Can a virgin finish?

Can a virgin finish?.

We got the virgin feather from distant ancestors and its function to this day is not known. It is assumed that it should protect the vagina of the child from infections, but in practice this is hardly possible, at least the protection is mildly so -so. But Himen is a sign (albeit not reliable) of the girl’s absence of vaginal sex, that is, speaks of her innocence.

But the lack of sex with a partner does not mean at all that a tender sex is not able to experience an orgasm. To be brief, Himen indicates a lack of penetration, but is in no way connected with the clitoris that is responsible for physical pleasure. Its stimulation will lead to the peak of pleasure, and the virgin does not suffer at the same time and does not take any participation in the process.

How to end a virgin and keep a pleasant?

Based on the above information, we can conclude that the virgin can finish from any type of sex and masturbation that are not associated with vaginal penetration. Anal sex and all caresses, including cunnilingus, are available with a partner.

Purely theoretically, a girl is able to get an orgasm from the stimulation of the clitoris and for this it is not at all necessary to penetrate the vagina, because the epicenter of the nerve endings is located outside. The clitoris branches are located on all walls of the vagina, including on the partition with the anus.

Masturbation by the phalloimitator falls under the ban, because it is most likely to damage Himen. But water masturbation and effect on the clitoris with fingers or sex toys, quite an option. And the orgasm, most likely, will come faster than during full sexual intercourse.

Can a virgin end with sex toys?

We have already answered this question, but it is important to choose the right tool. Not all vibrators will be as effective and safe for virgin rods as possible. For example, those that affect the point G, require penetration.

Standard vibrators can also have an impact on the outside, however, in a fit of passion, the hand can easily and involuntarily make a penetrating movement. The shape of the product allows you to perform this trick without much difficulty.

For innocent girls who want to practice masturbation, it is the clitoral stimulator that is ideal. It is made in this style that it is absolutely not suitable for performing progressive movements.

But vibration has a point effect specifically on the clitoris and all its power is aimed precisely at the epicenter of nerve endings. The survey on the forums showed that the achievement of orgasm occurs within 2-3 minutes.

Curious facts

It is interesting that the virgin can finish without doing anything at all. Excitation originates in the head and when fantasies reach a peak, the vaginal lubrication occurs, blood flow to the genitals, which in turn is felt as the effect of butterflies in the head?

Thought this love? Well, no, this is a blood flow. If the entire excitement process is left without logical conclusion, then soon the level of pleasure will exceed reasonable limits. Girls admit that they experience strong pleasure from thinking, ideas, thoughts. In fact, this is an orgasm.

We must not forget about the existence of a curious phenomenon called a myotonic orgasm. This is when a girl receives an orgasm as a result of compression of the muscles of the inside of the hips from bicycle driving, compressing a pillow/blanket between the legs or during classes in the gym.

This is how many options to end a virgin exists. Because Guin does not prevent pleasure, the only thing that blocks is the physical penetration of something into the vagina. All other tools are available and, as polls show, are actively used.

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