this place. If the girl’s eyes are closed, she will experience more pleasant sensations.

4. Toes

Finger massage is very exciting. They should rub each separately, and then all together. Pay attention to the places between the fingers. To make everything more interesting, use special massage oil. You can complete the exposure session with licking and sucking the fingers, but in such practices, massage oil should be edible.

5. A axillary hollow

This zone does not give pleasure to everyone, if she is afraid of tickling, it should be missed. If you are not afraid, then you can stroke, blow, rub and tap your fingers. Many receptors must respond to stimulation. But this is a very “personal” space, sometimes more closed than genitals. Only those who are trusted are allowed to these areas.

6. Wrist

The impact is very pleasant from the inside. Even the clamping of her hands in the wrists causes a sexual response. But the place is tender, crushing is too prohibited. Handcuffs, frights are not in vain so excite, they stimulate this zone. Try drip to this place hot or cold, you will see an interesting effect., 10 special erogenous zones in women | Practices

7. Eyelids

The delicate skin of the eyelids is very sensitive, and touch gives the strongest excitement. But it is important to influence very tenderly, without pressing and sudden movements. It can be light kisses in the eyes, blowing breeze or touches with fingertips. It is worth trying to use a fluff or makeup brush, any girl will like light movements.

8. Law and sacrum

This area concerns the man, but in passing. But there are a lot of sensitive areas between the coccyx and the lower back. Hugging a girl, you can stroke this part, slightly remember her. The response will be in the form of a large number of goosebumps. The impact for each lady should be individually, it is worth trying different actions to find the right.

9. Palms

Fingers feel a lot of impulses. And their touch can cause bliss. Stroking, licking is very pleasant. And to strengthen the experiences, tie the eye of the eye. And try to use a massage candle. And drop with warm wax in his arms. Heat will spread through the skin, and this technique is suitable for the palms of both the external and the inside.

10. Collarbone

Men love to kiss women in the neck, caress their breasts, but often skipping collarbone. But the impact can be very pleasant. But here it is important not to press, but only to touch and stroke lightly. Such actions will help relax. The impact to sex will enhance the desire, and after the finale it will make it possible to fill with new experiences. Caresses can be an excellent final note in proximity.

Important erogenous zones of women are: breasts, clitoris, labia and entrance to the vagina, anus, etc. But everyone knows about them, but not many guess about those points described above. Study these areas to become perfect lovers.

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