Bukkaka: What is, views, rules

Bukkaka: What is, views, rules.

A few years ago, a criminal series called "Hardcore". In this case, investigators dealt with criminal fraud in porn business. More than nine million spectators watched this episode, which spoke of almost unknown sexual practice. Many fans of the cult series first had to turn to Google to find out what really means "Bukkaka". On this day, more than 40,000 people were looking for this strangely sounding term. If you don’t know what it means, don’t be embarrassed. In the following sections, we will tell you everything you need to know about this.

What is Bukkaka?

If you often watch porn on the Internet, then you probably have already encountered Bukkak. For the most part, many do not know what it is. Bukkaka is a word from the Japanese language and means "Lower".

Bukkaka is the practice of group sex, which usually does not imply sexual intercourse. In porn films, sex often ends with a male orgasm when a man ejaculates a woman on her face. In Bukkak, however, we are talking exclusively about this part, traditionally they do not even touch a woman. However, there are always several men who grow excitement at a single look at a woman sitting on his knees or lying in front of them. As the excitation increases, they masturbate before ejacked to the woman’s body.

In Bukkak, ejaculation does not necessarily occur on the face. Men can ejaculate on other parts of the body, such as genitals, chest, feet or buttocks. There is a very simple reason why the face is usually in the spotlight. In Japan in the 1970s, it was forbidden to show genitals in porn, so they just focused on their face.

What are the varieties of Bukkaka?

When it comes to sexual practices, there are no boundaries for your imagination, and this also applies to Bukkaka. Before getting down to business, determine where you want to direct the penis. Meanwhile, the gay scene also discovered this practice. A variety is a collection of sperm into a container so that later you can smear it through the body or even drink – the last practice is also taken from Japanese porn films and is called "Gokkun". This becomes an additional source of pleasure for the rest of those present.

Parties with Bukkaka were extremely popular, at which a woman enjoys the fact that she is ejaculating as many men as possible, while experiencing incredible pleasure. Some forums regularly announce private parties of Bukkaka, which are in great demand.

Important: Bukkaka has nothing to do with group sex in which sexual intercourse occurs!

Bukkaka is very attractive in many respects

If you ask what people find such good in Bukkaka, you will get many different answers. In BDSM and SM sessions, for example, Bukkaka is a form of humiliation of a slave. This person is more or less than the object of pleasure and is used by others. The fact that a person is on the knees in the center, and everyone around is standing and watering it with sperm, can also be perceived as humiliation – which is pleasant for masochists.

However, Bukkaka does not have to be used only in BDSM, it can be perceived in a completely different way: there are women who perceive Bukkaka more as worship and less as humiliation. Everything revolves around this woman, who is on his knees, but at the same time endowed with a certain form of power due to its position in the center. She is something special and seems as impregnable as unattainable. Many also simply enjoy the feeling of sperm on her body. To participate in this sensory organs, some women even blindfold themselves.

It is this detachment that can be the attractive side of the Bukkak for men. The appearance of a woman, her body and, perhaps, only her words excite. Some men also perceive ejaculation as a kind of reward for a woman. In addition, masturbation on the face or body is an unchanging and repeating part of the fantasies of some men. In Bukkak, they can realize this idea without remorse. Men also love masturbation, and in combination with a sexy woman who is seductively in front of them, this is especially exciting.

What are the rules of Bukkaka?

Bukkaka is a sexy game that has received recognition, especially in porn. But, as in any practice, during Bukkak several rules must be observed – which, of course, can be defined individually for each meeting. In the end, this should be an unforgettable adventure for all participants.

1. To touch a person in the spotlight is prohibited

First of all, it is necessary to determine in advance whether it will be a classic buccae. If so, then you can’t touch a person, and also perform penetrating sex in any form.

2. Participants are not allowed to come too close to the object of erotic attention

Some interpret Bukkaka even more strictly: everyone has their own personal life, which should also be respected during Bukkaka. Even if it sounds somewhat contradictory for sexual practice, during Bukkaka it is necessary to observe a certain distance. As soon as the participant finished, it is usually even required to leave the room from him.

3. The object of erotic attention establishes the rules

A person in the spotlight does not have to allow everything – he himself determines what is permissible within the framework. It is possible to indicate whether ejaculation is allowed only on the face or can be ejaculated on other parts of the body. As a rule, ejaculation in the eyes is a taboo, even if in porn it often looks completely different. Some people can also exclude the participation of if, for example, hygiene rules are not respected.

Bukkaka can definitely become an exciting addition to your sexual life. Whether all preparatory measures have been carried out and whether the rules have been specified? Then a lively game may begin.

, Bukkaka: What is, views, rules

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