Can meal during pregnancy in the early stages go?

Can meal during pregnancy in the early stages go?.

Similar to blood, discharge during gestation in the first 3 months after conception can cause anxiety in any girl. Sometimes girls confuse them with menstruation, especially if they coincided with the expected dates. It must be remembered, then there is no pregnancy with menstruation. In the first three months after the conception of a bloody character, they can become noticeable in small spots on panties, which indicates the implantation of the placenta in the uterus.

Can you go to menstruation during pregnancy in the early stages: when this happens

Menstruation is a difficult process depending on hormones. If she passes for a woman regularly, then this is normal. Bleeding occurs in the process due to the rejection of the mucous membranes of the uterus.

The endometrium lags behind the walls due to the fact that there was no fertilization of the egg. However, menstruation during conception is a situation requiring detailed analysis, this is a deviation from the standard. If menstruation has not occurred at the time, then this is the first sign of fertilization of the egg. Women immediately run to a pharmacy or supermarket for a test for pregnancy. But even after conception, hem -like discharge from the vagina is possible. In which case you need to go to the clinic if, after the early term, after conception, panties began to get dirty?

How the menstrual cycle works

Standardly menstruation is 28 days after the end of puberty. But they can be considered the norm if they go less (at least 21 days) or longer (up to 35 days) of the standard period. The only condition of the norm is the regularity of menstruation.

The egg matures in the ovary, it leaves the follicle in the middle of the cycle. The follicle lets it into the fallopian tube – ovulation occurs. If from this moment or during the day she meets with a sperm, then it will receive fertilization. If it did not happen, then the endometrial layer, which is unclaimed, is rejected, there is a bleeding similar to menstruation. On the fact of discharge is not called blood, since there is no ability to coagulate. In addition to blood, such a liquid contains mucus, liquid secret, uterine shells, enzymes.

Are the menstruation considered the norm in the first trimester

The egg is fertilized, conception has occurred, but the periods cannot be within the entire time of bearing a child. When menstruation goes when gesturing, this is a violation of the norm. Physiology is such that there should not be menstruation at this time, but in practice the situation is likely, since the body is living.

Doctors argue that menstruation is possible, but extremely rare, if no pathologies of pregnancy development are observed. Probably, more than one egg matures the cycle, but several. The rest will die, but they may not go out at the same time.

Monthly differ from ordinary. Discharge can begin on time, but not in such quantities, and do not last long. This is considered the norm, but after a few weeks, in the active phase of pregnancy, they all disappear. We are not talking about classic menstruation, but about the discharge similar to menstruation.

All this is a normal process of bearing the fetus, but often bloody discharge indicates possible pathologies, which is anxious, therefore it is better to consult a doctor.

When there are discharge similar to menstruation

At times, women observe weak discharge with blood interspersed after sex, since during the gestation of the child the uterine cells transforms. But sometimes there are causes of bleeding in the first months of pregnancy:

  • infections;
  • miscarriage;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • hemorrhage between the placenta and the uterus;
  • A sharp drop in hormone levels, reduction of estrogen in the body of a future mother due to a virus, stress, inflammation. This leads to endocrine disorders expressed by bloody discharge on the days when a woman should begin menstruation. This condition can last 3-4 months., It significantly increases the risk of miscarriage.

How to distinguish menstruation from bloody discharge to the first trimester after conception

There are signs by which bleeding can be distinguished from menstruation: blood isolated blood or light pink shade. With menstruation, at first weak volumes, then they intensify, become saturated-red. By the end of menstruation, bleeding becomes less intense, the shade becomes paler.

Discharge arises from the 4th to the 9th month after conception. If they occur after 20-21 weeks, then this is explained:

  • The gynecological examination of the cervix is very rare, but it happens that after it weak and short discharge appears;
  • Purity of the placenta – if it blocks the exit from the uterine cavity;
  • sexual contacts – when conception of the vaginal tissue, the cervix becomes sensitive, because they can easily be injured with active sex;
  • normal or premature births, compression of the uterus and the expansion of its cervix, which promote the fruit down and can cause blood discharge;
  • rupture of the uterus – during childbirth, this happens. In this case, the emergency care of doctors is needed. This is a rare problem and the risk of its appearance is high;
  • detachment of the placenta – when from the walls of the uterus it is disconnected before childbirth.

Early has to consult doctors if, in addition to blood release, pain, cramps, fainting or dizziness are observed. Abundant blood loss with the release of clots is also an occasion for immediate appeal to the doctor.

Embritus implantation

Not all expectant mothers happen. Small bloody discharge appears 7 days after the end of ovulation, when the egg enters the uterine cavity. If there are discharge that resembles blood, mucus with blood, this is a sign of damage to the vessels occurring during implantation of the embryo. The situation is considered the norm, and the process is not considered a pathology. The masses are unable, without pain.

In this case, you do not necessarily risk losing the fetus. Symptoms can upset you, but do not let a panic cover your mind. Many ladies who have light blood secretions after conception are normally bear and after giving birth to full -fledged children. But in 1/3 of them, the discharge intensifies and lead to negative results.

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