Ban. Are relationships possible with gay?

Ban. Are relationships possible with gay?.

, Ban. Are relationships possible with gay?

Beautiful, smart, educated, educated, secured, responsible and at the same time the soul of the company. He is just an ideal man. And he can become yours… maybe it turns out to be gay. Is it worth it to contact?

What attracts women in gays?

First of all, all those qualities that a woman in dreams want to see in her man turn out to be attractive, and the owner of such qualities is a man of non -traditional orientation. With his understanding of the female soul, the proximity of the views, he excites female minds. Moreover, he can have an irresistible appearance of a real macho, radiating sexuality and masculinity, but not directed to the female side.

It is very difficult for a woman to come to terms with the fact that not all men are affordable, so she comes into a fight with an invisible enemy for his heart. Indeed, pity with tenderness also joins the feelings of sympathy for such a man because of contempt for others. The desire to understand, protect, surround with care, love and attention obscures common sense. Therefore, without listening to the advice of friends, contrary to circumstances, in her desire to save, a woman receives such a mental trauma from which it is difficult to recover.

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