Fears – the path to bliss | Practices

Fears of foot – the path to bliss.

, Fears – the path to bliss | Practices
To diversify sex life and make it brighter, most people use preludes and affection. But, caressing the body, many completely forget about the feet. But just they are able to give great pleasure, excitement, and even bring an orgasm. But in order to deliver heavenly pleasure with the help of caresses, it is necessary to properly influence them. Want to know how?

Stop massage technique

Stop massage brings the same pleasure to both men and women. In order not to overshadow the pleasure and not feel embarrassed during the caress of this part of the body, it is necessary to produce their thorough hygiene. If you are going to make a surprise to your partner, and he does not know about the upcoming caresses, then take the shower together, during which, as if playing, wash his legs and feet. Then your partner will definitely not guess about anything.

Massage aromatic oil can be used to massage the feet. It will improve the sliding of the hands and help to warm up the feet well. And the aroma from oils will set you up in the right way and will help to relax.

1. Massage is best done after your partner is pretty excited. After caresses of other parts of the body, go down to your feet using light kisses.

2. Then, with the help of palms, rub the calf muscles.

3. Next, begin to squeeze the area from knees to ankles. Then replace the compression with light touch, and go through the same area.

4. Massage of ankles. It is in the area of the ankles that the erogenous zone begins. Grab your foot with your hand in the ankle area and make circular movements of the foot to the right and left.

5. Great pleasure gives the massage of the feet in the area of the heels. To get started, make a pinching of this area, and then stroking. From such stimulation of the heels, your sexual partner will be excited even more. And this is a fact! After all, a huge number of nerve endings are located on the heel.

6. After stimulation of the heel, begin to influence the foot, using rubbing movements. To do this, use the pillows of the thumbs, making circular movements with a slight press. In such movements, massage the area from the fingers to the heels. Continue to massage the foot until pink. Pinking feet indicate that the blood in this area has activated and it is time to move on to a more sensual massage.
., Fears – the path to bliss | Practices
7. Clutch your hand into a fist, and then with the help of bones of your fingers make sliding movements throughout the foot area. Thanks to this massage, the body relax, and the tension will leave the body.

8. Next, go to your fingers massage. To do this, take round movements with thumbs. Massage the area from the base of the fingers to the nail.

9. Then, grasp the base of the fingers with both hands and gently open this area.

10. You can complete the massage of the feet using a kiss. Gently touch each finger of your feet with your lips, or draw your tongue over your entire surface. Now you understand why foot hygiene is needed before massage? Spend kisses and touch at a slow pace, let your sexual partner have time to enjoy these sweet moments.

Unusual ways to stimulate the feet

It’s nice to cool the feet of the legs will help a piece of ice. Take it in your hands and carefully draw a foot on the arch. But do not get carried away much, otherwise the feet can be frozen before the colds. And then there will be no trace of positive emotions. As the feet are erogenous zones, they can be tickled using the feather. Clamps with a feather will cause a storm of delight and emotions. After all, tickling in this area can stimulate a powerful erotic impulse.

Mutual massage of the feet is also interesting. You can conduct it, watching TV. You just need to sit opposite each other and gently start stroking your partner’s legs. This is the most beautiful completion of a hard working day.

Do not deny yourself and your second half in such pleasure. Therefore, try to at least once massage the feet and please your sexual partner. You will see, after that he will reciprocate.

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