Frank scenes in cinema

Frank scenes in cinema.

Scenery scenes, erotic scenes, moments with frank kisses and, of course, frank bed scenes are found in 98 of 100 films created since the 2000s for the audience 16+.

And paradoxical that the genre of the film does not play any role.

Whether we look at the unbridled chase in the Wild West, or – at a psycho who killed teenagers in the forest, or then at a chain of a psycho, or – About the family of the Sicilian mafia.

Censorship has fallen. Sometimes it seems that porn directors are working on bedding in ordinary cinema.

Frankness came to the territory of the former USSR much later than in the West. It is difficult to imagine a famous Soviet film with a frank stage. True, except for documentary films about the Communist Party of the USSR of the 70s, where Lenya Brezhnev passionately kisses his guests.

An interesting fact about bed scenes in Western films:

Famous actresses most often refuse to act in bed scenes with a frank demonstration of their charms.

In this case, either they invite a understudy, which was honored «Play» some part of Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts, or experienced craftsmen make special costumes imitating a naked body. This is most often only a corset for the upper body of the actress. The work is so detailed, and the material is realistic that it is impossible to suspect something wrong. And, of course, experienced make -ups bring the image to perfection.

Frank scenes will excite us. But with each film, the attitude towards them is becoming more and more cloying. Therefore, the directors and screenwriters try to hurt us, excite us. What are such "Pearls", How "Adrenalin" or "Advisor".

In society, the question of frank scenes is more relevant than ever, especially he worries parents whose children began to recognize too much too much. Although people about the age of 19 to 27 years in 75% of cases admit that the scenes in the cinema have become too vulgar and vulgar: «I want to watch a militant or psychological thriller, instead half the film I watch some porn» – as one of the respondents put it.

, Frank scenes in cinema

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