Exercises Vumbilding – Kegel gymnastics

Wumbuilding or exercise Kegel.

Exercises vumbilding – a new direction that consists in training the female intimate muscle.

, Exercises Vumbilding – Kegel gymnastics

The purpose of the umbilding is that these training increase the elasticity of the woman’s internal muscles, help them learn to control them during sex, pregnancy, and also act as good prevention for genital diseases.

The method of training the inner muscle of the woman originated in ancient India and China, and existed as Thai art, passing from generation to generation. For the whole world, this art revealed Arnold Kegel and gave it a name in his own name – Kegel exercise.

How to understand that you have weak inner muscles:

  • difficulties in holding urine with laughter or sneezing;

  • haemorrhoids;

  • air formation in the crotch with tilments or sex;

  • water hit during bathing, and hence the occurrence of infections;

  • Difficulty with long -term holding of urine.

Wumbling technique

, Exercises Vumbilding – Kegel gymnastics

The vaginal exercises at first do not require additional accessories, it is enough to perform them on your own. And it is most comfortable to carry out the wumbling at home, because you need to focus on internal sensations and control your muscles, which in comfortable conditions is much easier to do. So, Kegel gymnastics for women or vaginal exercises is as follows:

  1. Stand up, spread your legs to the shoulder level, and throw your hands by the neck. Bend a little knees, tighten the sphincter and inhale. After that, sit down smoothly and exhale deeply and relax. Return to the position again and repeat everything within 3-5 minutes.

  2. Lie down on your back and spread your feet on shoulder level. Bend your knees a little and begin to rhythmically raise your pelvis without tearing the body. Repeat the exercise within 3-5 minutes.

  3. Without leaving position 2, raise the pelvis and tighten all the muscles, including the sphincter. Keep this pose for 2-3 minutes. Then go down and rest half a minute. Do it all 5 times.

  4. Repeat exercise 3, but the legs are closed.

Kegel exercise effect

, Exercises Vumbilding – Kegel gymnastics

If you have the signs of muscles listed above, then you should do Kegel’s exercise, which will strengthen not only this zone, but will bring many more benefits:

  • The tissues of the inner muscle are pulled and become elastic;

  • normalization of the blood flow into this area;

  • The muscles of the vagina and pelvis will recover faster after childbirth;

  • the volume of the perineum decreases;

  • the sensitivity increases;

  • the menstrual cycle returns to normal;

  • childbirth is not so painful;

  • the ability to get a vaginal orgasm;

  • Female hormones begin to be produced correctly.

Wumbling for beginners very well demonstrates effectiveness-after a couple of weeks of Kegel’s exercises, you can do some manipulations with your muscles, which will reduce the man crazy during sex. Without training of intimate muscles after childbirth and with age, many problems can begin, which can be prevented in a timely manner Exercises vumbilding.

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