Erection worsened. A member is not worth it before. Is it normal?

Erection worsened. A member is not as good as before.

The erection worsened and the member is no longer as good as in the past, an erection began to disappear during sex, sags a member during a prelude, does not get up from one thought as it was before, and t. D. and t.P. All these facts scare the man when he passes through this, and make him think about one – inevitably impending impotence. He goes into himself. She notices some changes in the behavior of a partner and begin to worry a lot, worry. As a result, she has grief, a certain frustration, depression, grief, sadness on both sides, which further leads to a lack of sex and, as a result, to the breakdown of relations.

A very typical development of events for many couples who had to go through this, but alas, they were not ready. They would know elementary things and everything could be completely different – sex would be preserved and preserved. In this article, we will tell you those simple truths about the male erection that all men and women should know in order to avoid unnecessary depression, panic and misunderstanding of each other in sex.

Erection and age

An erection, to which a man is used to youth and in middle age, usually arises on its own, just like that. Such an erection is called psychogenic. It is worth thinking about something sexual or something that is somehow connected with sex how you also notice that the member begins to pour and get up. It is enough for a partner to whisper something in the ear or throw some look or even more to touch and the member is already in combat readiness. But the body and processes in it change over time and age. And this happens massively and inevitably and you need to be ready for this. The erection worsens a little and becomes more demanding. Nothing wrong with that.  This is not impotent in any case, as many men immediately begin to think. This is an absolutely normal process. But it should be understood that there are no extreme cases when the member gets up very badly or does not get up at all.

Just like you become older. What is older. After 23-25 years, when the so-called testosterone period or a period of hypersexuality passes, when it always has risen on everything!))

But when this period passes, a man can start observing the following: that when you move a member in the vagina, the erection is good, as soon as he took him out to give her, for example, Cooney or somehow cares it differently, you immediately notice that your memberIt begins to fall. Noticing this, men often begin to panic, begin to consider themselves impotent. After all, they think that they should have a member like the heroes of porn films all the time while he is in bed with a partner. But actually it is not. It is absolutely normal when, with age, a man begins to need more in preliminary affection so that he reaches a sufficient erection to have sex. Moreover, speaking age, I mean not 50-60 years, this can be observed after 24-25 years, each in different ways. Someone may gradually disappear, after he takes out a member of the vagina and stops him as stimulating. For someone he does not pour completely completely until you put your hands or tongues to him. Once again, I note that this is an absolutely normal process and in no case should you think that this is impotence. Very often in such conditions, many men begin to avoid sex. But this is extremely ignorant, monstrous and nearby path.

How women look and react to this

Almost all women have a common feature and it lies in the fact that they often come up with. Council to all women: stop thinking. How most often it turns out? The girl takes a fact from the behavior of a man and begins to try to somehow explain it, assigning him various meanings, without consulting and without asking her partner about it. Yes, it is clear that men often do not go to such conversations, but still, stop excessively fantasize. And you, men, must understand that your behavior begins to read by women as the fact that you have lost interest in her and, as a result, attraction. When you begin to avoid sex on the basis of this problem, she begins to consider herself unattractive, closes, goes into herself, she begins depression. Either the second option-she begins to suspect that you have someone on the side. As you understand neither the first nor the second to the fact that there is actually no relationship. This is more than far from reality. But at the same time, how he and she begin to live in this illusory world as if the problems of impotence, believing that he should be with an continuously standing member of the entire sexual intercourse, which is absolutely not true. And she lives the reality that she fantasizes in her guesses.

And these 2 total illusions, bad and sad illusions most often lead to the collapse of relations, depression and, as a result, the collapse of the family. These 2 worlds begin not to live together, but to coexist. I understand that such a state of affairs is very gloomy for male pride, but all male victories are located just there when they gain courage through something to cross themselves, for example, sit down and talk about it with their soulmate. If you are a man and you notice that your cock is not as good as it was before and you are very concerned about it, read this article with your girlfriend or vice versa, if you are a girl and your man and your man are happening something like this, readThis article is together. This will allow you to open communication channels for a joint solution to this seemingly problem.

How to solve the problem of deterioration of erection?

There are several solutions and now we will consider some of them:

  • Long prelude. In order for a man to stand well, he needs a long prelude too, like a woman. She needs to devote the time to the physical stimulation of the male body and male genitalia: the testicle and member. Of course excellent, if a girl knows how to do erotic massage to a man, for example, a member massage, massage massage or owns good blowjob technique with which a man can be well excited. But even if your arsenal is not too rich, do not hesitate to do what you can. And a man should not be shy to let the woman take the initiative into her own hands, play with his member even if he does not stand yet. A woman will definitely come up with something. Let more skillfully or less, but not the point. After a while he will get up exactly.
  • Testosterone diet. Testosterone is the main male hormone, so to speak the king among hormones. It is he who to a greater extent determines the quality of the male erection and the strength of sexual desire. In addition, he takes a great part in adjusting the work of the entire male body. It is why the deterioration of an erection is often an indicator of the deterioration of health in general, since the first and second depends on this hormone. By nature, its concentration of each man is individual. But if for some reason it is underestimated, this immediately affects male health in general and of course its erection. Unfortunately, the lifestyle of a modern man goes against favorable conditions for the natural production of testosterone. Overwork, lack of sleep, stress, poor -quality nutrition, smoking, drinking, all this leads to a decrease in testosterone. I would also like to say about nutrition and consider 13 products that cause a decrease in testosterone, as well as consider products increasing testosterone. Information on nutrition should also take into account women, since the physical and sexual health of your men largely depends on your kitchen.
  • The best time for sex. What we are talking about now called the Gaussian distribution curve. 80% of men fall under it and 20% do not fall. Studies show that the maximum amount of testosterone in the male body is observed in the morning, since most of it is produced at night when the man sleeps. It is consumed during the day and its level is reduced by evening. This rule is not applicable to everyone, but about 80% of men fall under this rule. Therefore, I advise, if possible, to build your day so that, for example, they will wake up, have breakfast and go to bed with your friend again. This may sound somewhat strange, since many will probably be outraged like: “But how is work, I do not walk my wives?”.  But as the saying goes: “Salvation of the hands of the drowning people who drowning.”. Therefore, we give you only possible options, and to use them or not the case of everyone personally.

We will summarize

  • Loss with age of psychogenic erection is normal. Again, saying “age” we mean not only the category for 40-50 years, but those who are already older than 23-25 years;
  • Men, if you notice that you have a worsened erection, does not get up from one thought of sex as it was before, sags a member in the absence of any stimulation or in order to achieve a full erection, you need certain caresses, do not startthink that you become impotent. This is a normal course of development of the male body;
  • Women, if you notice your man, something like that does not need to think right away that you are no longer exciting him or he has another. Try to talk about it with him. Read this article together. Because otherwise you will live in different worlds, the illusory worlds of your guesses. Everyone teaches his own and in the end you suffer both, your children and in the end your whole family;
  • Increase testosterone levels using physical activity (but not overwork), proper nutrition, healthy sleep.
  • Most men have the greatest concentration of testosterone in the blood in the morning, so take this to choose time for sex;
  • Girls and women, take his cock in your hands and excite him. Men, even if you have worsened the erection, do not hesitate to give your member that has not yet risen in her hands so that she begins to do something with him, because psychogenic erection, an erection from thoughts from a gaze or some kind of touch passes over timeand the man begins to need direct excitement, namely the stimulation of the penis. Yes, it may have to be given this for a while, but the most important thing do not be silent, do not drive yourself, do not close and do not force your partner to boil and excessively wind yourself up, because all this is quite natural and solved.

The article was written based on the materials of Alex Meya

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