From what age is the girl considered a woman

From what age is the girl considered a woman.

In fact, a girl becomes a woman after childbirth, but there are other opinions. They are based on psychology and physiology.  I have repeatedly had to observe such a picture – an adult woman who most likely a grandmother several times, nurse the word “girl” and she experiences a real ecstasy, smiles counting this as a compliment.

And it would seem that everything is simple, you need to call all the representatives of the gentle sex and the world will become a little brighter. But is it really so and at what age a girl is considered a woman opinion of different sources?

At what age is a girl considered an anatomically woman?

The body of the tender sex in their lives passes several stages from puberty to menopause. Before the first sexual intercourse from the point of view of medicine V, we are dealing with a girl.

There are no external signs of this, even the gynecologist can not always say for sure whether the girl is in front of us or is no longer. We wrote about this here here.

Therefore, in society it is customary to call girls only those who have not reached puberty, that is, children.

As soon as external signs appear, the appeal changes to the “girl”. The period from the moment the sexual activity is beginning before pregnancy and childbirth passes under this banner.

And as soon as the girl became a mother, she can already be called a woman physiologically. Since the appearance of grandchildren, she is a grandmother. It would seem clear everything.

At what age is a girl considered a woman: a survey

The girls themselves lead a completely different gradation. According to surveys, most of them believe that the verbal expression of the floor depends entirely on the level of attractiveness and sexuality.

Girl – physically desired, capable of continuing the genus and suitable for sexual life.

Woman – who has lost external attractiveness, incapable of conception and the birth of a healthy child, not interested in men as an object for sex.

Hence the joy of a woman who, despite her age, was called a girl. She took it as a compliment, that is, she was considered a young and healthy.

This means that she looks good and makes a pleasant impression. So about 60% of respondents think!

When a girl becomes a woman according to men

Men, answering a question from what age a girl is considered a woman, reason a little different. They do not make separation by physiological signs.

Yes, virgins in their opinion are girls, and then a turning point comes, when age and the presence of children does not matter, the status is much more important.

The girl is something frivolous. Just a friend, just a girlfriend, a partner for sex or dancing.

A woman is considered to be those who are in a serious relationship, and better than married. This is a self -sufficient, determined, adult, educated and intelligent person.

This cannot be called to drink wine and shoulder, most likely it is interested in things an order of magnitude higher. Family, care for loved ones, evening dinner, pregnancy planning, raising a child, creating capital.

Woman is often respectful appeal. The girl is more about unfamiliar. Baba and heifers are something for a party in the circles of youth, and a woman is a status!

She is respectfully treated, she cannot be rude at least because she does not deserve it.

Instead of the result

And so the girl is considered to be those who do not have children, looks sexy and young, and also does not have the status of “married” and in “serious relationships”.

A woman is called those who have children either unattractive, middle -aged ladies, or respected married status representatives of a gentle sex. What position do you choose and for which of the three models you will turn to the ladies, you decide.

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