13 products causing a decrease in testosterone

13 products causing a decrease in testosterone.

, 13 products causing a decrease in testosterone
Before moving directly to the listing of products causing a decrease in testosterone, it is followed to note that every year the number of full -fledged healthy men becomes less and less. This is due to many reasons, but we will figure it out with one of the most significant.

Testosterone – This is the main hormone in the body of a man who regulates many processes in the body. It is under his influence that the boy turns into a man, with all his characteristic and characteristic qualities (strength, rough voice, hairline, etc.D.). It is precisely this hormone that is responsible for the sexual activity of a man (potency and sexual influence) health and longevity. That is why low testosterone is often the cause of a decrease in libido (sexual attraction) and the cause of a weak erection.

Testosterone is produced by a male body. But in order for the body to produce it in the required quantity, it needs building materials and favorable conditions. And we get all this out of food. we are what we eat! This is what we will talk about now – about our nutrition and how it affects the production of testosterone. With the help of nutrition, you can adjust the level of testosterone in the male body. In the next article, we will consider that products increase testosterone, but in this we will talk and list the products that cause a decrease in testosterone and justify this. So, let’s begin!

1) Caffeine – is a product provoking a decrease in testosterone in the body of a man. Caffeine reduces almost 0 production of testosterone and spermatozoa not forever but for a short period after its use. Although the action of caffeine does not last long, caffeine to a man is extremely not desirable for use. The thing is that the molecule of caffeine Tropna molecule of testosterone – this means that caffeine meeting in blood testosterone simply destroys it. Therefore, 1-2 cups of not strong coffee per day is the maximum that a man can afford. Moreover, coffee should be natural, not soluble. Soluble coffee for a man is the path to turn into a woman, since under the influence of instant coffee male hormone (testosterone) turns into female (estrogen)! Real caffeine of real coffee has stimulating properties and it is less harmful than soluble coffee. As for tea, it does not work in the level of testosterone in men.

2) sugar – Sugar is a product that causes a decrease in testosterone in the body of a man. Sugar lead to increased blood sugar, and this, in turn, leads to the production of insulin. Insulin, being in clear opposing relations with testosterone instantly leads to a decrease in testosterone in the blood of a man. And these 11 billion testosterone molecules, which are produced in the male body every minute, cease to be produced. But most men love sweet, in addition, spermatozoa work on glucose, which makes their tails intensively move, so each man intuitively reaches for a sweet. But there is a main point that every man should clearly understand that glucose and sucrose are not the same. These are different carbohydrates. Glucose is real honey, sweet fruits, juices with fresh fruits, that is, it is sugar contained in vegetables and fruits. And sucrose is refined sugar that we buy in the store. Therefore, there is a deception here – a man seems to eat sweet (sugar), but sperm does not move. By the way, sperm in the acidified organism do not move at all! The average man today eats about 12 teaspoons of sugar per day, and if he still drinks sweet carbonated drinks like: Sprite, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, etc.D that indicator grows several times! 200 g of any of the above drinks are equated to 11 tea tables of sugar! This is ensured by artificial sugar substitutes that are used in their manufacture, they are sweeter than ordinary sugar by about 200-450 times!

For a man, 6 teaspoons of sugar per day are a limit that will not be too negative to influence testosterone levels.

3) Proceeding sweet drinks – Spy sweet drinks cause a decrease in testosterone . These are all carbonated drinks containing carbonic acid (CO2) from carbonated mineral water to Pepsi, Sprite, Coca-Cola, and T.D. There are 3 harmful factors:

  • Acidification factor – coal acid (CO2) acidifies the body.
  • A huge amount of sugar – the harm of sugar was considered above.
  • The factor of the presence of thirsty utilizers – this leads to dehydration, and dehydration automatically causes a decrease in testosterone.
  • Factor of the presence of caffeine – in all drinks there is caffeine or its substitutes.

4) salt – This is the main basic product that sharply provokes a decrease in testosterone in the blood of a man. In fact, a double danger arises here: on the one hand, all men love Solny, because their organisms are acidified due to improper nutrition, and the salt is pleasing to blood leading it into a neutral acid-base state. Salt is actually NACL (sodium chlorine) is not an organic mineral. Na is absorbed in our body mainly in organic form, that is, the sodium that is located in fresh vegetables and fruits. And not organic sodium, which has never been a plant or animals, it is absorbed much worse (about 5% of digestibility). Therefore, when a man’s body receives an excessive amount of sodium, testosterone levels fall. This is proved in practice by scientists.

A man is allowed to use no more than 3 g. salt per day.

5) cholesterol – the use of cholesterol in increased quantities enhances a decrease in testosterone in men. This does not apply to plant oil. This applies to fatty meat, for example, pork. That is, the meat can be considered in 2 parameters. In the meat, there is nothing harmful in principle, with the exception of 3 positions:

  • The hormone of death – when the animal is killed and it is afraid of this hormone stands out.
  • a growth hormone
  • cholesterol

But if a person eats moderately meat, then everything is fine. Fat is also a useful product not in large quantities. Fat is pure energy + water.

6) soy and products that are prepared from it – soy is a natural product that causes a decrease in testosterone in the male body. Soy products for men are not the best choice, especially for boys during puberty. It is harmful in that it contains phytoestrogens (plant analogue of the Estrogen female sex hormone). And as we recall, estrogen always replaces testosterone, since it is a stronger hormone. If a man eats not a lot of soybeans, nothing will be terrible. But if a man tries to replace everything meat with soy products, this will lead to a decrease in testosterone.

7) meat with hormones – meat with hormones – this is a product stimulating a decrease in testosterone in the blood of a man. All meat that is produced in large volumes – everything is grown on hormones! Cattle, in order to grow more actively, the muscle mass, and the pigs, in order to grow more actively fat, feeds hormones and mainly female hormones. Zeranol, synthetic estrogen, progesterone, Melngastral, Trenbone and ordinary estrogen are the most popular and often used hormones. That is, bulls, cows, chickens, geese, for more intense growth in 100% of cases, feed hormones and mainly female. Against this background, adolescents in the United States recently observed an earlier onset of menstrual cycles. Also very often recently, such an anomaly has been noticed when the males of the fish go for spawning and put off caviar. They began to figure out what was the matter and found out that this is due to the fact that recently hormonal drugs and hormonal contraceptives that are excreted from a person and fall into the sewer, and then in water bodies have been used. The thing is that the female hormone is not destroyed! And under the influence of this hormone, males of fish turn into females.

All this does not mean that a man does not need to eat meat. If you eat such meat 2-3 times a week, then there will be nothing wrong, and if every day, then seriously think! It is worth noting that fish and rams are not fed hormones. Mostly they feed cows, bulls, chickens and very strong geese. Remember,
that the liver in animals is the most dirty place, as it filters blood.

8) the entire fast food system (FAST FOOD) – All Fast Food provokes a decrease in testosterone in the male body. If a man wants to remain a man, he should not at all eat in Fast Food. This system is harmful in that it uses all of the above products that reduce testosterone in huge quantities (salt, sugar, cholesterol, caffeine, meat with hormones, stabilizers, etc.D.).

9) alcohol – Alcohol reduces testosterone. It should be noted that small doses of alcohol for the first 5 minutes increase testosterone a little, but then it falls. And the doses of alcohol, which lead to a hangover in the morning, reduce the level of testosterone by 20% within 12-20 hours. And the fabrics of the testicles that are damaged by alcohol are practically not restored.

Beer – It is worth saying for beer separately. Everyone knows that the main raw material for the preparation of natural beer is hops. And hops are the first plant among all the others in the content of phytoestrogens (plant analogue of the female sex hormone estrogen). That is, by drinking beer, we use female hormones, which, as we recall, are in harsh warring relationships with testosterone. As a result, estrogen suppresses testosterone and begins to prevail quantitatively in the male body, and this, in turn, leads to the development of the male body according to the female type (obesity of the bottom of the abdomen, breasts, hips and buttocks, etc.D.).

10) white yeast bread and sweet pastries (buns) – White yeast bread is a product that leads to a decrease in testosterone in men. In white yeast bread, there are several factors that reduce testosterone, these are: acids, trembling, sugar. This applies to black bread to a lesser extent.

11) fat milk (6%-8%) – In fact, milk is a normal product and, in principle, it is not contraindicated, but fatty milk contains an external estrogenic factor, especially natural milk, because the cow does not produce it for us, but for its calf and it sends a lot of its female hormones there and there.To maintain the viability of the calf. Therefore, fatty milk is for a man, and especially for boys, this is not very good, since it provokes a decrease in testosterone. Saars of milk products (sour cream, cream, kefir, cottage cheese) do not include this, since there the female hormone is already destroyed by fermented milk bacteria. 90% of men love milk, as milk is well at the oxidized organism due to calcium (CL). Therefore, men can drink it liters. There will be nothing from one glass per day, and if you drink about 1 liter of milk a day, this may cause a decrease in testosterone.

12) smoked products – smoked products reduce testosterone. Smooth fluid that is released during smoking affects the tissue of the testicle. Natural smoking also contains a small harm factor. Hot smoking is less harmful than cold, since carcinogenic factors are formed as a result of cold smoking.

13) vegetable oil (a lot) – vegetable oil in large quantities provokes a decrease in testosterone in the body of a man. Also reduces testosterone linen, corn, soy and to a small extent sunflower. Nut and olive do not reduce. I remind you of lovers of mayonnaise that 12 tablets of mayonnaise are equated with 10 tablespoons of sunflower oil, since mayonnaise is 90% sunflower oil.

And remember that all products that are not naturally stored and do not deteriorate, they are all toxic and pose a threat to your health.

So we have listed 13 main products that cause a decrease in testosterone. These are those products, the impact on the level of testosterone of which was scientifically proven. Find out what else leads to a decrease in testosterone and how to keep it at a normal level. Remember the above products always and, if possible, bring their consumption to a minimum, since your male health will depend on this! Be reasonable!

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