Castration – removal of testicles in men. Casting consequences for a man. Video, film. Watch online

What if a man is deprived of testicles?.

, Castration – removal of testicles in men. Casting consequences for a man. Video, film. Watch online
One of the main functions of the testicles is the production of testosterone. If you do not attach much importance to this, then look at those who have to go through the removal of the testicles. There were many examples of castration in history. In ancient China, the emperor castrated men guarding their concubines, since women could not get pregnant from him. The Greeks and the Romans castrated prisoners to make more humble slaves out of them. And in Italy in the 17-18 centuries they resorted to the removal of the testicles, thus making their victim to art.

Micheli Ameache is a soprano man, which is very rare today. He can sing much higher than the rest of the men in the range accessible only to women, at least these days. Thanks to a rare genetic change, the mikels vocal cords did not become thicker how this occurs in most men during puberty.

A few hundred years ago, such a voice was so much appreciated that people went to surprisingly radical measures to recreate it. Boys with especially beautiful voices removed the testicles before they began the transitional period, so that their vocal cords remained thin. Such singers – castrates became real stars of the opera world.

-“Listen to the music of composers such as a gender – these are incredibly refined and complex parties. Castrates were real virtuosos, super-stars like Pavarotti these days. Lovers of the opera of that time claimed that the singers had the voices of unearthly beauty. Partly the whole reason was the Bible – the first message of coritfins. It says that women in the church should be silent. The Catholic Church interpreted it as if only men were allowed to sing during the service. But they needed not only low, but also high voices. And where to get them – a male high voice? If you do not take women, then let the castrates sing, whose voice has not changed since childhood, although they themselves have long become adults.”(Wendy Smith is the author of the book” Best Pose for Sex “)

Today, you can hardly find such genetic rarities as Mikeli Ameac, a person with a boy’s voice, who is a full -fledged man. It is not surprising that such people are very famous. It is unlikely that in our time someone will sacrifice the ability to reproduce offspring for the sake of a wonderful voice, as was done in ancient times when the child was removed by the testicles, deprived of full development in the name of high art. But it is interesting that they have sexual desires.

So why are the testicles so much important that the little boy turns into a man

In the testicles are producing androgen cells, the most important of which is testosterone.

-“Testosterone is necessary for some natural processes taking place with us. It stimulates sexual desire, beard growth and voice change. It is also extremely important for the health of bones, good blood circulation and heart work. And of course he is responsible for the development of muscles. If the testicles are removed to the puberty (puberty), the boy will grow, but not so courageous and muscular, how he has grown.”


-“Castrates do not have secondary sexual characteristics. His voice remains like a boy, his muscles do not develop like full -fledged men and female features appear in character. Many of these children grew high, as testosterone is responsible for growth plates in our bones.”

Indian hisurs are one of the few eunuchs now existing in the world. Removing all male genital organs, including the removal of testicles is part of the ritual of worshiping the mother of the goddess. The result of the absence of testosterone and related androgens is obvious – they gradually acquire female features of the body. They look and dress like women, although they are considered the third sex and they are not attributed to men or women. But if they left only a penis, they could have kept a sexual function evenly.

The absence of testicles very often made very desired sexual partners from castrates.

-“In sexual terms, castrates were very convenient in European royal courtyards. They were perfect court. The main care of people was continuity – the right to inherit was very important who was born from whom. And no one could get pregnant from castrates at the court, so they were absolutely safe. And so they have become very popular lovers.”

The removal of testicles in adulthood entails slightly different consequences. If an adult man suffers from prostate cancer, testicles are removed and his sexual attraction disappears and problems with the erection arise. The adrenal glands cannot produce enough testosterone for compensation. And if one testicle is removed, then this is not so bad, since the remaining one can compensate for the lack.

Implants of the testis for men

If it happened that you were removed one or two testicles what to do then? Even in this case, not everything is lost, because they have a replacement so to speak. Perhaps the testicles are not the most elegant thing in the world, but for elegance they are much more important than it seems. After all, elegance is not possible without high self -esteem and without pride for how you look. Perhaps this does not look very significant, but in fact it is a real jewel.

There are operations to install the testicular implant to those people who, for one reason or another, lost their testicles. Install plastic or silicone testes of the testicle. But like other artificial parts of the body, they only create visibility and no more. Some scientists are experimenting with special testicles of the testicle filled with testosterone, which will gradually enter the body, just like it would come from real testicles. The reserve of testosterone in such testicles is replenished by injection. So men have lost testicles have a way out. They would not choose a koka an implant and, no matter what he was called, the implant also has one advantage over the real organ – when they beat them – the pain in the testicles does not occur!)))

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