Feissitting: What does it mean to sit on a man’s face?

Feissitting: What does it mean to sit on a man’s face?.

Translated from English, “Feyssitting” means “sitting on the face”. This practice implies that one partner sits on the face of another, provoking anal-oral or genital-oral contact. Feyissitting is widespread in femdom – relationships in which women dominate men or other women (both within the framework of BDSM and outside this subculture). It is used for cunnilingus and humiliation in the format of the game.

The phrase “sit on the face” means that we are dealing with special cunnilingus technique. With her, a woman is on top and actively participates in the process, t. e. not only controls the actions of a man, but also sets the rhythm. This practice implies exclusively oral contact. A man uses a language to stimulate the clitoris and labia partner.

Feyissitting – a little story

Feyissitting is a tradition originated in antiquity. The evidence is the drawings of the Egyptians, which depict people sitting on each other on their face. But the ancient Egypt is not the only country on the territory of which there was a facial. Practice entered the cultures of medieval Europe, the countries of the Far and Middle East.

In one of his books, Joyce Snyder writes about the popularity of facials among representatives of the highest classes. Previously, rich and famous ladies used their servants and slaves to satisfy intimate needs.

Such contact had at least 3 advantages: the ability to store fidelity to the spouse, the absence of unwanted pregnancies and diseases. Although there are many questions about the latter, because we know how to get infected with cunnilingus and how high is the likelihood of such an outcome.

Representatives of the lower classes also distinguished themselves: nannies and governesses who lived in the era of the reign of Queen Victoria (19th century). There are rumors that they used a seat on their face as a punishment for their pupils.

How to deal with faciting and what does it mean to sit on your face?

Feyissitting is usually practiced either in clothing, which excludes cunnilingus and is purely formal in nature, for example, in femdom culture, or without linen at all. But no less interesting way of this practice is told by adult shops for us. They offer special access panties, which at the same time look aesthetically pleasing and allow a man to stimulate the genital organs of partners during facial.

There are 3 Faissitting options:

  1. Face to face. The woman turns to face the partner and sits on him from above. This method allows you to see a man’s emotions and completely control his actions.
  2. Facing the legs. The woman turns face towards the man’s feet and sits on her face with all the weight. In traditional sex, this option is rare, and in BDSM – constantly. It is suitable for oral-genital and oral-anal satisfaction. The most humiliating option is the one in which the upper partner presses the anus to the lips or nose of the lower and lets out the gases.
  3. Sideways. Partner sits on the face of a man sideways. This option is the smallest distribution. It is preferred by couples who want to diversify the process.

A variety of facials deserves special attention, implying a partner binding. This option is suitable for couples who want to experience maximum pleasure.

Cunnilingus when it is from above: features and advantages

In this position, the girl plays a leading role, that is, controls the process. In addition to the fact that she gets the opportunity to strengthen contact or vice versa at any time to stop it, the penetration itself is many times deeper. It is enough to stick the tongue to the lower partner, and the upper one can regulate the rate of contact and its depth at its discretion.

Just as mentioned above, this form of cunnilingus is considered humiliating for a partner, so couples practicing Femdom and BDSM fell in love with hard faceiting, when the lady not only independently performs movements on the face of the lower, but also uses other forms of humiliation, for example, spitting and insulting. Of course, this is not to everyone to taste, but there are definitely supporters.

Home facing – safety precautions

During practice, the lower partner does not receive enough oxygen, so the upper should be neat and attentive. This is especially important for those who first get acquainted with such a technique or practice binding. It is not recommended to use a stop word: in a fit of passion, they may not be heard. The best option is to give a man a bell or another object that makes a loud sound. It sounds funny, however, home faceing really very often ends not as it was planned.

It should be remembered that it is possible to caress the anus after the genitals, and in the reverse order it is impossible. Otherwise, intestinal infections can be brought into the vagina.

Classing is allowed with the full consent of the partner. It is advisable to discuss the details in advance so that the bold sexual fantasies of one are not a surprise to the other. This applies to oral-analysis, binding and strangulation. With the latest 2 points, there are usually no problems. Submissives like to feel helpless, and the lack of oxygen causes a thrill.

If you wish, you can sit on your face in clothes. Some women prefer this way, t. To. He excludes sexual contact and brings a shade of moral humiliation. This will be especially appreciated by men who love to smell woven women’s linen.

Despite the widespread practice of Feyssiting, I like this mainly for men. Women, according to polls, prefer to receive cunnilingus lying on their backs, as this brings them more pleasure. Only those ladies who want to combine physical pleasure with emotional and feel like the lady want to sit on their faces, dominating their partner.

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