7 products that will help increase female libido

7 products that will help increase female libido.

, 7 products that will help increase female libido

If a woman’s libido has decreased or has gone at all recently, a diet can be all to blame for everything. Naturally, if heaviness is felt in the stomach, and excess weight pulls down, then no longer to sex. However, in addition to healthy foods, it is necessary to include in the diet some products that can increase libido and sexuality.

So, 7 products to increase female libido

No. 1 – Steak

Red meat (especially the cow that was grown on a foothold) – This is a magnificent source of zinc, which is also contained in oysters and has a beneficial effect on libido. Zinc increases the level of testosterone and restrains the production of prolactin, hormone, which reduces sexual activity.

No. 2 – Salmon

Omega-3 acids contained in fatty fish have a beneficial effect on blood circulation, which is very important for a rush of blood to the genitals. They also increase the level of dopamine in the brain, which is responsible for good mood and sexual activity.

No. 3 – Eggs

Want breakfast in bed, and then morning sex? Then choose an omelet! Protein contained in eggs increases concentration and energy. Plus, eggs are a good source of vitamin B6, which helps to balance hormonal level and regulate libido.

No. 4 – Ugular cranberry juice

Cranberry juice not only prevents the occurrence of urinary tract infections, but is also a natural diuretic that helps to get rid of excess fluid in the body. Who does not want to enjoy a flat tummy during sex? To get rid of swelling, you need to mix two tablespoons of cranberry juice with 200 ml of water and drink, experts advise.

No. 5 – Chocolate

In general, there is a problem that chocolate cannot solve? Chocolate – excellent aphrodisiac, it contains magnesium, which acts relaxing on the human body. And, as you know, that a sexual desire appears first of all to get rid of stress. As a bonus – Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which, according to research, makes the body distinguish the same endorphins that stand out during sex.

No. 6 – Oatmeal

Your breakfast can really increase the level of testosterone, which is responsible for sexual desire. And oatmeal also contains L-arginine, used in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and helps to enhance blood flow to the clitoris area. There is enough reason to prepare this useful porridge tomorrow.

, 7 products that will help increase female libido

No. 7 – Persian

This sensual fruit contains a whole storehouse of vitamin C, which, according to research, has a beneficial effect on female libido. It also enhances blood circulation, which means that female libido will flare up with even greater force.

All products are good and useful, but do not forget that sex is the most delicious and useful Aphrodisiac: the more you use – The more I want!

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