Erective rings. Types of rings. How to choose. How to use.

Erective rings. Types of rings. How to choose? How to use?.

Why use erectational ring

Changes in the erection and elasticity of a member can overtake a man at any age. And what to do in this case? How to give your previous pleasure to a partner in order to return passion to sexual games and maintain relations?

There is an exit! Erective rings – The most popular intimate products intended for men to return sexual confidence.

The walls of the male genital organ consist of cavernous bodies. Their filling with blood is brought by a men’s child -tooth organ into a state from which the woman’s eyes light up and her hands are involuntarily stretched. Blood flows through the vessels inside the penis, but the outflow of blood occurs through the veins on the surface of the organ. Overcoming veins leads to an extension of an erection and increasing the time of ejaculation. Surely, many experienced this effect when clamping a member with a hand.

Types of rings and how to choose

Rings are of various types and shapes.

  • Lasso – The most economical view of the ring. It has a large range of closing changes and can be used in a variety of variations – On the barrel, on the scrotum, on the barrel and the scrotum at the same time.
  • Rings without vibration – The most common types of rings. Their surface contains small tubercles to stimulate the clitoris.
  • Rings with vibration equipped with simple electronics, the vibrations of which will give pleasure to both partners. Before choosing such a product, you need to pay attention to the location of the buttons, the convenience of control and the silence of vibration. Some models can be used in the aquatic environment. In place of active touches of the ring and skin of a partner, we recommend applying a little lubricant to avoid gratings.
  • The last invention of the sex industry – This Rings with vibration on the control panel. The remote control also vibrates synchronously with a ring. Managing the level of vibration, both partners will be able to achieve unforgettable orgasms.

Rings from different materials are made. Hard products are made of glass, metal, or plastic. During their selection, a small supply in diameter is taken. Elastic rings are taken back, as made of softer, but elastic material — latex, skin or silicone.

For the correct selection of the ring, it is necessary to measure the diameter of the organ girth in an unexplored state about 5 mm from the base. In the case of buying a hard ring to the resulting diameter, it is necessary to add a few mm.

Possible harm from rings

No matter how bright the sensations of using sex toys were, first of all, it is necessary to observe the rules for their use in order not to harm your health.

With frequent use of rings – Even strongly stretching – Cloudings can form in the veins of the penis and the patency of the vessels can be disturbed. Stagnation of blood in veins can lead to various sexual infections and diseases that affect male potency.

It is not recommended to use rings for alcohol or drug intoxication. Ordinary forgetfulness to free a member from a tightening toy can lead to various inflammations and death of tissues.

If during intercourse there is a sensation of numbness, burning or cold in the phallus area – you must immediately remove the ring and, if necessary, consult a doctor. Any painful or unnatural symptoms cannot be left by itself, so that in the future it is not to lead to irreparable consequences.

How to use erectational rings

, Erective rings. Types of rings. How to choose. How to use.You can put the ring before or behind the scrotum – How do you like it. For each location, the effect can be stronger or weaker.

Putting the ring on the penis trunk will stimulate the partner’s clitoris, but with this location it is necessary to ensure that the ring does not slip. This, for example, can happen when using lubricants or the presence of a large amount of natural lubrication.

Another option for the ring — On the scrotum itself. In this case, the outflow of blood does not slow down, but the time of the onset of male orgasm is prolonged due to the obstacle to the retraction of the testicles.

The ring is worn before the erection – In this case, the effect of using the toy will be more noticeable. Use the ring no longer than 30 minutes, after which it is necessary to restore the blood flow for 10-15 minutes. The degree of compression should not be very strong, otherwise in the future there may be health problems in the sexual system.

Dilute your sex life with new vivid impressions. It is pleasantly surprised by your partner by buying erection rings according to favorable conditions.

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