6 role -playing costumes for men | Reviews

6 role -playing costumes for men.

, 6 role -playing costumes for men | Reviews
Most often we represent a woman in an erotic costume. Nurses, stewardesses, maids – this is a clear script. But what can you choose a man? The plumber is not the only scenario, there are interesting costumes for reincarnation that allow you to try on very entertaining roles.

1. Superman

Women love superheroes, and their strength and ability are admired. Seeing such a character in her bedroom, she definitely won’t stand. But it is important not only to get into her house, but also really save her from troubles.

Superman costume is the top with a fiery red cloak and swimming trunks of the same bright color. This is an image for home use, it will not work out to visit, as it is too frank. But in the bedroom of his beloved woman, he will be indispensable.

How to supplement? To create an ideal image, you can still choose a mask so that it hides the hero’s face and does not cause smiles from the rescued.

2. Pirate

The image of a ruthless pirate, ready for everything for the sake of enrichment, frightening, but attractive. He can capture a beautiful woman, sell it into slavery or make the queen of her heart. This hard person can be very tender inside, but you just need to find a right approach to him.

Pirate costume is universal. It will easily go to the carnival or children’s matinee. But at night this hero turns into a lover, about whom legends go.

How to supplement? All details are taken into account, there is even a blindfold and a hook that is used instead of one hand. The image is thought out to the smallest detail.

3. Waiter

A handsome man who brings a delicious dinner or a delicious breakfast causes a desire for women. And he can pamper not only food, but also with chic caresses. At the same time, he used to please and perform any whims the one that is ready to pay him with generous tips.

The image of the waiter is very frank. There are only cuffs, butterfly and very little clothes on it. So that at any moment you can withdraw everything that prevents me to have fun.

How to supplement the suit? Of course, pleasant snacks. The waiter must bring something tasty and not forget about drinks. Snack do not wake up too much before and after sexual experiments., 6 role -playing costumes for men | Reviews

4. Doctor

A doctor is a person who can be entrusted with all the secrets. And it is he who is worth regret the lack of orgasms or constant desire to make love. He can show him any parts of the body so that he will determine the diagnosis by touch.

The doctor may demand subordination and performing a variety of procedures. And even a banal inspection for a certificate for driving can turn into an erotic adventure.

How to supplement the suit? Hundreds of objects for a medical fetish have been invented, and you can buy everything: from a vaginal expand to a huge syringe. All these little things will allow you to implement different scenarios in one suit.

5. Priest

Confession is a special ritual in which a priest can prescribe punishments or forgive all sins. This is a person who is trusted by the most terrible secrets, and he, if not very honest, can dispose of them differently. And so that the secrets are not disclosed, Able to require compensation.

Religious theme in costumes is not designed to offend believers. This is only an opportunity to realize a fantasy, but not demonstrating it to someone. This is a suit for a very narrow team.

How to supplement the game? It is worth recalling stories from historical novels and realizing them in your bedroom. The more interesting the plot, the more exciting the game.

6. Police officer

Subordination to the servant of the law excites many. In this case, you can fulfill all the requirements unconditionally or resist, so as not to fall into the bars. And the approach to the dialog can be very different, someone will ask for forgiveness for violation, someone will try to bribe, And someone to deceive.

The men’s suit of a policeman is very popular. And you can choose the image of the Russian minister of the law or representative of another country, for example, the Karabiner of Italy.

How to supplement the game? The costume will not be complete without handcuffs. And you can choose metal ones so that everything responds to the image, or leather, so that there are no traces left on the wrists.Role costumes for men exist. There are many of them, and the images are different. 6 of the presented options is only a small part of what you can choose in Intimshop.ru.

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