Erogenous zones in women – to find, stimulate

Where women have erogenous zones?.

To guarantee the saturation of love classes, men need to understand where the erogenous zones are located in women. It is enough to only touch such a place to provoke incredible delight, and sometimes an orgasm.

What are erogenous zones?

These are certain points of the body, with the caresses of which it is possible to achieve incredible excitement of a woman. Girls always lack the attention of partners to them, since usually the prelude is limited to stroking the chest, buttocks and groin. But the skin of each lady has at least several areas requiring close attention. To preserve the excited state during sexual contact, the man must caress these sensitive places. Their search is able to give a couple an unforgettable sensation.

The main erogenous zones of girls

Guarantee of female orgasm – correct caresses of her sensitive points. If you do everything skillfully, sometimes even a squirt manages to achieve when an orgasm occurs an ejaculation of the partner. This condition can be a guarantee of full sexual satisfaction.

Breasts and nipples

, Erogenous zones in women – to find, stimulate

The whole area of boobs is sensitive to caresses. The mammary glands respond to stimulation with hands, lips or tongue. They do not matter their dimensions. On the contrary, with a zero size, the chest is more susceptible to caresses. Correct actions are noticeable by changing the shape of the nipples – they swell, harden, increase. Stroking ensures the rapid release of the hormone provoking the reduction of the uterus.

But sometimes in women such touches cause discomfort. Nature gave girls to feeding newborns, so they are able to perceive the massage of the boobs with prelude to sex negatively. There are also ladies who experience an orgasm when stimulating any site on their chest. If the partner reacts positively to touch, you cannot neglect them during intercourse.


This is one of the most sensitive erogenous places in women. Its affection transfers a powerful impulse to the brain, which causes pleasure. But you can’t touch this organ too intensely, since you get the opposite effect. Inept appeal will cause soreness.

Inexperienced guys do not even know in which place the excitement center can be, although it is simple to detect it:

  • Expanding the girl’s hips;
  • Find a fold, crowning small lips at the top;
  • There will be a clitoris under it.

With his caresses, the organ is poured with blood, it becomes more noticeable.

Small labia

, Erogenous zones in women – to find, stimulate

Several erogenous points are located in women and on the small lips themselves. Although some ladies do not feel pleasure at all when stimulating them. If you have such a situation, shift a little higher and caress the point near the urethra.


Physiology so ordered that there are practically no nerve endings inside the birth canal. This allows you to reduce soreness when the child passes through them. However, stimulation by a member or fingers can cause pleasant sensations.

Several nerve endings are located at the entrance to the vagina. Therefore, the most sensual moment is the introduction of the penis. A little further there is a point g connected to the clitoris from the inside. It can be felt by her fingers. With some poses, the sensitive zones stimulates the phallus.

Hidden erogenous areas

There are many other places on the female body whose affection causes excitement. But they are required to look hard. Separate girls are made by kisses of the neck, they are different unpleasant. It is necessary to scrupulously study the body of your beloved in order to find points of increased sensitivity.


Light hair moved is pleasant to everyone. It relaxes, causes excitement. Sensitivity can be increased if the curls are slightly pulled during sex. But it is required to capture the entire vegetation in its entirety.


, Erogenous zones in women – to find, stimulate

Tender touch in this erogenous area causes a feeling that goosebumps run around the skin. This immediately excites women. It is advisable to stimulate with lips or light strokeing fingertips.

If you touch this zone with coatus, the orgasm will be brighter. Hot breath on the back of the head will help to bring his offensive when a man is located behind.


There are many guys who rarely seek to kiss the chosen one. Meanwhile, touching the lips is of fundamental importance:

  • precedes sexual contact;
  • increases trust;
  • Provides sexual mood.

There are many techniques:

  • soft lip bites;
  • assertive penetration of the tongue;
  • Light touches.

It is desirable to change them in mood. It also excites stroking the partner’s mouth with soft fingertips.

Buttocks and inner thigh surface

, Erogenous zones in women – to find, stimulate

Almost always, men with sex relate to female erogenous zones located on the buttocks and the inner surface of the legs, since these places are too close near female genitals.

Light touch provoke tickling – they need to be replaced with massage movements that guarantee blood flow into the genitals. It is desirable to stroke the buttocks, gently pat. Will help strengthen the excitation of kisses around the anus.


The caresses of this site are required to be approached carefully, since many women are complex in relation to their own figure and regarding touch, like a mockery. Then emancipation will turn into compression. Not only bbws are subject to complexes, but also thin.

, Erogenous zones in women – to find, stimulate

It will be possible to guarantee new sensations if you clearly observe the line between excitement and tickling. To do this, you should act like this:

  • easy to bite the skin with lips;
  • stroke with soft movements;
  • rise to the mammary glands, and then sink to the groin, but do not cross the borders of the abdomen.

If the partner after caresses becomes somewhat constrained, immediately move to a different part of the body.

Where to look for individual erogenous places?

There are girls who are able to get excited after any touch to their skin. But this rarely happens. More often, additional sensory points are located in the following places:

  • feet;
  • palms;
  • thumbs of the limbs;
  • Loket bends.

It is possible to find these areas only through experiments. There are many ladies who are excited by stroking the priests, but not stimulating the labia. Explore your beloved body, watch her reaction. As soon as you find what you need, determine the correct technique of caresses, immediately notice how the girl’s breath quit, her body breaks through, goosebumps appear on the skin, the eyelids close, hiding the blurred

Why not all areas of the body are so sensitive?

, Erogenous zones in women – to find, stimulate

There are many objective reasons why the touch is not to all traditional erogenous zones on the body of girls can excite them. The internal mood of a woman is important here, her awareness of her own sexuality. An attentive man is able to open new sensitive places that the lady herself does not even suspect. Rarely enjoyment causes a touch of scars, points that were once very sick. There are few of those who are enjoying the affection of cellulite priests. In such a situation, thoughts are not aimed at sex, but at the fear of the fact that the partner will notice a serious flaw.

Little pleasant is delivered to stroking coarse skin on the elbows or heels. It is worth remembering that the areas that a woman often shave also gradually lose their sensitivity. But the presence of vegetation on the pubis, which the gentle hand moves, can greatly. When the groin was recently shaved, irritation appears there, so any touch will bring only discomfort.


This term refers to the desire to touch the body of an unfamiliar woman. The excitation effect is achieved during friction of the genital organs about another person. Usually people suffering from this problem are called preoccupied, since they clearly express a sexual deviation. Such individuals are often met in crowded transport, in a crowded crowd.

Men enjoy touching their genitals of the female body. Typically, in intimate relationships, they will find complete fiasco, although they are well adapted to society, they can contact people, attend their place of work and all kinds of events.

Such a disease certainly requires treatment. Otherwise, the pathology turns into exhaustively compulsive disorder, which is much more serious. Then the man is not able to resist the obsessive desire to constantly rub his member of a woman, although he experiences a sense of shame. Frotterists are not aggressive, they are not dangerous. Usually these are bashful young men who, after identifying their actions, are in a hurry to hide.

Outwardly discovering an amateur to “get lost” is almost impossible. Such people often have a family, but they experience a powerful sexual attraction to unfamiliar ladies, provoking the desire to touch them.


, Erogenous zones in women – to find, stimulate

The antipode of fratterism is a complete rejection of other people’s touch. It is also a mental disorder. A sick person feels severe discomfort where even random touches become inevitable. Although usually phobia refers only to unfamiliar individuals, but with a neglected state begins to apply to close relatives. A woman is completely closed, ceases to let even her beloved.

You can not confuse pathology with allodia, in which pain appears after other people’s touches. Only fear is present here. It is easy to recognize the problem already at the initial stage of its development – a person is removed from any touch.

Gaptophobia worsens sexual relations. Attacks of panic are accompanied by a rapid heartbeat, pressure and sweating often increase, tides of blood are noticeable on the skin, chills, uncomfortable tingling may occur. Suffer from pathology at any age. Children begin to cry when a partner attempt for sex
hug them, freeze, cling to the one who is trusted.

The disease does not develop suddenly – it is preceded by a strong experience, constant stress, or a powerful traumatic event (attempt to rape, accomplished abuse). When living near such a sick person, his whole family is also threatened to “pick up” the problem. A variety of the situation is the fear of the crowd, microbes. A person begins to avoid touch due to fear of infection.

Harmonious sexual contacts are a guarantor of successful relationships. If there is no mutual understanding between partners, it is not possible to achieve sexual satisfaction, it is difficult to build a strong family. Since a special place in intimacy in women is occupied by prelude, it is extremely important to know the location of erogenous zones to ensure a guaranteed orgasm.

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