Cliter stimulator. How to use. Top 5 best

Cliter stimulator. How to use? Top 5 best..

, Cliter stimulator. How to use. Top 5 bestThe popular psychologist said: "Man – sun, woman – moon". The meaning of this phrase is that for a man the beginning of sex as a sunrise and it ends with an orgasm – a sunset. The woman is not constant and diverse as the moon. Female orgasm depends on a huge number of conditions. And even if everything has happened today, tomorrow under the same conditions a fence may not occur.

It is important to achieve the highest point of pleasure not only for sexual health, but also for psychological.

The modern world is replete with helping assistance in the intimate sphere. Cliter stimulants just indispensable in this matter. They are intended to influence a very sensitive zone – clitoris. If the girl was left alone with herself and she wants to enjoy, she starts her hand in her panties and begins to caress her clitoris. Or use different improvised devices for this.

Modern stimulants look so cute and futuristic that they do not need to be hidden on a distant shelf with panties. There are a lot of varieties of miracle springs. But on the principle of work, they are divided into several types.

Principles of work and how to use clitoral stimulants

  • Vibrator for the clitoris.

This is one of the very first and popular vibrators. More powerful models are connected to the network. Have an oblong shape, a motor is located in the handle, which causes vibration.

A round head must be slightly touched on your sink. The clitoris is very sensitive, even an easy effect is enough to get enchanting sensations.

There are a lot of portable and compact models. Their power is lower, but there is less noise. You can enjoy both the journey and in the country. Materials from which these wonderful machines are made completely different from plastic, to cyberc.

  • Vacuum clitoris stimulants.

Innovative development. Gained popularity recently. Created to simulate oral caresses. Compact and not noisy "Friend" affects the clitoris with vacuum waves, as if sucking it and at the same time easily vibrating. The girls were divided by opinion. Part notes similarity with cunnilingus, the other speaks of absolutely new and unexpected emotions and pleasures. All converge in one – such a technique helps to achieve orgasm both solo and paired. Design and materials are different. There are penguins and dumbbells, rings. That the sophisticated fantasy of technicians did not come up with.

  • Vibropuli.

Compact, portable vibrator with a bullet shape or lipstick. So small that it is easy to fit in a clutch. They have a point. You can massage the nipples and much more for them.

  • Smart – vibrators.

Now the most popular. Placed where necessary, connected to the phone and all. Hands are free, a bunch of modes. Enjoy. Compact, you can go to the cinema with a girlfriend, and give the device control to the partner. And he will cause you unearthly caresses through the application.

  • Minivibrators.

Work like all vibrators. Pointwise affects erogenous zones. Forms for every taste: butterflies, rings, balls. You can play yourself. You can play together. Tender vibration is suitable for nipples, hips, lips, member and clitoris.

General rules for using clitoral vibrators

  1. , Cliter stimulator. How to use. Top 5 bestRead the instructions. Each device has its own characteristics.
  2. Before use, clean up, and for the first time wipe antiseptic.
  3. Use lUesant, the more sweet the sweeter.
  4. Stand yourself and set up the baby so that he gets to an interesting place.
  5. Turn on the minimum turns, feel how the waves of pleasure spread through the body. Next, adjust the power and speed.
  6. After… Rest and do not forget to wash the stimulator with soap water.
  7. Recurrence.

TOP 5 clitoris simulators

, Cliter stimulator. How to use. Top 5 best5th place is Baile Pretty Love

Vibration massager to stimulate the clitoris of erogenous zones. Has an interesting design with a change of nozzle. One nozzle is smooth, the other with soft and delicate processes for new sensations.

Has 12 modes: vibro, pulse and escalation. Suitable for the variety of sexual activity of partners who are looking for new sensations. Miniature, it can be used both solo and take with you on trips.

, Cliter stimulator. How to use. Top 5 best4th place – Watermass vibrorser Pretty Love Andre with a clitoral stimulant

Innovative dual exposure device. Works vaginally and clitore. Has 2 motor working independently of each other. Convenient and understandable interface. Many high -speed modes. Suitable even the most demanding lady. Allows you to influence the point g. Light in management. Has an elegant appearance. Thanks to water resistance, it is great for fun in the shower or bathroom.

, Cliter stimulator. How to use. Top 5 best

3rd place – vibration massager with a pompom clitoris stimulant

This is a double stimulator for immersion in the vagina and for influencing the clitoral region. It has 30 pulsation options, a curved head to stimulate the G and a Pomp -clitoris stimulator. Very delicate, at the same time quite quickly brings to a deep orgasm. Various settings of stimulation and vibration will lead you to new heights of experience!

, Cliter stimulator. How to use. Top 5 best2nd place – Baile Pretty Love Paul vibrorser impulse

The universal miracle of technology. Ideal for steam. Due to its multifunctionality, he will give an unforgettable sensations to both partners. With it you can start preludes, massage the chest, nipples, the inner part of the hips. Increasing the intensity and areas of exposure. Switch to a member, clitoris, labia, and thanks to the form, you can use as an ordinary vibrator, with the difference that there are 30 speeds and 30 modes.

, Cliter stimulator. How to use. Top 5 best

1st place – Snappy vibro massager with clitoral stimulant

He is also double -acting clitoris + vagina. Two engines spread vibrations on the barrel and vaginal process.Created from pleasant, silky material and give you unforgettable orgasms!

Let’s summarize: With all the ambiguous public attitude to sex toys, they have already entered our lives. Many couples have lost the fervor of past relations, with the help of them, passion and attraction live in a new one. Cliter stimulants help in achieving orgasm, in caresses, and this is just an unforgettable entertainment.

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