Cowards are dull: what is it?

Cowards are dull: what is it?.

Cowards are poorly suitable for everyday wear – but if you put them on a date, your partner will be delighted. Their name comes from the French adjective “ouvert”, which means “open”.

Either the back or front, or both at once remains open. The shape and size of the cut can be completely different.

The most provocative cowards are dumbfounded by an elegant belt, from which two thin ribbons descend into the crotch.

The most chaste models at first glance are indistinguishable from everyday linen, and the incision in them is carefully covered with fabric.

Cowards Entertain: temptation and shocking

The most popular materials for sewing dodging today are lace, silk, elastic mesh.

For decoration, use rhinestones, fur, embroidery, suspension, ribbons. Models made of ordinary or varnished black leather, with metal rivets are in demand in BDSM.

Cowads are in stable demand in sex shops, in which the incision is located below, and one or two strings of large pearls pass along it.

Such panties give girls intense pleasant sensations while driving. But they should not be worn under clothes, otherwise the beads will be too tightly pressed to the body.

Models without beads for clothes can only be dressed if the lady does not have to walk long.

With prolonged walking, the incision will begin to rub the skin, and the panties can shift. Ideally, wearing such underwear should only be within the bedroom.

Cowards of dumbfounds go well with stockings, stilettos or boots, corsets, long beads on a naked body.

They can be purchased separately or complete with the “Open cap” bra, whose cup remains completely open.

How to choose cowards of dull

Girls with imperfect parameters are sometimes shy about buying such panties because they are afraid that they will emphasize the flaws of their figures.

However, dozens of models designed for a variety of physique are presented on sale. All cowards are dull to fit the body as tightly as possible and provide impeccable landing.

If you choose the right panties, they will not just not add extra pounds to you, but they will visually slim.

Choosing cowards of dumbfounds, you can not focus only in the photo, where the panties are depicted by themselves. They should be worn on the model and photographed in different angles.

By purchasing dumbfounds in an online sex shop, be sure to read customer reviews and ask the seller if the goods have certain pros and cons that are not mentioned in the description.

When the first cowards were invented

In the online stores of underwear, you can read the statements that the cowards are a fresh invention and the hot novelty of the erotic sphere.

In fact, the prototype of modern panties for temptation appeared in the 18th century. According to the fashion of the Empire era, French women wore thin translucent dresses, reminiscent of ancient Greek tunics in their cut.

So that the dresses did not see, the ladies put pantalones under them, which were not much different from male. Then lush crinolines replaced tunics, but the fashion for underwear did not change.

When a beauty with crinoline needed to leave the toilet, she had to support a magnificent hem with her hands.

It was extremely difficult to unfasten the pantaloons without outside help – and then a slot came to the rescue.

Thus, the very first cowards of the dumbfound were invented for pragmatic reasons, and not at all for coquetry.

Unusual application

In England, the fashion for such patholes evolved to the curious style: two separate trousers were connected from above with a thin belt, the body remained open in the center.

In the middle of the XIX century, Kankan became a popular spectacle in France. So that the show remains within the limits of decency, the dancers began to sew fasteners on the pantalons. Models with a slot could be found on sale until about the 1920s, and then they stopped carrying them in everyday life, and since then they have been sewn only for sex shops.

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